Always There for Me

By: Lvblair


Disclaimer: Jim and Blair belong to Paramount Pet Fly Productions and this was written purely for enjoyment and entertainment. Oh and for my dues too. Also I donít know anything about hospitals or procedures but here it is finally finished. I am sorry it is so late but I did the best I could thank you all for being so patient with me. THANKS.


//Damn it! Running late again, okay, okay no problem// thought Sandburg; //Iíll just stop by the grocery store on the way home and pick up something quick//. He just got his stipend so he had some money to play with, not much but some. He groaned and rubbed his stomach as he stopped at a red light. He reached for the bottle of Tums he bought early this morning and popped three in his mouth and put the bottle down as the light turned green. He felt awful his stomach was killing him and for once he was glad that he had finished everything. He spent all day putting up the last of the end of term grades and getting all his work in order. He had told Jim last night he wouldnít be able to make into the station because he would be swamped today. He would have been through sooner if he didnít feel so lousy. Maybe Jim wouldnít mind if he spent tomorrow in bed. He pulled into a space right infront of the little grocery store and ran in. He picked up ingredients for a salad and some chicken and vegetables to make a stir-fry. Blair quickly paid and left he drove back to the loft and started dinner. He was chopping up the vegetables when he suddenly felt nauseous. He put down the knife and leaned against the counter waited until it passed.

//I guess I am coming down with something; now Iíll have to make an appointment with the doctor//

"Crap this is just what I need" Blair mumbled to himself. Once the feeling passed Blair finished dinner and was just setting the table when Jim walked in. He looked up as Jim closed the door. He was hanging up his jacket as he spoke to Blair.

"Hey Chief, something smells good and that makes me a very happy man because Iím starving."

Blair chuckled at Jim and said, "Well dinner is just about done and I will be putting it on the table in about five more minutes." Jim smiled and hurried to the bathroom to wash up as Jim came back out he smiled to himself because just as Blair said dinner was on the table. He helped put out drinks and then sat with his roommate and enjoyed a nice dinner making small talk of how things went at work and how the day had passed for both men. They worked well together cleaning up the kitchen and putting everything away. Finally with everything put away Jim started a pot of coffee and then headed to the bathroom to take a shower. While Jim was in the shower Blair went into his room and dialed his Doctor. He smiled and was relieved the office was still open as the secretary answered with a pleasant voice, "Dr. Grantís office".

"Hi Laura how are you?"

"Hey stranger how is everything?"

Blair smiled at the warm greeting. The last time he was in the office he had helped Laura install a certain program that helped her run the office a lot easier with making appointments and putting all the doctorís patients in order. They had stayed friends and had even gone out a few timesÖas friends.

"I hope everything is okay I need to make an appointment with Dr. Grant I havenít been feeling that well and todayÖhelloÖLaura you still there."

"Yea, Iím here, just a little shocked and concerned. Blair you donít make appointments unless pieces of you are falling off."

Blair laughed out loud at that.

"Oh come on Laura, Iím not that bad." He was met with dead silence. "Oh man thatís like so harsh man." Blair smiled when he heard Laura chuckle.

"Well everything is intact Iím just not feeling so well and I have a lot to do with Jim at the PD and I really canít get sick so I want to make sure everything is okay."

Laura looked through her appointment book.

"Well the next available appointment I have is the day after tomorrow at 1pm okay?"

"Great Iíll take it, see you then Laura."

"Okay Blair, take care of yourself and see you soon."

As Blair hung up he heard Jim come out of the shower and go up to his room to get dressed. He decided to take his turn in the bathroom and grabbed a t-shirt and some sweats and took a quick shower. He came out and Jim handed him a cup of coffee and they sat down together to watch some TV. Jim looked at his roommate and smiled at the younger man. Blair had fallen asleep and had pillowed his head on Jimís thigh. He slept deeply and Jim felt bad waking him but he would feel more comfortable in his own bed.

He put his hand on Blairís shoulder and frownedÖhe felt a little warm like he had a slight fever starting it was 100.5 hmm he was going to have to make sure his guide took care of himself the next few days. Jim got up and went to the bathroom and came back with two aspirin and a glass of water.

