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Kathy's Sentinel Gen Fan Fiction


Pair of Post "TSbyBS" Stories

Letting Go (12k) After "TSbyBS", Blair decides to let go.

Holding On (24k) Sequel to 'Letting Go'.


Larry Series

What Ever Happened To Larry? (1k)
Remember Larry? Ever wonder why he ended up?

What *Really* Happened To Larry (10k)
Another possible theory about Larry.


Favor Series

Part 1 (9k) Blair asks Jim for a little favor.

Part 2 (22k) Blair collects his favor.

Part 3 (19k) This time, it's Simon's turn.

Part 4 (30K) It's time for the annual Cascade PD Halloween party and Blair has picked out the perfect costume for Jim. Now, his only problem is convincing Jim to actually wear it.


Click Series

A series of phone conversations between the guys.

Part 1 (15k)

Part 2 (11k)


Obsession Series

Obsession 1 (In Parts) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (200k)
A serial killer is targeting people who seem to have enhanced senses.  How are these killings related to Blair? Will the killer be stopped before Jim becomes the next victim?

Obsession 2 (In Parts) Part 1 Part 2
(150k) One threat may have been eliminated but the danger to Jim and Blair still remains.



A Lesson Learned -- No longer available on-line.
(150k) A routine assignment leads to life-altering changes.


**NOTE: Story pulled for revisions and publication. 'A Lesson Learned' and its sequel will be published in DE Press' upcoming gen zine, 'Tribal Lore'.




SURF ALL DAY @ BAJA.COM / the interactive peninsula!

Cool Counters @

Stand Alone

Identity (6k) A little Cypher-related fic I posted to SA a while ago.

A Final Moment (42k) A final moment to say goodbye. WARNING: DEATH STORY

Acceptance (3k) Just when you think you've found what you've been searching for, you realize it's still just out of your grasp.

Are They Or Aren't They? (16k) A woman's thoughts as she follows Jim & Blair around a grocery store.

Ask (10k) A conversation overheard in the bullpen.

Bored (10k) A rainy afternoon at the loft.

A Child's Plea (40k) Set in Mary Ellen's 'SRO' Universe.

Embrace (5k) Jim embraces a wounded Blair.

Familiar Stranger (3k) A little bit of angst post TSbyBS.

Germs (11k) Sick Blair. Sick Jim. And, of course, those pesky germs.

A Good Day (16k) Jim has a good day.

Grief (5k) Jim deals with the loss of a loved one.

I'll Watch Your Back ( Jim Angst -- 13k) Jim faces one of his greatest fears.

In An Instant (8k) On a perfect day, tragedy strikes.

In Remembrance (24k) Blair returns home early one night to find Jim observing a very important anniversary.

Involuntary Recruitment (90k) X-over with "La Femme Nikita". Jim is recruited by Section One.

It (4k) Blair and his spirit guide.

Just One of Those Days (12k) Just one those days for Jim.

Maternal Instincts (22k) When Naomi makes a surprise visit, Blair falls ill and Jim suspects the worst.

Mental Ramblings (Jim Angst, H/C -- 14k) Jim's rather chaotic thoughts as he waits to see an injured Blair.

Merged (4k) Response to a challenge on 'Sentinel Thursday'. It's a year after 'Warriors' -- show how Blair has changed.

Miscommunication (Simon Angst -- 8k) Simon suffers after a slight miscommunication with Jim and Blair.

Of Gerbils and Men (16k) Blair brings home a new pet.

Regret (Violence -- 23k) Jim lashes out at Blair.

Sense Memories (1k) Jim's sense memories of Blair.

Sentry (5k) Sometimes it's a Sentinel that needs someone to watch over him.

Stuck (10k) Blair, Simon and a crate. Just a typical day in the Sandburg zone.

Too Close to Home (5k) Even a cop isn't immune from the horrors they fight. And sometimes, those horrors hit too close to home.

Trouble Magnet (14k) Just a typical day for our resident trouble magnet. <G>

Untitled Ficlet (7k) Response to a Jimbabe/Blairbabe discussion on the Destinies Entwined list.

Who Am I Now? (10k) Blair tries to come to terms with the changes in his life.

The Game (Complete)
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (In Parts)
(200k) Blair is challenged to a deadly game, with Jim as the prize.