Death House

By: Lvblair

Disclaimer: Jim and Blair belong to Pet Fly not me. This was written purely for enjoyment. There is some disturbing contents. I had a really bad dream on night and woke up shaking. It was 2:30am. I couldn’t go back to sleep. I was really scared and kept a closer eye on my son that day. That is how badly this dream scared me. It wasn’t until my husband said "you know that would make a great story for your dues" well here you have it. Oh and by the way I can sleep better now.


Jim and Blair were driving back from a day well spent at the North Cascade national park. Jim and Blair took advantage of the weather being so warm and clear they spent the day hiking through the national park. Jim even agreed to some tests that Blair had in mind. It was a good day for both men. Blair thought to bring along the fixings for a nice picnic.

They didn’t have much time together during the past week. Blair was swamped at the U and Jim after a week of long night stakeouts had just finished the paper work on a huge drug bust. It made Jim happy that he caught so many top bosses with this past bust, but he really missed having Sandburg with him. It wasn’t the same without the hyper, energetic young man at his side. This was a great day for both of them. They were able to re-establish the bond between them not only as friends…but also as sentinel and guide. Jim found that he needed to connect with Sandburg, to touch him and keep him close when they got together after being apart for so long. Yea, he saw him every night at home, but most of the time Sandburg had his nose buried in a book for research, grading papers or was passed out from sheer exhaustion. They had packed everything up and put it all in the truck and drove off heading home.

Jim took the back road out of the park. It wasn’t a road used often, but Jim was reluctant to go back so he took the long way home. He had such a wonderful day he didn’t want anything to spoil it. The sun was setting as he drove on. Jim looked over at Blair who was putting his backpack between his feet.

"Why didn’t you put that in the back with everything else?"

Jim stared at him.

"I always keep my back pack with me. You know that, what if I need something?"

Blair looked up and shouted..."Look out!"

Jim slammed on his brakes just as a young girl ran out into the road hysterical screaming and crying. Blair was out of the truck before it stopped. Jim hollered at him to get back. As Blair neared the girl he noticed she had blood on her back and thigh. Jim jumped out of the truck with gun in hand as he screamed for Blair to get the girl in the truck. Blair looked up as he tried to approach the girl. She turned to Blair and screamed as she looked past him. Blair whirled around and he saw an older man coming out of the wooded area and he was covered in blood carrying a large serrated knife. Blair grabbed the girl and pulled her around to the passenger side. The man started to run towards them. Blair shoved the frighten teen in to the cab of the truck. Jim raised his weapon and shouted,

"Cascade PD! Drop the knife and put your hands up!"

The man kept advancing. He was mumbling…

"I am the killer of children. I am the killer of children."

He started towards Blair and Jim fired hitting the man in the shoulder. He fell to the ground dropping the knife. Jim quickly ran over and handcuffed him. He looked up and Blair was on the cell calling for back up. He put his attention back on the man as Blair went into the truck to check on the young girl. She grabbed him as soon as he opened the door. Blair hugged her to him.

"Shhhh…it’s going to be okay. Can you tell me your name?"

Blair looked at her. She had long brown hair down to her butt and big brown beautiful eyes. He put a hand to her cheek.

"My name is Blair. Can you tell me yours?"


"That’s a really pretty name. How old are you?"

"Fo…fourt…fourteen. I….is…h...h…he dead?"

Blair looked over to Jim and saw him shake his head. He took a deep breath okay how to handle this one. He was saved as two police cruisers, an ambulance and Simon pulled up.

Simon walked over to Jim.

"Can’t you go anywhere with out trouble following you?"

Jim just shrugged. Once the man was loaded into the ambulance it was off to the hospital along with an officer to keep watch.

Jim and Blair drove Sophia to hospital themselves. One reason she would not let go of Blair. Blair had to go with her into the ER because she was terrified. She had a gash on her back and one on her thigh the doctor said it was not too bad. It was cleaned and stitched. When Blair stepped out with Sophia her parents were there. Sophia ran to her parents crying. Her mother and father held her tightly crying and whispering thank you to God and everyone else. Blair went over to Jim as they watched the reunion between the parents with their daughter. A doctor came over to Jim, Simon and Blair.

"Hello, I’m Doctor Perez. I was told you would like to question the man I just treated."

They shook hands and Jim replied.

"Detective Ellison, Captain Simon Banks and my partner Blair Sandburg. Can you tell me if he can be questioned?"

"You can go in but I don’t recommend questioning him. He is groggy from the medication given to treat the gun shot wound. It’s not a bad one it went straight through and didn’t hit anything major. He’ll be fine."

Jim thanked him and the trio went in. Looking at the man gave Blair the creeps. There was something he just couldn’t put his finger on. Then the man turned his head and looked at Blair. It felt like he was looking into his soul. Jim felt Blair tense beside him. He put his hand on Blair and rubbed it in a circular motion. Simon went over to the nurse and was getting the man’s name and address. Simon pulled Blair over to keep his attention off the man. Blair looked down as Simon was copying the man’s name down. Jim looked up as Blair gasped. This caught the attention of the man as well. He looked deeply at Blair again and said in a voice filled with pleasure.