"Chief, come on buddy wake up."

Blair woke up and groggily rubbed his eyes he felt awful. He looked up to see Jim holding a glass of water and was grateful for his blessed protector he took the aspirin and water Jim gave him and swallowed it down.

"Thanks man", mumble Blair as he set off to bed.

"Chief," Blair turned to look at Jim.

"You should stay in bed tomorrow, I mean if your sick your sick and I wouldnít want you to over due it."

Blair smiled at Jim and said, "Yea right now Iím not feeling so hot but that aspirin and some sleep and Iíll be fine donít worry."

Jim didnít seem convinced but let Sandburg go to bed as he climbed the stairs to his room and he kept an ear on Sandburg until he heard his friendís breathing even out and slip into sleep only then did Jim relax and fall asleep to the rhythm of Blairís heartbeat.

The next morning found the boys in their usual routine; they were a bit late so skipped breakfast and grabbed their jackets as they headed out. They stopped at a bakery along the way and picked up some pastries for themselves as well as the other detectives in major crimes with a special pineapple Danish for Simon. They were greeted very enthusiastically as they handed out the goodies to everyone. They spent most of the morning finishing up reports on a few cases that Jim closed last week.

Jim noticed Blair rubbing his stomach with his face twisting in pain when Blair thought Jim wasnít looking. Jim was about to call Blair on it when Simon called them both into his office. They found a smiling Simon and to Blair a smiling Simon was a very good sign. He felt awful enough without having Simon come down on them.

"Well gentlemen this is your lucky day. I just received a new blend of coffee from my cousin and it is the best one yet youíre going to love this."

Jim chuckled, "you thought the last batch was the best one yet but I have to admit it is the best coffee Iíve ever had."

Simon smiled as he handed over a cup to Jim and looked over as Blair stood up and handed him a folder. "Here are the finished reports on the last two cases; itís nice to see you in such a good mood." Blair said as he handed the file to Simon. As he straightened up pain shot through Blair making him gasp and grab the edge of Simonís desk. Jim was on his feet in an instant. He put his mug on the edge of Simonís desk and quickly went to Blair.

The next pain made Blair groan out loud and he grabbed on to Jim as he felt his partner put his hand on his back the pain flowed through his stomach and into his chest. Blair doubled over as the next pain shot through him; "Oh God Jim, Iím going to be sick" he mumbled out and crumbled to the floor Jimís arms around him helping to keep him from getting hurt. Jim looked up as Simon grabbed a trash can and put it in front of Blair just as he emptied his stomach. "It hurtís Jim, God it hurts. I think I need to go to, uhhh, the hospital umm could you call, nnuhhh, an ambulance?" Simon grabbed his phone and called for an ambulance then went over by Jim and said, "Letís get him to the couch the ambulance will be here soon." Jim looked down as he saw Sandburg fist his hands on Simonís pants.

Blairís grunting and groaning in pain was scaring the shit out of him. Blair never let on to anyone if he was feeling sick and to let everyone know the pain he was in was that bad scared Jim. He looked over at Simon and saw the same fear there. Simon didnít bother telling Jim that Sandburg would be okay because it was not an option. These two have been through too much for this. They got him up and gently set him on the couch. Blair curled up into a ball grabbing his stomach as the pain continued to attack him. Jim pulled Blair into his lap and rubbed his back.

"Easy now, itís going to be okay, helps on the way. Try to relax, thatís it take a deep breath and let it out."

Simon and Jim looked up as the paramedics came through the door. They examined Blair asking questions and then got him ready for transport. Jim followed them out and vaguely heard Simon say heíd follow in his car. As they loaded Blair into the ambulance he cried out as pain shot through him. Jim looked at the paramedic and asked,

"Canít you give him anything for the pain?"

The medic just shook his head and said, "Sorry sir, not until he is looked over by the one of the doctors in the ER we could be doing more damage." Jim understood, he didnít like it but he understood.

