Title: Christmas Warmth

Author:  Lvblair


Status:   completed

Rating:  PG

Pairing:  J/B

Date:  December 29, 2002

        Series/sequel:  No



DISCLAIMER:  OK they are not mine.  I don't own them...but I sure wish I did.  This is written for purely entertainment purposes and my very late dues.  ENJOY all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!




Blair was really tired.  He pulled into his parking space in the police garage.  It’s only been a few months that he’s been riding along with Jim, but he has made quite a few friends in Major Crimes.  He opened his trunk and pulled out a shopping bag of gifts.   This was the first Christmas in a long time that he wouldn’t have to spend alone at least he hoped he wouldn’t have to spend it alone.  He was hoping for an invitation from Jim.   It’s been a few years since he has spent the holidays with anyone.  His mom has been away going from one retreat to the next for the last three years and everyone at Rainier had family to go to.  He had never been invited to Christmas dinner anywhere.  He was hoping with all the time he spent with Jim that Jim would extend an invitation.   Well he could hope.  He got in the elevator and pushed the seventh floor he walked into major crimes and it was pretty deserted…the next shift was just coming in.  It seemed a little early to Blair that they would come in….they usually came in later and it was just past five.  The next shift didn’t usually start coming in until a little after six.  He saw Rhonda come in and asked her where everyone was.


“Hi Rhonda how are you tonight?”


“Good, thanks.”


She smiled at Blair.


“Hey Blair, what are you doing here?”


“Well they said that they were going to have a little get together for Christmas today.”


Rhonda was a little uncomfortable.


“Oh Blair it’s…well the next shift said they would come in a little earlier so the guys could get together they  left a little after three thirty I just had to comeback I forgot a file that I promised to drop off before I left.  I’m going back to the party if you want to join me.”


God she felt terrible…why the hell didn’t Ellison invite him?   She nearly fell through the floor when Ellison himself said he would join in the Christmas party.  He never…EVER went to a Christmas party.  He was quite charming too.  He spent enough time with Sandburg…so why the hell didn’t he invite him….Why didn’t Captain Banks invite the kid?  I hate getting stuck holding the bag of shit!!


He let out a deep sigh but Blair really wasn't surprised. Oh well, looks like another Christmas alone. At least he wasn’t too disappointed.  He kind of hoped he would be invited but he wasn’t surprised.  He reached in his bag and pulled out a small present and handed it to her.


“Well this is for you Merry Christmas Rhonda and if you’re going to meet up with the rest of the guys could you give these out for me I’ve ….I’ve got a few errands left to run before the evening is over and I’d better get going.”


Rhonda took the bag and couldn’t believe that Blair had bought gifts for everyone.   The kid had holes in his jacket and in his pants he didn’t have a lot of money she knew what T.A.’s made, she felt her heart sink…she never put Blair’s name in the secret Santa.  She accepted the bag and gave Blair a quick hug. 


“You’re sure you don’t want to come with me.”


Blair shook his head and thanked her.  He rode down in the elevator with her and parted ways as she went to her car.  She watched him get in his car and drive away.  She drove to the pub that was housing the party for Major Crimes.   Captain Banks and Ellison looked up at her as she went over to them. 


“What’s up Rhonda, you look like your dog just died.”


She looked at both men and said.


“I went back to the station because I forgot to drop off a file to Detective Stevens and I ran into Sandburg he said he heard about a little get together.  He thought it was going to be at the station.”


She reached into the bag that Blair gave her and pulled out a present for each Banks and Ellison and handed them over then she went pulled out gifts for Joel, Rafe, Brown and a few other Detectives.    Simon and Jim were shocked and a little embarrassed that they didn’t even think of inviting Sandburg.  Jim was surprised at his gift it was beautiful.  A hand carved Black Panther and the eyes were beautiful mother of pearl stones. 


This had to cost the kid a few pennies.   A few pennies he doesn’t have how in the hell did he manage to do this?


Simon held in his had a beautiful figurine of a black angel that completed the set that he had in his office.  He was stunned he had looked everywhere for this particular piece and came up empty…where the heck had Sandburg found it. 


Everyone had similar gifts ones that a lot of thought went into and were perfect for them.  Everyone started to feel a lot guilty about not even thinking of Sandburg.   They all got together and every one looked and commented on each others gift and then put their heads together to do a little gift giving of their own.




Blair just finished grading the blue books and was quiet pleased, maybe his students really did listen to him.  They all had pretty good marks.  He entered them into his laptop and sent the email to the university.  Once that was done he had the rest of the night to himself.  He closed his laptop and went to make himself a meal as he went into the kitchen he found another rat in a trap….ewwww this is so gross.  He picked it up and put it in the trash closing it up to take out later.  He loved the space the warehouse gave him he hated that rats that came with it.  Oh well.  He didn’t have a lot he spent almost all of his money on gifts and now there were slim Pickens in the refrigerator.  He pulled out the last of the bread and spouts and made a small sandwich.    He made a cup of tea and sat down to his Christmas Eve meal and wondered what Jim was doing right about now. 


Oh well maybe next year I won’t be alone.  I hate spending the holidays alone I really wish mom could have come down for a small visit.  I really miss her.


He sighed and then stopped feeling sorry for himself he turned the heaters up a bit because it was really chilly and was about to pick up his sandwich when the bell rang.  He frowned wondering who it could be.  He had to be careful it wasn’t the safest neighborhood and he had already gotten beaten up the last time someone rang his bell.  He went to the intercom.


