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Point of View

By: Dotty

Disclaimer: The Sentinel and all its characters are the property of Pet Fly, Paramount and based on characters created by Bilson and DeMeo. No

infringement is intended. No profit is being made. Story is rated for all audiences. I promise!




I love him, you know. He's always been there for me when I needed him the most. Reliable and dependable are synonymous with his name. Even when I've failed him, I know he'll be there. I've tried so very hard to live up to my end of our relationship, but sometimes failure is unavoidable. He always forgives though. No matter how often I've failed, I know I'm forgiven.


When I'm injured, I always receive the best of care as soon as possible. I've been shot, have had stab wounds, been blown up, broken parts, majorly wrecked, well the list goes on and on. Every time, though, I've pulled through but only because he's been there to make sure I did. When he screams for me to be taken care of it, gets done. Not everyone is so lucky. I know because I've talked to others in my position.


When he touches me though is when I'm at my absolute best. He runs his hands over me after a job well done or to check for damage after a difficult situation. Such a gentle and kind touch. His hands are so soft and caring, I want to, and often do purr. Especially when he's inside me talking so sweetly, and running his hands over my body at the same time. I love having him give me a bath. Warm soapy water, a soft delicate sponge, fluffy towels to dry off. Could or should one ask for anything more? Bliss, pure bliss.


Yes we've had our problems. What intimate relationship doesn't? But, we've survived and will continue to do so. He'll keep taking care of me and I'll keep giving him my all. He deserves it and it's what I want to do. If he were to leave me, I couldn't and wouldn't survive the heartbreak of losing him.


So I'll keep giving my best and doing all he asks of me. What more can I do for the one who makes life worth living? It's my sole purpose for going on, my reason for existence.


It's difficult, hard work for the two of us to make it in this cruel world, but we WILL survive. Nothing, not pain or damage, or even age will ever separate us. Fate wouldn't be that horrible to him again. I'll see to that.


Ahh, it's good to be the truck called Sweetheart!

The End