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Sentinel Gen Zines

Coming Up for Air    Evolution of a Friendship: Season One    Father Figure, Volume 1     Father Figure Volume 2    

A Merging of Souls
Tribal Lore
     Tribal Lore 2

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Destined: Tales of a Sentinel and His Guide Vol. 1    Destined: Tales of a Sentinel and His Guide Vol. 2

Fight for Justice      How Soft the Scarf, How Deep the Water      Jake's Universe 

  Nine Months ... and Beyond   Soul Quest 2     Star Crossed: Genesis     The Weaker Vessel  

The Times of My Life -- Blair's Life Story 

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    Fallen    A Lifetime     Servi-1XY13



Sentinel Gen Zines


Coming Up for Air

Sentinel Gen Zine by Delilah


Color Cover and 12 Interior B/W Illos by I. M. Mueller aka Marianne. Full Size. 163 pages.


Having been disabled by his senses and misdiagnosed as autistic as a child, Jim retreated from the world after being tortured in the guise of 'treatment' by an unethical doctor.  Now, years later, a nonverbal, withdrawn Jim is totally reliant on his family for his daily existence until one day fate brings Blair Sandburg into his life. The Cascade PD observer/grad student is determined to help Jim emerge from this self-imposed isolation and rejoin the world once again; but the road back is harder than he ever imagined. Together, can they overcome the obstacles placed in their way and make the Sentinel whole again?  (Note: Previously net-published).


Evolution of a Friendship: Season One

Sentinel Gen Zine by Annie


Color Cover and 9 Interior Color  Illos by Annie. Digest Size. 140 pages.

Ever wonder how Jim and Blair solidified their friendship after their rocky beginnings? Read along and see their friendship evolve in this collection of missing scenes/alternate endings/epilogues from season one. NOTE: Stories have previously been net-published.



Father Figure, Volume 1

Sentinel Gen Zine by Amethyst

Color cover by Lorraine. 1 color and 16 b/w interior drawings by I. M. Mueller aka Marianne.

Full Size. 234 pages.


Previously net-published, now gathered together and re-edited for publication in this lavishly illustrated zine are the first 16 stories in Amethyst's 'Father Figure' series. Share in the ups and downs as Jim and Blair uncover some startling revelations about Blair's past while dealing with the  changing dynamics in their relationship.





Included in this zine:


Chapter One: First Contact -- Blair suffers an injury that affects his sense of security and control over his life.


Chapter Two: Promises, Promises -- Jim tries to protect a na've Blair from a compromising situation ' a number of rash promises are made.


Chapter Three: Error in Judgment -- Blair makes some bad decisions and pays the penalty for them according to Jim's rules.


Chapter Four: Father Figure -- Continuation of previous story where Jim expressed his parental feelings for his young observer.


Chapter Five: Prodigal Son -- Continuation of previous story where Blair thinks about Jim's role in his life.


Chapter Six: Promises Revisited -- Blair pays the physical penalty for his bad decisions earlier.


Chapter Seven: House Rules -- Together, Jim and Blair comprise a list of expected behaviors for our young, insecure anthropologist.


Chapter Eight: Blue Smoke -- A bomb threat at Rainer and a dangerous health problem for Blair.


Chapter Nine: Rule Number Seven -- Grounded for the first time in his life, Blair has a little trouble adjusting.


Chapter Ten: Stolen Heart -- Kidnapped and held hostage, Blair is a pawn in a deadly covert ops mission Jim holds the key to.


Chapter Eleven: Adventures in Blairsitting -- Simon takes over the role of temporary babysitter to a still ground Blair when Jim is called out

of town.


Chapter Twelve: Happy Birthday, Baby - Naomi visits, Blair has a birthday ' just not the one he thought he was going to have ' a trip

to Mexico, a kidnapping, a rescue, a covert ops, Burke and his men, mysticism, Jim angst, Blair owies and secrets revealed.


Chapter Thirteen: One Moment in Time -- Jim's thoughts on the trip back home from Mexico.


Chapter Fourteen: Corner Time, Curfews and Comfort -- Confused and upset over recently reveled secrets, Blair acts out and pays the piper '

or should I say the Sentinel.


Chapter Fifteen: I Don't Think So -- Some of Carolyn's thoughts on fatherhood.


Chapter Sixteen: Solid Ground -- Naomi's past deeds bring out some of Blair's insecurities and threaten his health while Jim and the detectives

of MC try to find a ritual serial killer.



Father Figure, Volume 2

Sentinel Gen Zine by Amethyst

Color cover by Lorraine. 11 b/w interior drawings by I. M. Mueller aka Marianne.

