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KAM's Sentinel Gen Fan Fiction

Separated - Gen version of a slash zine published by AngelWings Press. (640k) While trying to deal with the physical and emotional damage inflicted during a case, Jim and Blair's recovery is hampered when Jim is forced to accept an undercover assignment. Heavy Smarm. (Violence, Death of OCs.)


A Matter of Honor (445k) Gen version. When Jim repays an old debt, it's Blair who end up paying for it.


Collateral Damage (357k) Gen version. When Daryl is kidnapped, Blair becomes collateral damage. (Rape/Non-Con)



Tribal Lore 2 - Published and Available from DE Press


 **NEW** TL2 - The Best Intentions (102k) Sometimes the best intentions can have devastating results,

 especially when motivated by less than honorable reasons. Thatís a lesson Jim and Blair painfully learn

 when someone close to them misinterprets their relationship. (WARNING: Violence)



Sensory Overload - Published and Available from Neon Press


 SO7-  Sudden Realization (20k) While helping a wounded Jim, Simon comes to a realization.

 SO8 - Sacrifice: A Mother's Love (96k) Shortly after the press conference,  William Ellison shows up at 

            the loft with some startling revelations about the past and Jim's mother.

 SO9 - Game Over (25) Blair gets a new Palm Pilot.

 SO10 - Payback



Sentry Duty - Published by and Available from Agent with Style


 SD6 - A Typical Friday Night  (20k) Just a typical Friday night for the guys.

 SD6 - Home, Sweet Home (40k) A newcomer to 852 Prospect meets her new neighbors.

 SD7 - To the Rescue (40k) Jim is determined to rescue Blair, whether he needs it or not.

 SD7 - Preconceptions (42k) Even the best of partners don't always see eye to eye.

 SD7 - Birthday Blues (90k) B-day fic for Mary Ellen. A surprise party that wasn't, a solitary  camping

           trip and a  bear - just a  typical birthday for Jim.

 SD8 - Believe (20k) A "The Waiting Room" Missing/Alternate Scene.

 SD9 - Death of a Beloved (20k) Blair suffers a devastating loss. (NOTE: Humor)

 SD9 - Detaching (30k) After 'The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg', Blair comes to a decision.

 SD10 - In Sickness and in Health



Sentry Post - Published by GraphicOne Fanzines. Available from Agent With Style


 SP7 - A Week (32k) After the events of 'Sentinel Too', Blair needs some space.

 SP8 - No Good Deed (33k) Blair finds out that no good deed goes unpunished.



Three Little Monkeys - Published by and Available from Blackfly Presses


 Three Little Monkeys Vol. 2: See No Evil - At the Movies (18k) Jim & Blair observed at the movies.

 Three Little Monkeys Vol. 3: Speak No Evil - First Day (25k) Can any student truly be prepared  for  Anthropology 101?   Especially when it's taught by Blair Sandburg? 



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