The drive to the hospital went by in a blur Jim was solely concentrating on Sandburg. Holding his hand brushing his hair back when the ambulance screeched to a halt the medics wheeled Blair into the ER with Jim still holding Blairís hand. As they entered the treatment room they asked Jim to wait in the hallway. Jim dialed up his hearing to listen in and jumped out of his skin as Simon put his hand on Jimís shoulder. "Whatís going on so far?"

"They just took him into the treatment room and I dialed up my hearing to try to find out what was happening when you nearly gave me a heart attack."

"Listen Jim, do not dial up your hearing here I donít not need you zoning out on me while Blair isÖwell sick. Weíll wait for the doctor."

Jim didnít like it but agreed with Simon his senses were all over the map, he would need Sandburg to ground him. Nearly two and a half hours later they were both climbing the walls. They repeatedly asked about Sandburg only to be told he was taken for some tests. Finally a tall young looking man came up to Jim.

"Detective Ellison, Iím Dr. Grant," he shook Jimís hand and looked at Simon as Jim introduced him.

"This is Captain Simon Banks, my captain, please how is Blair?"

The doctor motioned for them to sit down. "Well Blair is feeling better at the moment. He told me he had made an appointment with my office for tomorrowÖI guess his body had other ideas, the test revealed that he is going to need surgery. He needs to have his gall bladder removed as it is full of stones and thatís why he was in so much pain when they brought him in. He is comfortable right now and once they I.V. is finished he can go home Iíve scheduled the surgery for next week."

Jim was confused.

"Um Dr. Grant forgive me, but are you sure he can go home? Iím not ashamed to say he scared the hell out of me. Blair never wants to tell me when he is feeling sick and for him to admit that he was in so much pain and needed help scared me senseless."

Dr. Grant smiled, "yes he can be quite the stubborn little fellow. But I assure you he will be okay it is a simple surgery. He will come in on Tuesday morning for the surgery and be able to leave Wednesday afternoon. Heíll be fine. Iím sending him home because I know heíll be more comfortable there and I want him in bed for the rest of today and not to overdue it until the surgery."

Jim nodded his head and felt better knowing that Blair was coming home. Then a thought popped into his head and he turned back to the doctor and asked.

"Dr. Grant what if Sandburg wants to work at the PD until the surgery? If I know Sandburg he will not want to stay home in bed, keeping him there today might be a chore once he is feeling better."

Dr. Grant smiled at this, "Well I donít see why he canít. Iíll okay it as long as he is doing desk duty and not chasing criminals or high speed chases I donít see a problem with it. Simon actually chuckled at that and spoke up.

"Well Dr. Grant no need to worry there as Captain of Major Crimes I will make sure he is on desk duty", then he looked at Jim and continued, "Iíll make sure they are both on desk duty."

Jim just sighed and knew he would never do anything to endanger his guide maybe they could finally finish all the paper work.

"When Blair is released I want him on a very low fat diet. If he eats anything with a high fat content the pain will return."

"Dr. Grant," Jim began, "Blair is very careful of what he eats he is a health nut if you will and," Dr. Grant cut off the rest of his sentence.

"Yes Detective Ellison I understand that but there is a number of things that could contribute to this first and foremost it is hereditary so sooner or later it would have happened." Jim nodded his head as he understood and then asked, "Can I see him?"

"Sure he should be ready to leave soon I will go over his diet with him but no coffee, no milk well no dairy at all, and low fat diet. Okay and now Iíll bring you to him he is in one of the exam rooms where the last test was preformed I didnít want to drag him back to the ER." Dr. Grant led Jim and Simon to a small room and they walked in to see Sandburg looking very pale and he appeared to be sleeping covered with a light sheet. Jim put his hand on Blairís shoulder and smiled when tired blue eyes opened.