Full Size. 218 pages.


Gathered together for publication in this lavishly illustrated zine are stories #17 - #26 in Amethyst's 'Father Figure' series. Stories #17 - #24 are previously net published and have been re-edited for this zine. Story #25 had a limited release to Amesentinelfic group. Story #26 is new to this zine. Share in the ups and downs as Jim and Blair continue to settle into their new father/son by-choice relationship while dealing with the continuing fallout from the recent revelations about Blair's past.




Included in this zine:


Chapter Seventeen: Jammies and Jimbear -- The parental woes of chicken pox. Blair reveals some childhood tales and the tension between Jim and Naomi escalates.


Chapter Eighteen: Suffer the Little Children -- A man from Jim and Simon's past resurfaces, making Blair and Daryl his next targets for his perverted pleasures. (Warning: Contains scenes of molestation.)


Chapter Nineteen: Where Have All the Heroes Gone -- Jim disappears and Blair is left in the tender care of his extended family while they search for the missing sentinel with the help of Daniel Burke and his black ops crew. New facts about Blair's upbringing emerge at the least convenient time.


Chapter Twenty: Who's Been Naughty and Who's Been Nice -- A simple task of writing a letter to Santa.


Chapter Twenty-One: Unto You a Child is Born -- Sometimes the offer of a unexpected gift graces both the receiver and the sender. Naomi visits.


Chapter Twenty-Two: The Teenage Years or Why Sentinels have Receding Hairlines -- A tragic accident leads to major misunderstandings, leading Blair into a downward spiral of destructive behavior. (Warning: Death of Minor Character.)


Chapter Twenty-Three: Birds of a Feather -- Jim does a favor for Burke.  What could be simpler? One Problem Child plus one Problem Child makes for PC squared, not doubled.


Chapter Twenty-Four: Doing Time -- A good deed results in some bad times at home for Blair.


Chapter Twenty-Five: Taboo, Tattoo -- An experiment with body art has some drastic and unexpected consequences.


Chapter Twenty-Six: Flashback -- A visiting FBI agent accidentally unearths some unpleasant memories.

   A Merging of Souls

Sentinel Gen Zine by Lyn


Color Cover and 14 Interior B/W  Illos by I. M. Mueller aka Marianne. Full Size. 95 pages.

Based on the events of LRH Balzer’s “And Dream that I am Home Again”, this Sentinel gen zine written by Lyn and lavishly illustrated by I.M. Mueller, aka Marianne, carries on from Blair’s horrifying ordeal. Blair and Jim are still on the mend when Blair begins to experience terrifying visions related to their cases. Personal demons and revelations from the past drive the partners to the breaking point. Together, they struggle to overcome each new trial and develop a deeper understanding of Blair’s new ability. This zine contains the previously net-published “Merging of Souls”, “Memory’s Prisoner”, and “Soul Deep”, along with “Blessed is the Child”, an all-new story in this captivating series.

Tribal Lore

Sentinel Gen Anthology. Color cover & 5 color interior illos by Ankaree. Digest size. 296 pages.

Life Lessons 1: Primer by Kathy - A routine assignment leads to life-altering changes for Jim and Blair as they learn that friends aren't what they appear and some secrets aren't so secret after all.  (NOTE: Originally posted to the 'net as 'A Lesson Learned'. Story has been revised and re-edited.)


Life Lessons 2: Correspondence Course ' California by Kathy - Hunted and on the run, Jim and Blair try to heal from the physical and emotional injuries inflicted by their kidnappers. (NOTE: Sequel to 'Life Lessons 1: Primer'.)


Prophecy by Nancy Taylor - Visions of a major disaster to hit Cascade haunt Blair. Can he get anyone to listen?

(NOTE: #9 in the 'Make It Go Away' series.)


The Best Intentions by KAM - Sometimes the best intentions can have devastating results, especially when motivated by less than honorable reasons. That's a lesson Jim and Blair painfully learn when someone close to them misinterprets their relationship.



Tribal Lore 2

Sentinel Gen Anthology. Color cover & 5 color interior illos by Ankaree. Digest size. 288 pages.

Hush by Lyn - Blair finds the mutilated body of a dying child; and after a couple of strange incidents, begins to believe he's being haunted by her restless soul.


Destiny  by Ophelia - Blair's thoughts on the eve of meeting Jim for the first time.


A Lesson from Zac by Annie - Blair's a detective and Jim's official partner now; but when their first case together involves abducted children, will it prove to be more than he can bear?


What Matters Most by Sheila Paulson - Still reeling from the press conference and the resulting changes in their lives, Jim and Blair are struggling to put their partnership back on track. Can a visit from Incacha and a trip to a land where honor and friendship are still valued help them find their way? (Crossover with 'Lord of the Rings'.)