“Hello, who is it?”


“Hey Blair its Jim can you let me in?”


“Jim?”  He shook his head…shit maybe his senses are out of whack.  “Okay hang on I’ll buzz you in.”


He hit the button and flipped a switch he then covered his sandwich from unwelcome visitors in case they came looking for his small meal.  He went over to open the door when he heard Jim knock.  He opened the door for the surprise of his life.  There standing in the door way was Jim Ellison, Captain Banks and all the rest of the Major Crimes crew.  He was in shock he couldn’t believe it.    Simon looked at him and asked.


“Well are you going to let us in or not?”


Blair seemed to shake himself out of a stupor.


“Oh, um, yea man, come on in.”


He stood back and let them all in saying his hellos as they all walked by him.  He closed the door and turned to his guest.  They had nicely wrapped presents and best of all FOOD!  There was a four foot hero, sandwiches, pizza, cakes, cookies, beer and soda. He was hungry enough to eat a horse.  He didn’t know what to say, he was completely shocked.


Simon turned to him and said.


“I’m sorry to say we messed up big time Sandburg.  I was informed that one of our best team members was left out of our little party and we are here to correct that era.  I’m really sorry Sand…Blair, I’m really sorry.  You do so much for everyone in the bullpen and we …well we are sorry.  So as Captain and with a lot of help from Rhonda we bring the Christmas party to you.  So let’s eat and have a great time.”


Jim stepped forward and said to Blair,

“I especially goofed Sandburg and I do apologize.  You’ve done so many wonderful things for me and I’ve never even once said Thank you so let me make it up to you.”


He handed Blair a big flat box.  Blair was stunned.  He accepted it and said thanks.   Everyone urged him to open it and he did and almost choked.  


“Jim this is too much, I can’t accept this.”


Blair held up a beautiful leather jacket and looked at Jim.  Jim was about to say something when there was the sound of a snap and a squeal.  Everyone stopped and looked at each other.   Rhonda nearly had heart failure.


“What in God’s name was that?”


Squeaked Rhonda and Blair turned red with embarrassment.  Jim followed the sound and found a huge rat in a trap.  He picked it up by the tail and looked at Sandburg.


“How can you live like this?”


“Well where else am I gonna get 10,000 square feet for $850 a month?”


Jim looked at how uncomfortable Rhonda was and looking all around herself for more rats.


“um, Sandburg, you wouldn’t mind if we moved this little wing ding to my place would you?”


Blair smiled.  “Of course not Jim, that would be nice.  If it’s ok with everyone else?”


Everyone agreed and the party was moved to Jim’s place.   Everyone ate, drank made comments over the gifts Blair had received.  But Blair’s favorite was the leather jacket from Jim.   He had clothes and gift certificates for computer soft ware.  He just couldn’t believe that they would go through all this just for him.   As the evening drew to an end everyone said their goodbyes and Blair started packing up his gifts.  He finally gathered everything together and picked up Jim’s phone.   Jim put his hand over Blair’s.


“Who are you calling?”


“Car service Jim, I’ll never be able to carry all this home.  I came here with you remember?”


Jim took the phone away from him and put it down.


“Jim I can’t let you take me home now it’s really late and a cab would be just fine okay?”


Jim looked like he was trying to say something.  He shook his head and then looked at Sandburg.


“Listen Sand….Blair I really hate the idea of you living in that rat trap.  It’s…it’s…I can’t even describe it.  But I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and I…I…I mean…maybe it would be better…”


Blair looked confused.


“Better for what Jim?”


“Well I have a spare room here and it would be no trouble at all, as a matter of fact it would work out great.  You can help me with my senses at the station and then again at home and you wouldn’t have to drive home then.  You would already be home.”  Jim blushed then continued. “The truth is I…I like having you around.  It’s nice to have dinner conversation every now and then.  You really are a great cook and…” He looked at Blair and said from his heart. “I need to know your safe.  I guess it’s that blessed protector thing you were talking about…but after tonight…how I saw you…I mean…I’m not knocking you or anything but I don’t think it’s safe to share your apartment with rats.   You’ve made such a change in my life, you’re necessary Blair.  I like having you around, so what do you say?”


Jim watched as Blair got really quiet.  He noticed that there were unshed tears in his eyes.  Concerned he reached over and touched Blair’s shoulder.


“Sandburg, are you okay?”


Blair blinked and the tears ran uninhibited down his cheeks.  He quickly wiped them away.  He took a deep breath and looked at Jim.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to start bawling…but no one…I mean I’ve been on my own for so long I forgot how nice it feels to have someone else watching out for me and it’s been such a really long time since I’ve had that.  I would love to move into your spare room.”


He reached over and hugged Jim.   Jim was taken a little by surprise but then he returned the hug.  They pulled away and then Jim helped Blair get settled in the spare room. 


“Okay Chief tomorrow we’ll take a ride over to your place…um your old place and get your stuff and move it back here.”


“Thanks Jim.  You don’t know how much this means to me.  This is the best Christmas I’ve ever had.”


Jim smiled at him as he closed the light and went up to his own room as he took off his clothes and got into bed he found himself listening to Blair’s heartbeat.  He smiled to himself and the sound of Blair’s beating heart lulled him to sleep.   While below was Sandburg in his very own room who was thrilled to have not only found himself a very good friend but a home. 

Finally he had a home.  He drifted off to sleep and for the first time in a long time he knew things would be ok.