"Hey Chief, how are you feeling?" Blair licked dry lips and in a weak voice replied, "Definitely been better", he smiled weakly, "I just feel really tired. Did Dr. Grant talk to you?" Jim nodded his head, "yea chief, he did and he told me when the surgery will be. Youíll be fine Dr. Grant said so, so there is no need to worry." Blair smiled at his partner and said, "Iím not worried at all. I have you to keep an eye on me." At that point Dr. Grant walked in and was pleased to see the I.V. finished. He unhooked Blair and said he could get ready to leave and would be right back with the release papers as he left Simon turned to them. "Well Iím going to go out bring the car around to the front and drive you both home. Iíll have someone drop the truck off at the loft", he looked at Blair and said, "Iím glad youíre doing okay son." With that he left and went to get the car. Blair smiled as Simon all but ran out of the room. He turned to Jim and said, "He better be careful I might actually think he likes me." Jim laughed at that and helped him get dressed as Blair stood up Jim steadied him as he was very shaky. Blair smiled at Jim and said, "Iíll be okay doc said I just need to rest for today." Jim looked at him and said, "Yea I know what the doctor said I had my own little talk with him and you will rest because Iíll be there to make sure of it." Blair looked at Jim and stopped him from moving forward and held on to his arm and he became very serious.

"I know I have nothing to worry about because I know youíll be there, youíve always been there for me whenever I really needed some one. I always knew everything would be okay because my blessed protector would be there for me. Iíve never had a best friend; I never had someone who really cared about what happened to me until you came along. Youíll never know how much you mean to me man. So you can relax Jim, everything will be fine." Blair finished with a smile. Jim looked at his friend and pulled him into a hug and he felt Blair stiffen but after a bit he felt the hug returned. He pulled back and looked at his friend and said, "You ready to leave here." Blair nodded his head. "Oh yea, lead the way my brother." Jim smiled and they went out to meet Simon.

They got back to the loft where Jim ordered the younger man to bed. Once settled Jim went back out to meet Simon standing in the living room. Simon sighed. "I tell you Jim he really scared the hell out of me in my office. Iím glad he is going to be okayÖand if you tell him I said that Iíll deny every word of it." "Well I hate to break it to you Simon, but I think heís on to you." Jim smiled as Simon tried desperately to keep the smile from his face.

Jim sighed and then said to Simon, "Simon Iím gonna need a couple of days off to help Blair get around after the surgery, I mean heíll need helpÖ" Jim stopped as Simon raised his hand. "Consider it done Jim. Besides you have so much vacation time accumulated you should take some time off before they force you to take it. Why donít you take a week off?" Jim quickly agreed, "Yea that would be good. Is it okay if I start it the day of Sandburgís surgery? The doctor said as long as he takes it easy he could come to work with me. Then the next day heíll go in early for the operation. I could finish up whatever paper work I have and clear away whatever files I have there. Well Sandburg loves that stuff and its not strenuous I think itís just what the doctor ordered."

Simon agreed with him then Jim said, "So would you like to stay for dinner. I think chicken soup would be easy on Sandburg." Simon thought about it and said, "You know I have an aunt who taught me how to make a mean chicken soup." Jim smiled at him and said, "you got it man kitchen is right this way." For then next hour and half the two men were busy adding this and that to a big pot of chicken soup. Each telling the other that one ingredient was more important than the next. Arguing a bout one ingredient and laughing about one comment the other made. They did well together and made one pot of incredible chicken soup. They stood back and Jim said, "Maybe another 20 minutes and it will be done." Then from behind them they heard, "thatís good because Iím kind of hungry." They turned to see a very tired Sandburg standing by the door of his room. Jim made Sandburg sit down while he set the table and got beers for himself and Simon and water for Sandburg as he had to watch his fat intake. Sandburg took a sip of the soup and his face lit up. "Man! This is the best soup Iíve ever tasted," he looked at the two big men and said, "Thanks you two make a great soup."

After dinner Jim got Blair into bed and made sure he was comfortable and then walked Simon out thanking him for everything and telling him he would see him in the morning. Jim locked everything up and went up to his room where he got undress and slipped beneath the covers. He tuned in to his guides heartbeat and fell asleep to the gentle rhythm of the thump-thump, thump-thump.

The next day flew by for the boys. Blair kept himself busy going through the files on Jimís desk. Jim signed them off and gave them to Simon who signed off on it and before they new it Jimís desk was cleared. Simon told them to take the rest of the day off as the surgery was tomorrow. Tomorrow came faster than Blair knew and was starting to get nervous. Jim didnít say anything as everything was said the day before and words werenít really one of Jimís strong suits. But Jim was there for Blair and Blair knew it.