   Sentinel Slash Zines


Bonded 1


Sentinel '/' Anthology. J/B pairing. Cover & 7 interior color illos by Lilac. Digest size. Approx. 240 pages.


Flesh of My Flesh by Caro Dee -- Excerpt: They'd been on the run for almost two weeks now.  Jim remembered staring disbelievingly at the anonymous email warning them that their capture at the station was imminent.  Then his senses had picked up the sound of white noise generators in the building.


Hard Headed by Ophelia -- Excerpt: For the first time, Blair didn't try to hold back. He knew it was time for them to either admit what this really was or to stop it all together; and as Jim closed his eyes, cut off his emotions, Blair seemed to have his answer. It was the answer he had feared the most. It was the answer that had his heart breaking even as he thrust deep into Jim's willing, welcoming body.  


Death Will Not Part Us' by Tayla -- Excerpt: You'd think that someone would have told us that he was out.  We would have been on our guard.  We're always a little more alert when one of our old enemies is out and about.  But someone, somewhere, screwed up. (Warning: Death Story)


One Fine Day by Melinda Holley (Rebel) -- Excerpt: Taking the robe, Jim grabbed Blair's wrist.  "This is not how I planned to tell the old man; not with you wearing nothing but my robe and a smile."


Spice of Life by LilyK -- Excerpt: Blair takes a decidedly shaky breath and I can see his eyes are bright blue. 'You're the best, Jim. I ' love you, you know?' He says the words, but puts that spin on them, that 'brotherly-love' spin that he's careful to use. Tonight things are different, even though he doesn't know it ' yet.


Hour of Lead by Lyn -- Excerpt: Focusing on one of the two senses left to him, Jim opened his sense of touch as wide as it would go, feeling the striations in the metal beneath his back, the harsh vibrations of the road against the wheels, the heat from the tires on the blacktop, the smallest bumps'and welcomed the oblivion.

   Bonded 2

Sentinel '/' Anthology. J/B pairing. Cover & 5 interior color illos by Lilac. Digest size. Approx. 230 pages.

Windows to the Soul by Annie -- Excerpt: His temples throbbed as he saw again the vision of the wolf, its face gradually morphing into that of a young blond boy, whose eyes were filled with fear. As he watched, transfixed, the boy's eyes changed, replaced by the deep blue steady gaze Jim knew and loved so much. 'Blair,' Jim whispered, inexplicable anguish gripping him, bringing bile to touch the back of his throat, making him gag.

Miss You by Ophelia -- Excerpt: When Jim opened the door, Blair's breath caught in his throat. Ellison looked so different, but in a good way. His chest was covered with a shirt that was made of what might have been light crushed velvet the color of cream. His pants were a light cotton and fit loosely over his hips and legs. And Jim was bare foot! Blair tried hard not to drool but knew he was staring; and he also knew the desire that was in his eyes could not be covered up. He wanted this man, how could he have ever thought they were only friends?

Sensory Deprivation by Valaria -- Excerpt: Then he looked beyond the very narrow footpath, grabbing at the cliff face to his left, backing away from the precipice that dropped off into the mists on his right.

'Shaman, you have a choice to make. It will take your life and your soul.'

Blair started, almost losing his foothold on the ledge. 'A choice?' he squeaked.

'You must choose to be Sentinel or Guide. You cannot be both.'

Heritage by KAM -- Excerpt: The door opened at that moment and a man and a woman entered. They bore a strong resemblance to Naomi ' and to a lesser extent Blair. Both men knew that they were looking at Naomi's parents ' Blair's grandparents. Instinctively, Jim stepped forward, placing himself between his Guide and the others.

The man smiled ' but it was by no means a pleasant expression. 'So, you protect your Guide, do you, Sentinel. You should know that you needn't protect him from us. We are, after all, his family.'

I'll Always Come Back by Bast -- Excerpt: The line goes dead, and I close my phone, staring down at it, clenching my hand around the slim metal body. He loves me?

Bonded 3

 Sentinel '/' Anthology. J/B pairing. Cover & 5 interior color illos by Ankaree. Digest size. 212 pages.

Numb by LilyK -- Excerpt: Blair ran his hands through his hair before covering his face. "I can't do this anymore," he whispers.

"Do this?"


"What is 'this' exactly?"

"I can't -- watch you die."

