What Ever Happened to Larry

By: Kathy

Flinching as the sound of the gunshots reached his ears, Blair winced when he saw the bullets impact the body in front of him. Staring in disbelief, he watched as the figure slowly crumpled to the ground. Turning to the man standing beside him, he stated in a quivering voice, "I can't believe it, you shot him."

Re-holstering his weapon, Jim replied, "He had it coming, Chief." Turning to look at the Blair, he added, "After all, that little monster wrecked my apartment. Twice."

"But did you really have to kill him?" Blair asked while turning to stare at Larry's bullet-ridden body.

"Yeah," Jim responded. "After all, it's almost lunchtime and I haven't had a good monkey stew since I left the jungle."

Watching as Jim walked over to pick up the corpse, Blair protested, "He's not a monkey, he's an ape."

Hefting the body over his shoulder, Jim said, "Yeah, but I'm sure he's still taste just as good."

After a moment, Blair shrugged and followed after Jim.

The End

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