Once they got to the hospital Blair was set up in a room, dressed in a gown and hooked him up to an I.V. and got him settled in the gurney that was in the room. Then the nurse asked Jim to wait outside as she had to shave a few places on Blairís abdomen for the surgery, before Jim could protest Blair spoke up. "No itís okay Iíd like for him to stay with me." The nurse nodded her head as she pulled back his gown and smeared some shaving cream just below his belly button and three more around it making that a total of four cleared patches of skin. Jim winced in sympathy, "Man, that is gonna itch when it grows back." Blair gave him a mock glare and said, "Shut up Jim, you wish you had this kind of hair to lose." "I got all I need Darwin, besides the ladies like me just how I amÖnice and smooth." Jim picked up his shirt to show his hard flat smooth tummy and chest. He blushed when the nurse turned an appreciative eye towards the flat, hard abs.

The playful banter went back and forth for a few minutes and when the nurse finally finished she put Sandburgís gown back on him and said that someone would be taking him to surgery in a few minutes. Blair just took a deep breath and nodded his head okay. When she left he turned to Jim and said, "Jim I want to thank you so much for being here. You donít know what it means to me to have you here, to know that Iím not alone." Jim smiled at him. "Thereís no place Iíd rather be. Youíre gonna go in and it will be over before you know it. Now just relax." Just as he said that the door opened and a nurse came in and she said to Blair, "okay itís time sweetie. Iím going to take you to the operating room which is right down the hall." Jim frowned and asked, "is it normal for patients to walk to the OR I thought they were wheeled on a gurney or wheelchair." The nurse looked back at Jim as said, "Well this is considered an ambulatory surgery and the room is right down the hall a few doors away." Jim was not happy, "um that does not answer my question." The nurse looked at him and said, "It is better for the patient to walk in and sit up on the table for the OR staff to get him ready." Jim looked at the nurse and said, "Itís better for the patient or easier for you." Blair put his hand on Jimís arm and said sentinel soft, "its okay Jim." Jim was about to say something when Blair said softly, "Iíll be okay as long as youíre here waiting Iíll be okay." Jim smiled at that and walked Blair to the door and told him. "Iíll be right here waiting for you." Blair smiled his thanks and walked out the door with the nurse.

He was kind of nervous as they walked through another door and Blair saw the table and all the people surrounding it and the lights. There were all kinds of machines and he was very nervous now. The nurse instructed him to sit up on the table and then the anesthesiologist had him lie down on the table and his arms were strapped to the table and an I.V. was put into the shunt in his arm. The anesthesiologist asked, "How are you feeling?" Blair looked up at the man and all he could see was his eyes everything else was hidden behind a mask and gown. "I feel fine." Blair replied and that was all he remembered. His eyes felt heavy and he closed them and fell into a deep sleep.

He woke up shivering and he couldnít remember where he was. "Mr. Sandburg" someone was calling him but he was so cold. Hospital, yea he was in the hospital. Where was Jim thought Blair, God he was so cold. He felt someone pulling back his gown exposing his body and his shivering increased. He felt someone press his bandaged incision and protested but he was so weak they didnít hear him and he couldnít really move. The person pressed harder and the pain increase. Blair moaned in pain and tried to push the hand away but it persisted in exploring his wound until tears were starting in his eyes and then he heard his blessed protector.

"What are you doing? Get away from him!" There was a commotion and then Blair felt a warm sheet cover him and he sighed it felt so good. He then felt a hand on his forehead. He opened his eyes to see his sentinel standing there and he said in a voice as loud as he could. "Hey." Jim smiled at him and said, "Hey yourself partner. How are you feeling?" Blair shivered, "Iím cold and sore but Iím feeling better now that youíre here." Blair said softly. Jim brushed the hair from his forehead back and tucked the warmed blanket under his chin. "You rest now, Iíll be here." Blair just smiled as his eyes closed and he drifted off to sleep.