Longing for Freedom by Ophelia -- Excerpt: The day after he had given that press conference and Rainer had kicked him out, the phone started to ring. His denial of the paper he had written should have been enough, was suppose to have taken care of the problem his mother had dumped in his lap. But it hadn't, it was as if the press conference had never existed; and it was all because people who once thought they were sick or insane started to come forward. Doctors were convinced enough to take copies of his 'fiction' and put these people to the test. The results were a new group of people defined as Sentinels.

Rhythm of the Night by Ankaree -- Excerpt: They walked to the center of the dance floor where Jim turned to face Blair, gently pulling him into his arms. When their bodies met and began to move to the music, Jim's heart soared at the feel of the warm body brushing against his. Tilting his head, Jim began to nuzzle the side of Blair's neck, placing a gentle kiss on the soft skin he found beneath his lips.

Failure is Not an Option by Nadja Lee -- Excerpt: 'He knew I had my abilities,' Jim's softly spoken words seemed like a loud scream in the stillness of the room and broke Blair's dark trail of thought. Jim continued in the same monotone, a soft but far away tone of voice. 'He knew it would hurt more on my skin'' Jim turned back to face Blair, a haunted look in his eyes that stabbed Blair in the heart like a knife. 'Do you know how many fibers there are in a leather belt? I know. I've felt every one.'

Moira's Blessing by Natalie L -- Excerpt: Jim Ellison approached the Guide Market with some trepidation. He didn't want a guide; he didn't want to be saddled with the responsibility, but his boss, Captain Simon Banks, had insisted. Until recently, Ellison had been a top-notch detective with the Major Crime Unit of the Cascade PD, but after a solitary stakeout his senses had come on-line, and he found himself hard pressed to cope with them alone. The captain had assigned him desk duty, with the threat that Jim wouldn't be allowed back in the field until he found himself a guide.


Bonded 4

Sentinel '/' Anthology. J/B pairing. Cover & 5 interior color illos by Ankaree. Digest size. 208 pages.

Worried About Sandburg by Lyn -- Excerpt: I finally realized it wasn't Sandburg I was worried about, it was what he'd come to mean to me and how much it scared me not to take it further, but frightened me even more, that if I did, I'd lose him forever.  (Some J/f but ends J/B.)

A Night at the Circus by Nadja Lee -- Excerpt: "I mean you no harm," Jim wasn't sure why he spoke the Sentinel soft words to the caged animal but there was something in the panther's eyes...pain, loss, hurt and betrayal. Emotions which mirrored his own.

Give My Heart by Virginia Sky -- Excerpt: All the signs of a seduction were in place. The question was whether this seduction was in the terms of friendship or - dare he admit - romance. (NOTE: This story was previously posted on-line to a closed group)

The Jungle by Ophelia  -- Excerpt: His body was on fire as he moved the last few steps to stand in front of his partner, his guide, his every breath these past few days.

Moira's Curse by Natalie L (Sequel to 'Moira's Blessing' in Bonded 3) -- Excerpt: Simon sighed. Blair's anguished words didn't make what he had to do any easier. He hated himself for it, but he hadn't been given a choice. "Blair... what happened at the scene... with those three men..." He paused; waiting to be sure he had the guide's attention. Blair tensed and gripped Jim's hand a bit more tightly. "Rumors circulated through the department, and word got out. I'm sorry. I tried to cover it up, but I couldn't." Behind him, the shadowy figures of two uniformed men appeared. "The Wardens are here, Blair... I'm so sorry -"

(Warnings: Non-con bonding - B/other sentinels; torture/abuse; prolonged separation of Jim and Blair.)


Bonded 5   

Sentinel '/' Anthology. J/B pairing. Color Cover, 5 color & 2 b/w interior illos by Ankaree. Digest size. 272 pages.

Searching for Understanding by Ophelia --  Sequel to Longing for Freedom in Bonded 3.

Excerpt: "I know, Blair. Just turn around for me and look at the temple." There was a small note of fear in Jim's voice. One that Blair rarely ever heard. He did as his sentinel asked and held his breath.

There, on one of the small walkways of the temple, stood a spotted jaguar.

"She's coming."

(NOTE: Although it stands alone, this story ends 'TBC' and will be concluded in a future issue of 'Bonded'.)

No Matter What by Annie --

Excerpt: Taking his courage and his intense hope in hand, Blair leaned forward and kissed Jim right on the Sentinel's surprised but very delicious mouth. He savored the sensation, feeling Jim's lips opening under his, Jim's tongue tangling momentarily with Blair's own. Then he was shoved back at arms-length and held there.

All For Love by Nadja Lee --

Excerpt: "You sold your soul for me and I was never to know. Never?" Blair asked softly.

Moira's Destiny by Natalie L --  Sequel to Moira's Blessing in Bonded 3 and Moira's Curse in Bonded 4.

