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Strong Roots

By: Dotty

Many thanks to my beta reader, Suisan. Thank you for working with me and making me a better writer. Thank you for being there and more importantly, being a friend

We've walked to the park as usual. It became a part of our daily routine after we both retired, not only from the PD but our consulting business as well. Since then, life has been, well, quiet. That was one thing we, as Sentinel and Guide, never expected. It really took some getting used to. We kept waiting for a terrorist, an explosion, a kidnapping, or something to come along to upset our day. It was a shock when it didn't happen.

Our wives were glad. Megan had been on the front lines, so she was aware of the dangers Blair and I faced everyday. She was glad when my time was done, but with Blair you could almost reach out and touch her relief. Megan and Blair. Mr. 'I-date-a-different-woman-every-week-to-keep-you-guessing’ and Miss ‘Mess-with-the-tough-as-nails-woman-from-down-under-if-you-want-a-world-of-pain-today'. All of us in the MC Unit sat back and watched her rope, snare and brand her man without him having a clue. Got to admit, when she made up her mind, we all knew he didn't have a chance. Forty-eight years and two children together and they still hold hands and kiss in public. You'd laugh if you couldn't feel the love they have for each other.

I guess the real shock was Rhonda and I. We'd had a really bad case that keep us working more hours than there are in a day and more days than there are in a week. One day I noticed Blair and I always had fresh coffee, sandwiches, whatever files we'd bitched for, whatever we'd needed ready for us. It didn't seem like a lot, but it just made things so easier for us. So, once we had the case wrapped up, I took her to dinner as a thank you. Three months later we were married and that thank you has lasted forty-six years. As an old TV character used to say, "Who'd a thunk?" Blair is my Guide, my conscience and my anchor. But Rhonda is my heart and soul.

We wound up buying the entire top floor the loft was on. Three apartments on each side turned into two happy homes, something I never expected to have. We've had our losses. Simon and Joel were among the hardest, but the worst was Naomi. She had been all Blair had had for so long that when she died, we thought he'd lose it. For once, my friend really had me to lean on. I was proud he could do so, I just wish it had been for another reason. My oldest granddaughter is named for her. The pride and joy in Blair's face when we told him what her name would be is a memory I'll carry forever.

My senses are still with me. Oh, not as strong, but still above average for a man of my age. Two of my children and three of my grandchildren have my 'gifts' as Blair has always explained to them. They managed so much better than I ever did. But they had Blair, so they've never been made to feel they were anything but normal.

Finding Guides for them was easier than I thought; they just seemed to be there. I've come to the conclusion that if nature is going to have us, then I guess she's going to make sure we get together. They all live in easy traveling distance, except Brianna my youngest granddaughter, who lives in Gotham. It’s clear across the country, but her guide was there when she found him and she decided to stay. John Bruce Grayson had better be good to my kidlet, I don't care who his grandfather is or how wealthy. I can still kick ass when necessary -- it just takes me a little longer now.

I've been so lucky and blessed in my life. No, it hasn't all been peaches and cream but sitting here in the park with Blair, I know how good things are. I've got strong, loyal friends who have loved me in spite of my best intentions, and a fantastic family. I suppose I could want for more, but why. I guess it's like the old pine tree nearby. Blair and I are the roots; the trunk is Megan and Rhonda. The supporting branches are our friends who've been there no matter what. The other branches are our children and grandchildren who've grown so strong and sturdy. It's a big tree that provides shade and beauty. I like to think that's what my children and grandchildren do in a way. They are providing shade to those they protect and guard. And, of course, to me they are beautiful. I'm so proud of what Blair and I have given to the world.

It's getting late so it’s time to head home. Blair and I are taking our wives to dinner. No reason, just because. Before I go though, I'm going to take one more look at the pine tree and remember how strong the roots, trunk and branches are. It's a perfect tree and good thoughts to walk home on. Maybe I'll tell Blair what I’m thinking … nah, no "maybe" ….. I will tell him. We'll have a long discussion and he'll use words I don't understand. I'll pretend to ignore most of what he says and just listen to his voice.

After all, I wouldn't have it any other way.

The End

Feb. 2003

The Sentinel and characters belong to Bilson, DeMeo, Pet Fly and Sci Fi. No money or other gain is being made. This story is for entertainment purposes and love of the characters.

The City of Gotham and its characters are the property of DC Comics. Again, this is for entertainment only.