Merry Christmas

By: Lvblair


The Sentinel Belongs to Pet Fly Productions and no money has changed hands. This is written purely for entertainment purposes.


Blair sat on the couch looking around the loft. This was a first Christmas party he had in his home. He looked over at Jim and smiled. God, did the man know how much he meant to Blair. Blair made a mental note to himself to tell Jim. The man gave him a home. He felt wanted and secure it was nice to have someone to come home to and to worry about him. He knew he complained but he really loved it when Jim called him at his office at Rainier to tell him it was getting late, or reminded him to get something to eat, or to take a break. Jim was his brother maybe not blood but by choice. Blair was really happy. His mom had called two days ago saying she couldn’t make it once again for Christmas. But he didn’t have to worry as he looked around him. Simon was sitting next to Daryl picking food out of Daryl’s plate while he thought Daryl wasn’t looking only to have the young man laugh at him and try to snatch the food back. Joel, Rafe, Henri, Megan and a few other Detectives from the PD were there and Jim’s dad and his brother Steve were there with his wife and daughter. Blair was so happy that Jim and his dad were working on their relationship. They were talking and spending lots of time together and was becoming a family again, and he Blair Sandburg was a part of it. It was a little crowded there in the loft but Blair wouldn’t have it any other way. He sat back and smiled as Jim looked at him while talking to his dad and felt his heart warm as Jim smiled back. Yea, it was a very Merry Christmas.