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Disclaimer and Author Notes     Part 1: Rebirth     Part 2: The Path to Exile     Part 3: Baptism by Fire

Ooookay. We fear that a few disclaimers are in order.


Firstly, this predominantly TS crossover story, while set in a Star Trek setting, contains no characters from any of the ST universes.  This is mainly because we wanted a spacey-type environment, and that universe fit the bill in a number of ways. We regret to admit that while we enjoyed the show, weíve probably made any number of errors that will irritate the dyed-in-the-wool fans. We apologise in advance to those readers, and to Gene Roddenbury, who would probably be most unhappy with us.


The next disclaimer involves a few of the characters. Technically, this is a cross-over with a program called The New Professionals and does include a number of characters from that show, including: Tina Baccus, Chris Keel, Sam Curtis, Harry Malone, Spencer and Richards.  Itís not necessary to know these characters to understand the story, just that they belong to Brian Clemens and David Wickes Productions, and not us. <g>  Weíve really just borrowed some interesting characters for Jim and Blair to play off, and in that sense, this is really mostly a Sentinel AU.


Finally, and probably most importantly, we donít own Jim , Blair, or any of the other characters created by Bilson & De Meo. They belong to a bunch of people who are not us.  Damn them. The people who are not us, we mean. Not Jim and Blair. THEM we like.


However, all other characters are products of our fevered imagination.

Warnings: Youíd think after the epic disclaimer, there couldnít possibly be anything else to say. When you get to know us better, youíll realise that thereís ALWAYS something else to say! (hehehe) Anyhow, this is an AU, which will squick some people, and there are empathic bonding scenes, that will squick others. If you fall into either of these categories, donít read this. In fact, if you donít like reading, donít read this (and if this applies to you, what the hell are you doing here? Thereís a whole world of mindless entertainment open to you! Scram!). Otherwise, we hope that you enjoy.

NOTE: Please be aware that the stories have only been beta read by Denim n Lace. So please forgive any remaining typos, etc...