Excerpt: He shivered and wrapped his arms around his body. There was nowhere to sit, nowhere to lie, nowhere to stand that wasn't cold, artificial stone. He tried calling out, but his voice sounded hollow - echoing in the empty chamber. He quieted and dialed up hearing, hoping to overhear a conversation, a footstep, the whir of a fan, but nothing came to his ears. Where was he? And more importantly, where was his guide? Where was Blair? Was he safe, or was he also trapped in a dark, silent prison? (Warnings: Torture/abuse, H/C, surgical removal of one damaged testicle (could be seen as a castration scene), brief separation of Jim and Blair.)

Drabbles by Nadja Lee: 'The Art of War', 'The Art of Peace', 'Hero', 'Sacrifices', 'Silent Sacrifice', and 'Pretending'.


Bonded 6

Sentinel '/' Anthology. J/B pairing. Color Cover & 3 color interior illos by Ankaree. Digest size. 248 pages.

Real Men Don't and Other Fallacies by Marion. "I'm telling you, Sandburg, men do not have food sex with their partners."


Moira's Entropy by Natalie L --  Sequel to Moira's Blessing in Bonded 3, Moira's Curse in Bonded 4 and Moira's Destiny in Bonded 5. Five years after the events of 'Moira's Destiny,' it's the dawn of a new age for Sentinels and Guides. Jim and Blair are asked to speak before Congress in favor of an amendment to make Guides' rights Constitutional, but before they can leave Cascade, Blair goes missing. Threatened with the death of his guide, Jim must decide between the lives of all guides and the life of one. (Warnings: Non-con/rape, abuse/torture, brief mention of underage sex.)

A Different Angle by Marion -- sigh 'That's another seven years of bad luck, and you're going to be picking up glass for most of it.'

These Days by Jagwolf -- Jim's hopes for his and Blair's future go awry. Post 'TS by BS'. (Note: Previously Net-published.)

Feathers and Lace by Marion -- 'Feathers'' achoo! 'allergies'' achoo!


Bonded 7


Sentinel '/' Anthology. J/B pairing. Cover & interior illos by KAM and Lyn. Digest size. 300 pages.


Sway by Lyn. Excerpt: Blair was gloriously, unashamedly naked. His hair shone with tones of burnished copper, fanned about his shoulders, his skin looked golden in the reflected glow from the fire. His sturdy, muscular body danced a slow rhythm to the music, setting a fire within Jim. Blair's eyes were closed and he seemed to not be aware of Jim's presence.  (NOTE: This story was previously published in My Mongoose E-zine.)


The Journey by Marion. Excerpt: As he traveled, his body guided by primitive instinct, he became aware of a 'presence' to the right of him, never venturing any closer, but always keeping up, keeping just behind him. Jim guessed he'd ventured into someone's territory and a scout was keeping tabs on the intruder ' checking out his intentions, assessing any threat. It didn't bother Jim. Nothing would distract him from his mission.


Relaxation Techniques by Lyn. Excerpt: Shifting so that he stood directly behind his partner, Blair raised his hands and rested them on Jim's broad shoulders. Man, the guy was tense. Wound tighter than a spring. With sure hands, Blair began to knead the knotted muscles, coaxing them into relaxing. (NOTE: This story was previously published in My Mongoose E-zine.)


Whispers of the Heart by Natalie L. Excerpt: Back around Christmas, nearly a year and a half ago, he'd had an encounter with an angel. He didn't know it then, but he believed it now. Gabe had told him, 'What good does it do for a man to have ears that will hear a thousand miles, if he cannot listen to the whispers of his own heart?' As Blair prepared to head off for the police academy, Jim was finally listening to the whispers.


At the End of the Day ' 1 by Lyn. Excerpt: I turn my head and bury my nose in Blair's curls. I take in a slow deep breath, and allow the scent of his herbal shampoo to waft in. My hand moves up and captures strands of hair, allowing the shiny locks to glide through my fingers like silk.


Don't Want to Lose You by Annie. Excerpt: I reached out with a shaky hand and felt for a pulse, almost falling in a heap as I felt it beneath my fingertips. 'Hang on, Jim,' I murmured, taking one still hand in mine. 'You'll be okay. I don't want to lose you now, man. Just hang on, okay?'


At the End of the Day ' 2 by Lyn. Excerpt: I'm bored' and wide awake. Jim's snoring softly beside me, which only makes me more depressed. Nothing worse than having someone lying right next to you, enjoying a peaceful slumber while you struggle in Morpheus' arms. I barely made it up the stairs under my own steam but once my head hit the pillow, that was it. I haven't slept at all and it's now' I turn my head and squint at the alarm clock' three AM.