* * *

Jim had been waiting for word from Blairís doctor. Dr. Grant had said he would come find Jim and let him sit with Blair when the surgery was finished. Jim was getting moody he hated waiting. But he was waiting for word on Blair and just as he was going to ask the nurse about what was going on he saw Dr. Grant come out. He practically ran over to him. The Doctor had a smile on his face.

"Relax Detective Ellison."

"Please call me Jim."

Dr. Grant smiled. "Okay Jim, everything went great. We got the whole thing out with no problems and everything seems fine. I usually donít allow people in but patients have their own curtained off section so it should be okay. Iíve told the nurses you had unlimited time to sit with Blair. Iíll keep him overnight to make sure everything is going well and then release him tomorrow afternoon as long as he wonít be alone. He is going to need some help the first few days."

"Donít worry Dr. Grant he is my roommate and Iíve taken a few days off of work so he wonít be alone. I was a medic in the army so just tell what needs to be done and Iíll make sure Blair follows your directions." Dr. Grant smiled, "well it would be nice if Blair did what I asked of him for once. He can be quite stubborn." Jim nodded his head in agreement. "Yes he is the most stubborn person Iíve ever met but heís also the best friend a man can ask for." Dr. Grant gave Jim a warm smile, "he does seem like an extraordinary young man." Jim just said, "Youíll never know how true that is doc." Dr. Grant instructed Jim on how to get to Blairís bedside and said he would be by in a few minutes to check on him.

As Jim walked towards Blairís section he saw a nurse pulling out some blankets from a warmer. Jim knew how cold Blair always was and asked the nurse for one for Blair. She smiled at Jim and handed him one. It was nice and hot and Jim knew Blair would love it.

As neared Blairís bed he heard his partner moan in pain and heard a weak, "no" he picked up his pace and came around a corner to see a group of medical students pulling and poking at Blair. There was one blonde girl pressing at Blairís incision, he heard Blair just about in tears and he saw red. He came up to the group of students and let out a roar, "What are you doing?" Jim looked at the blonde poking Blair and in a menacing voice said, "Get away from him." The group paled but moved away from Blair quickly.

Jim put the warm Blanket he had gotten from the nurse on Blair and was please when his shivering stopped and then he heard Dr. Grant ask what was going on. The blonde med student started to babble, "Dr. Grant this man came up to us and started screaming at us as we were accessing the patient."

Dr. Grant looked at the group and asked, "Where is your mentor?" The blonde blushed and said, "Well,, Dr. Himbry said he would be a little late." A look of fury came over Dr. Grantís face. His voice became harsh, "So you just decide to go up to a patient, a patient that just came out of surgery and start poking and prodding not knowing if youíre doing any damage?"

The whole group stood quite not knowing what to say. Dr. Grant was furious. "Wait for me in the waiting room, Iíll be there shortly."

He stood quietly as the group walked by him. He then turned to Jim and said, "Jim Iím really sorry about this." He walked over to Blair and noticed him shivering and he told Jim, "Donít worry too much about the shivering, itís a reaction from the anesthesia a lot of patients go through it. Just keep him warm and heíll be okay." Dr. Grant went over to Blair and called his name. When tired pain filled blue eyes opened Dr. Grant asked Blair a few questions and made sure everything was okay and he checked his incision and then left Jim and Blair alone after apologizing one more time for the group of med students.

Blair slept for a while and when he woke up he was hot so hot and thirsty and alone. He looked around but no one was there Jim wasnít there. He saw a nurse passing his bed and tried to get her attention but his mouth was so dry and his voice weak. She just kept going. He was sweating and he didnít have the strength to take the once warm and welcome blanket off of him. He couldnít remember ever being so hot. Finally he saw Jim come around the curtain with a small bag and Jim immediately knew his partner was in distress. He came over to the bed quickly. He could see how hot his friend was and he pulled the blanket off of him as he said, "Hey buddy, I figured you would sleep a little longer so I went down to the cafeteria to grab a bite to eat and I brought you back a little something. I checked with Dr. Grant and he said this would be okay for you to eat a hot cup of tea and some jello." Jim looked at his friend. "Chief you okay?" Blair seemed to blush. "I have to go" was all the young man said. Sensing the young mans embarrassment Jim tried to relax him, "Remember Chief I was a medic and Iíve helped plenty of men use a bed pan its okay." Jim pulled a bed pan from the draw of the night stand table and helped Blair relieve himself. He cleaned Blair up when he was finished and helped him sit up a bit and fed him his jello and tea.