"Oh my…little one…you have the heart of a child. I must add you to my collection."

Terrified even though the man was tied down he backed up right into Simon and almost yelled. He took a deep breath and all but ran out of the room. Jim read the man his rights again and then went out to find Blair. Before he left the room he heard the man call him.

"Guardian, he will be mine. I must have him he is filled with such an innocent."

Jim felt the hair on the back of his neck rise. For someone who was suppose to be doped to the gills he seemed very aware. Simon went over the man and in a voice he reserved for criminals in an interrogation room he said…

"Now we are going to have to add threatening a police officer to the list of charges. You have the right to remain silent. I suggest you use it!"

 The man just smiled as he watched Jim walk out.

Jim was really worried. Sandburg was really shook up. He found him just down the hall. He put his hand on Blair’s shoulder and jumped with a squeal.

"Hey, easy there Chief, are you ok?"

"Oh my God Jim, Oh my God, that mans name is Luis Cipher!"

Jim just shrugged.

"Don’t you get it Jim it’s another name for the devil."

"Calm down Chief, I don’t think that is his real name. He is not the most stable person. He may be using it. We’ll find out his real name."

Jim didn’t tell him of the man’s threat to come after Blair. He didn’t need to worry him like that. Besides he was in custody. Just as Jim calmed down Blair he told him he was going to go to the man’s house and check it out. See if he could find anything someone else might have missed. Of course, there was a fight when Jim said he would drive Blair home first. In the end Jim relented and let Blair come. As they were walking towards the exit Sophia and her parents intercepted them. Sophia hugged Blair.

Blair promised he would keep in touch with her to see how she was doing. He looked up at the parents and added only if it’s ok with your parents. Sophia’s father, Charles, his eyes welled up with tears and he grabbed Blair into a hug then turned to Jim and grabbed him in a tight hug and he whispered,

"Thank you for bringing our baby back safe. Thank you."

Sophia’s mom also hugged Jim and Blair. Then they departed.

Jim and Blair drove to the address given and it wasn’t that far from the back exit of the park. It was blocked off with yellow crime scene tape. They went inside and both men were shocked at what they saw. The house was filthy and smelled horror able. Blair placed his hand on Jim’s shoulder as he helped him utilize his senses. When they got to the second floor Jim stopped cold. He went to a closed door and went in. It was a good size bedroom. But something wasn’t right. He gasped when he realized what he was looking at.

"Oh my God, that sick bastard!" whispered Jim.

In the walls all around were the bones of young children. When Blair finally noticed what he was looking at he felt physically ill. Blair replied so softly Jim almost didn’t hear him.

"Jim…oh Jim, there are so many of them."

Jim looked at Blair and watched fat tears pool then run down his cheeks. Blair continued.

"They are so little. How could anyone hurt…how could…I mean."

Blair started to panic and hyperventilate.

"Jim I have to get out of here…its pure evil. Can’t you feel it I can’t be here, I have to leave please let’s go."

Jim conceded and left the house with Blair. As they got to the truck Jim’s cell rang and both he and Blair jumped just about two feet in the air. Jim looked at Blair and sighed.

"Ellison" he answered as he and Blair got into the truck and buckled up.

"Jim it’s Simon, Luis escaped."


Blair nearly jumped through the roof of the cab.

"How did that happen? Simon he was supposedly sedated and tied down! HOW?"

Jim stiffened as the madman’s words came back to him.

(Guardian, he will be mine. I must have him he is filled with such innocence.)

"I don’t know how he got out. Jim, the freaky thing is that the restraints are still in place. Its like he slipped right out of them."

"How is that possible?"

"I don’t know Jim. But please don’t let Blair out of your sight, this guy…well he scares me."

Jim was shocked that Simon would admit that outright to him.

"Me too, Simon, me too."

"Yea well after what he said about Sandburg…just keep an eye on the kid."

"You know I will."

"You’ll need to put a guard on Sophia, Simon."

"Already done detective."

"Okay, call me when you find anything out Simon."

Jim closed his cell and put it away. Blair had a feeling he was so not going to like this.

"Well, what was all that about?"

Jim looked at Blair but didn’t say anything. He took a deep breath and said.

"Well it seems Luis Cipher escaped."

Blair’s reaction was not what he expected. HE didn’t scream or yell. He just sat there. Being very quiet and a quiet Sandburg is not a good thing.

"Sandburg, you okay? Sandburg, hey Chief."

Jim shook his arm. Blair up at Jim with frightened eyes and he quietly said,

"Oh my… little one…you have the heart of a child. I must add you to my collection. Jim that’s what he said to me. He’ll come after me won’t he? Oh my God Jim!"

"He’ll have to go through me first. Don’t worry Chief I won’t let you out of my sight."

End part one.