New Beginnings by KAM. Excerpt: Jim looked at Blair and could almost believe the press conference and the whole dissertation fiasco hadn't happened. It was just like a normal day from before, with Jim heading out to the station and Blair heading out to the university. If only' Jim shook his head, forcibly pushing those thoughts away.  Thinking like that didn't help anyone. 'Let's go.'  (WARNING: Mpreg. NOTE: This story was previously published in 'Ice Cream and Pickles'. It has been revised and expanded with over 70 new pages.)



Destined: Tales of a Sentinel and His Guide, Vol. 1

Collection of Sentinel '/' stories by Natalie L

Color cover by Natalie L. 2 color and 9 b/w interior illos by Virginia Sky.  Digest size - 224 pages.

Stories include:

The Well - Blair takes a misstep and ends up in deep trouble. (Note: This story has been rewritten as slash for this zine.)

Coming Home - When an accident puts Blair in a coma, Jim takes on the challenge of home care for his Guide.

Minding His Ps and Qs - Jim discovers that Blair has been keeping a secret.

High Voltage - Blair finds comfort with Jim during a thunderstorm.

All I Have to Give You - Blair frets because he can't afford a Christmas gift for Jim.

Christmas Blues - Blair graduates the academy just before Christmas, and does a little private celebrating with Jim.

Don't Stand Under the Mistletoe with Anyone Else but Me - Jim is missing Blair's presence at the annual PD Christmas party.

Christmas Valley - Jim and Blair get stranded in the boondocks of Oregon on Christmas eve.

No Limits - Jim and Blair plan a simple commitment ceremony. But is anything simple when Naomi Sandburg gets involved?

Destined: Tales of a Sentinel and His Guide, Vol. 2

Collection of Sentinel '/' stories by Natalie L

Color cover and color interior illo by Natalie L. 1 color and 9 b/w interior illos by Virginia Sky.  Digest size - 212 pages.

Stories include:

Buried Alive - When the mayor's daughter is buried alive, it's falls to the Shaman of the Great City to find her before it's too late.

Delirious - A fever delirium brings forth an unexpected confession from Blair.

Unforgettable  - Jim forgets the unforgettable after receiving a blow to the head, and in the aftermath, forges a new relationship with Blair.

It Happened One Christmas  - A drunken Jim and an unexpected outing at Simon's Christmas party.

The Portrait  - Blair wants to give Jim a special gift for Christmas, but his lover's suspicions almost spoil the surprise.

Cabin Fever  - Things heat up between Jim and Blair during a weekend retreat in the woods.

Rite of Passage  - Will Blair's discovery of Jim's unusual tattoo put a damper on their budding relationship?

Prophecy   - When Blair has visions of an impending catastrophe, will he and Jim be able to make anyone listen before it's too late?

(NEW STORY - Not Previously Net-Published)


Fight for Justice

Sentinel '/' AU Historical Novel by Marion.  Color cover and interior by Ankaree. Digest Size. 204 pages.

In the late 1800's, young clerk, Blair Sandburg, travels to meet his hero, Sir Richard Burton, but instead finds his destiny in the form of wealthy American James Ellison.

Excerpt: Blair crossed over to the daybed set against the wall, narrowly avoiding a small table with an assortment of bottles on it. There was a strong smell of chamomile and goose grease ' the sort of preparations that, if Ellison were a Sentinel, would probably aggravate his symptoms. Now that his eyes were getting used to the faint light, Blair could make out the frail form on the bed. James Ellison seemed a shadow of the man Blair had encountered in Muggia. He was dressed in some sort of silken robe, but where the sleeves had ridden up, Blair could see the skin on his arms was blotched and inflamed. His eyes were red-rimmed and Blair was sure James Ellison had lost a fair amount of weight. 'Jesus, man! What happened to you?' Blair exclaimed as he sat down on a chair placed near the head of the bed.

How Soft the Scarf, How Deep the Water  

Sentinel '/' AU Novel by Marion. Color cover by Ankaree. 3 Color Interiors by Semper. Digest Size. 112 pages.

In this exciting historical romance, in a setting much like Tudor England, aspiring actor Blair Sands and dashing merchant Jem Ellison have a chance meeting, only to become caught up in a web of intrigue and murder.

Excerpt: "Jem stepped away from the side of the building. His movement caught Blair's eyes and he turned. For a moment their eyes connected, and then someone took the actor's arm and pulled him along, and he was lost to Jem's vision as the group closed around him.