He was in some considerable pain but remain silent. The nurse on duty was a tall sweet Jamaican lady. She told Blair if he was in pain to let them know. She gave Blair a shot of Demerol and told Jim he should sleep though the night with that shot. Blair told Jim to go home and get some rest. Jim didnít really want to leave but he knew he would need to be well rested for the next day when Blair came home. He made sure Blair was comfortable and reluctantly he went home. Blair smiled as Jim left. It was nice to have someone worry about you.

The next morning Blair woke up and was able to get out of bed with some help from the nurse. He was able to go to the bathroom and back to bed and that little trip left him weak as a kitten. Jim and Dr. Grant showed up at the same time and Blair smiled at that. Dr. Grant spoke to both men, knowing Jim would be the one on top of Blair to make sure he took care of himself.

"Okay, now you can take a shower with those bandages, they are water proof and it should be okay until you come to my office to have the staples removed. Now I still want you on a low fat diet for a while. You need to give your body a chance to adjust to the change of not having your gall bladder. But in a few weeks youíll be able to eat normally again. Iím giving you a painkiller incase you need it. So take it easy and rest up and make an appointment to see me in two weeks to remove the staples." Jim looked at the doctor and said, "Donít worry doc, heíll take good care of himself and get plenty of rest. Iíll make sure of that." The doctor left to get Blairís release papers and Jim opened the bag he brought.

Blair smiled his gratitude to Jim as he saw him pull out a pair of Blairís warm sweat pants and sweat shirt. Jim knew Blair would never get his jeans on with the incisions in his stomach. It would have been too painful. Jim helped Blair get dressed and put on his sneakers and by that time the doctor came back. Papers signed Blair was on his way. The trips home was okay Jim drove very carefully and slow, well slow for Jim which Blair found funny Jim found a spot right in front of the building and he helped Blair out.

They were both thankful the elevator was working today and Blair knew something was up when Jim got to their apartment door. He kept Blair close to him and when he opened the door he let Blair go first. It was a good thing Jim was behind Blair because the group of people who yelled "WELCOME HOME" so loud Blair nearly made a new exit. He wasnít expecting them so they scared him and he fell back into Jim who caught him and steadied him.

He looked around and saw some friends from Rainier and a lot from Major Crimes Captain Banks and his son Darryl, not to mention Rafe, Henry, Joel, and Megan. Everyone was glad that Blair was okay and once Jim noticed Blair getting tired he motioned to Simon. Everyone took their cue from Simon and wished Blair a speedy recovery and went home. Simon and Darryl were the last to leave as they stayed to help Jim clean up the mess. Jim sat next to Blair on the couch and said, "Well you ready to turn in Darwin?" Blair said, "I canít believe all those peopleÖI meanÖitísÖI donít know it was nice to know they cared. And thank you Jim for everything. I never knew what it meant to have a best friend before and now youíre more than that. You are my family the brother I always wanted. I thank every God under the sun for us running into each otherÖThanks Jim for everything, you really are the best man." The two men smiled at each other and Jim said, "Youíre not too bad yourself Chief, now lets get you to bed." Jim helped Blair get himself ready for bed and then helped him into it and watched as the younger man fell asleep.

He stood there in the door way of Blairís room just staring at his friend and guide. They loved each other like brothers and Jim was thankful that he had a chance to show how much his guide meant to him. He closed the door leaving it partially ajar and went up to his room where he slipped into his bed and listened to the sound of his guideís heartbeat. Feeling safe knowing his guide was safe and secure he drifted off to sleep knowing everything was going to be okay.




When I had my gall bladder out a group of medical students came over to me right after I got out of surgery and started to poke and prod my incision and I couldnít get them to stop. They were hurting me so badly. UNTIL Ö.my husband walked in on them hurting me and he blew up. He yelled at everyone but after that I was treated quite well. THANK GOD for over protective husbands. :^)