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Denim n Lace's Sentinel Gen Fan Fiction

The Raptor Chronicles


Chronicles of the Federation Starship Raptor and Her Crew


NOTE: Stories Contain Intense Sentinel/Guide Bonding Scenes.

 Disclaimer and Author Notes

 Part 1: Rebirth -- Jimís rebirth as a Sentinel coincides with a dangerous mission to enforce justice in the  

 Romulan Neutral Zone.  His life is radically altered when one of his shipmates proves to be the Guide that

 he has been searching for. (350k)


 Part 2: The Path to Exile -- As Jim and Blair struggle to come to terms with the changes their bond has

 wrought upon their lives, they discover that there is a lot more riding upon their abilities to take up their

 place as protectors of their new tribe than just their positions as Starfleet officers.  Sentinel and Guide must

 pit their uncertain gifts against dark forces threatening the lives of everyone on board the Raptor. (530k)


 Part 3: Baptism by Fire -- The forces working against the Raptor and her crew make their final move

 against the beleaguered ship.  Jim and Blair must push themselves further than they thought possible to

 keep themselves and their shipmates alive in a deadly game of cat and mouse. (764k)



















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