Jem stood for a long time before he started to walk. Who was this young man to inspire me with such desire? Maybe he's a witch. Because I feel as if he's bewitched me. Jem shook his head in amusement. That young man, a witch? Unlikely!"


Jake's Universe  


Sentinel '/' Novel by Alyjude. Color cover & b/w interior drawings by Lorraine. B/W interior drawings by Frostdoll.

Full Size. 240 pages. Double Column. 11 pt. Type.


Laugh and cry as you share in the ups and downs of the Ellison-Sandburg-Porter household.


Collected together in this zine are:


The Bestest, Most Perfectedness Vally Times Card Ever - Jake's first Valentine's day with his new parents.

Fireworks - Wherein we countdown to Jake's first July 4th. We join him for his first swimming lesson, Simon says something stupid and everyone eats way too much!

Junior Guppy - Blair ponders parents and Jake and Corky go beast hunting.


Cold Case - Bouts of the Flu, Jake's first real baseball game and a case with surprising connections to someone from Blair's past


Three for the Road - While the Ellison-Sandburg-Porter men enjoy their trip to Disneyland, back home, questions arise about Jake's true parentage.


In the Name of the Father - Home for their trip, Jim and Blair face the nightmarish possibility that Jake may not be theirs. And the truth about Blair's father is finally revealed.


The Big Five - September 29th is fast approaching. The significance of the day? It's Jake's birthday.

A Day at the Zoo - Jake's first Field Trip since starting Kindergarten

A Special Anniversary - The Ellison-Sandburg-Porter household is celebrating an anniversary


(NOTE: Stories previously net-published).


Two prequels to this zine, Everything's Jake and We Gather Together, are available from Requiem.



  Nine Months ... and Beyond

Sentinel '/' Mpreg Zine by Natalie L.

Color cover, 1 color interior and 19 b/w interior drawings by L. A. Adolf. 1 B/W interior by L. A. Adolf and Lorraine.

Full Size. 228 pages. Double Column. 11 pt. Type.


In this wonderful zine written by Natalie L and lavishly illustrated by L. A. Adolf, experience the happiness and heartbreak along with Jim and Blair as they decide to start a family of their own.

Collected together in this zine are 3 previously net-published stories, along with an all new story.


Stories include:


Nine Months -- Jim and Blair explore the options of a gay couple to start a family, and embark on a journey with miraculous consequences. (previously net published)


Twelve Months -- Jim and Blair survive their first year of new parenthood. (previously net published)


Another Nine Months -- Embarking upon a second pregnancy and a new career, Blair finds himself the target of extreme prejudice. Note: This story contains the kidnapping and torture of a major character. No permanent damage is done, and happy endings are guaranteed, but be aware before you read that some of the scenes are extremely intense and graphic. (previously net published)


Nine Months ' Again?! -- Blair's final pregnancy brings more surprises and angst to the Sandburg-Ellison household. (all new)


(NOTE: Nine Months, Twelve Months and Another Nine Months were previously published as stand alone zines by Requiem.)



Soul Quest 2: Ties that Bind

Sentinel '/' AU Novel by Natalie L.

Color cover and 4 b/w interior drawings by Lorraine. Full Size. 204 pages.


Join Jim and B'layr in their trials and triumphs and share in their tears of joy and loss as they and their extended family

celebrate births and grieve the loss of loved ones in three all-new chapters of this exciting AU universe.


Chapter 7: Broken Ties -- The existence of the elves leaks out when B'layr's dissertation is prematurely released. 


Chapter 8: Reforged Ties -- As B'layr approaches the birth of their child, the unthinkable happens ' Jim is nearly killed in a hunting accident.


Chapter 9: Healing Ties -- A terrible accident forces B'layr to return to the Ancients for additional training and Jim to deal with the aftermath ' a blind son ' on his own.




WARNINGS: The deaths of three well-known, supporting/recurring characters (no deaths among major characters). M/M; Naomi as an OFC; MPREG; AU; Elves (Blair as an elf).




Soul Quest 1 is available from Requiem.

NOTE: Soul Quest: Chapters 1 ' 6 can be found at Jaguar's Jungle.

Star Crossed: Genesis 

Sentinel '/' AU Novel by KAM. Color cover, 1 color and 7 b/w interior by Lorraine. Digest Size. 250 pages.

Across the vastness of space, fate brings together a very special Sentinel and Guide. Lost and struggling for survival on a deserted, barren world, can they overcome their fears and insecurities to fulfill their destiny? Or will war, treachery, and deceit tear them apart and destroy both of their worlds forever?

Excerpt: He looked down at his Guide lying below him, quivering with need and desire. Two dark blue eyes stared up at him, silently beseeching. It was a plea that he couldn't ignore, one that he didn't want to ignore, for his need and desire were just as great. With a drawn-out moan, he lowered himself, bringing his full weight to bear on the body beneath him. The connection between them flared as their bodies joined, making them both cry out.


The Times of My Life -- Blair's Life Story



Sentinel '/' Novel by Marion. Front and back covers by Maggie. Digest Size. 104 pages.

In this captivating new 104 page digest size Sentinel “/” zine by Marion, with front and back cover by Maggie, you’ll journey throughout Blair’s life as he shares stories with Jim one relaxing afternoon in the loft. Along the way, Jim gains more insight into what made his guide into the man Blair is today; and, comes to the realization, that perhaps fate did have a hand into bringing the two men together after all.


The tone of Jim’s voice was light but Blair could tell there was a degree of nervousness within it. For some reason Jim was unsure over asking about Blair’s life. Though why he should be… Maybe, Blair thought, maybe I can find out what’s been going on in that brain of his and we can work through it. 

“What do you want to know? You read all the paperwork when I first joined up with you and I know Simon did a whole plethora of background checks on me.” 

Jim continued to stroke Blair’s arm. “They just covered the basic facts, not the events that made you, you.”  

Blair shrugged within the encirclement of Jim’s arms and turned slightly to face his lover. “Like I said, you only have to ask. What exactly do you want to know?” 

“Okay,” Jim paused, considering. “How about your earliest memory?” 

“My earliest memory?  My earliest memory that isn’t just flashes of images?” 


Blair thought for a moment. He tapped a finger against his lips. “That would be the trip we made to Lapland – or Saapmi, as the indigenous people call their land.” 

“You went to Lapland? What, to see Santa Claus?” Jim asked, a smile in his voice. 

Blair chuckled. “No, Naomi never took me to see Santa, too commercial! No, we went to see a shaman….” 


The Weaker Vessel


Sentinel '/' AU Historical Novel by Marion. Wraparound cover by KAM. Digest Size. 152 pages.


In this exciting historical romance, in a setting much like Tudor England, aspiring actor Blair Sands and dashing merchant Jem Ellison are now in the employ of Robert Cecil. When they are charged with investigating one of Jem's old friends for witchcraft, will they be able to prove her innocence or will Jem fall under her spell once again. Murder, mystery and intrigue abound in this sequel to 'How Soft the Scarf, How Deep the Water'.



Stargate SG-1 Slash Zines



Stargate SG-1 Slash Zine by Sideburns


Color Cover and B/W interiors by KAM. Color and B/W interiors by Sideburns.  Full Size. 203 pages.


Included in this collection of previously net-published Descended Daniel stories are:


Fall to Heaven -- Daniel's home, but his welcome isn't all it should be.


The Long and Winding Yellow Brick Road -- Daniel's return isn't as easy as he's made it look, and the road to true love is often fraught with ruts, holes and Anubis. An epic tale of adventure, love and Oz.


The Course of True Love -- Daniel's feeling less like a welcomed descended being and more like wallpaper. A trip to a new planet opens eyes for all concerned. (NOTE: Contains Sam/Teal'c and slight Daniel/Teal'c)


Revolution -- Following his return from Honduras, Daniel has a few things to get off his chest.



A Lifetime

Stargate SG-1 Slash Zine by Sideburns


Color Cover by KAM. 9 Color and 6 B/W interior illos by Sideburns. Digest Size. 280 pages.


In this previously net-published story, Daniel, feeling increasingly like an outcast at the SGC and within his own team, sets out on his own to find a device capable of protecting the Earth against Anubis and the 'Eye of Ra'. During Daniel's absence, Jack finally realizes his true feelings towards his missing team mate. But just when the two men finally come together, circumstances beyond their control threaten to tear them apart. Can they overcome all the obstacles placed in their way while trying to protect Earth and finally defeat Anubis once and for all?  (NOTE: Contains some Daniel/M)




Stargate SG-1 Slash Zine by Sideburns


Wraparound Color Cover by KAM. Digest Size. 232 pages.


Collected together in this zine are two previously net-published stories. In 'The Agreement', SG-1 is taken prisoner by the Yenaran and Jack bargains for their eventual release. Only problem is -- Daniel isn't a solder and thus, not allowed to remain with Jack and the rest of SG-1. While his teammates teach their captors new techniques to fight a centuries old war, Daniel is forced to serve in another way. In 'The Return', after SG-1 is rescued and returns him, Daniel attempts to conceal how he spent him time among the Yenaran. But, he soon learns that his time as a SERVI-1XY13 is not easily forgotten. (WARNINGS: Off-Screen Non-Con)







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