Death House Part 2

By: Lvblair

Disclaimer: Jim and Blair belong to Pet fly productions. This is just purely for entertainment purposes.

Ok also know that I know nothing of satanic rituals or crime scenes and such.

I had a really, really horror able dream. It scared me really badly. It was very close to this. I toned this down a bit. My dream was really very gruesome. I woke up at 3 am and could not get back to sleep. My son was suppose to stay at a friends that day…Well this dream scared me so badly I kept him home with me. I didn’t care how tired I was; I just knew that he would be safe and I was so not letting him out of my sight. I’m still freaked out by this dream. But hubby suggested I make it into a story and maybe I could deal with it that way. So here it is.


The paragraph between the * * is almost the same lines I took from the movie FROM HELL with Johnny Depp. I changed it a bit. It just fit right in. So please I don’t want anyone writing me saying I’m stealing. I’m giving credit where I got it from! Also the first paragraph of this story was taken from

It was so perfect….it just fit. So I made it the first paragraph of part two. But check out the website. It’s creepy.

// // indicates thoughts.


*There are places in this world that are just bad. Haunted houses, abandoned cemeteries and desecrated churches…even whole ghost towns. Whether corrupted by human wickedness, haunted by demons, or blasted by powers from beyond, these are places that draw death and madness. They are magnets for evil…and for heroes. The mysteries must be solved, the corruption burned out, the menace revealed to the world. *

Blair re-read the paragraph. Could it be the house was cursed…evil. Did he really want to go down that road? How could a man kill so many children? How could anyone harm a child? He just didn’t understand it. Why? Blair had so many questions but no answers. It had been almost two weeks since Mr. Luis Cipher (turned out that was his real name. He had it changed in 1987 from Lenny Garrison to Luis Cipher) disappeared. They had the house staked out. But he would not return there. Would he? There was no record of family or any relation to this man. Blair was frightened, truly frightened. The last time he was this frightened was when he was held captive by David Lash. A shiver ran through him at the thought. Jim looked up when he felt Blair shiver.

"You okay Chief?"

Blair just smiled and nodded his head yes. How could Blair explain to Jim in a way that he would believe him? Right now Blair didn’t believe himself. The only thing that Blair kept coming back to was the man was unadulterated evil. What other explanation was there for the gruesome findings in that house? The house of death as Blair had named it. When Jim called forensics back to go over the bedroom they found, they pulled out 12 children’s skeletons. 12! He wanted to add one more to the collection. ME! That will be thirteen. One of the skeletons dated back to 1990 or 91 around there. Blair usually fought when Jim got overprotective but this time he stayed by Jim like glue. This man scared Blair. He scared him badly. There was no way he wanted to run into him with out Jim. The man’s eerie voice kept running through his head.

(I am the killer of children) He said it over and over again trying to get Sophia. He was glad that Sophia was doing okay. Once her parents were told the man had escaped, her father up and took his family to another state to visit relatives and to keep his daughter safe. Blair wasn’t sure if they would ever return.

Jim and Simon kept on constant guard around Blair. Everyone felt it best if Blair stayed with Jim at the police station until they caught the fleeing lunatic. Jim was surprised that Blair agreed so quickly. That just proved to Jim how frightened Blair really was. Jim went with Blair to a few classes at Rainier he had to be there for and sat with Blair through some office hours. The rest of the things Blair had to do he brought with him to the station. But University work was not what his mind was working on. No…all he could think about…was...those words that the lunatic murmured.

"You have the heart of a child…I must add you to my collection." Blair looked over at Jim who was starring at him. Jim put a hand on his shoulder.

"You ok chief?"

"Yea, just tired I guess."


"Relax Chief it’s going to be ok."

Blair just nodded his head. He jumped when the phone on Jim’s desk rang. Jim reached over and answered his phone.


"Jim, its Rafe. It looks like someone might be in the house. I don’t know how, Henry and I have been here since we took over this morning…we didn’t see anyone enter. Maybe there is another entrance."

"Hang on I’ll be right there. Wait for me."

Jim hung up the phone he turned to Blair who was getting his jacket and backpack.

"Where do you think you’re going?"

"I’m going with you, Jim."

"No Chief, I think it would be better if you stayed here with Simon. You don’t have to be there."

"Jim I am your partner. I’m going so don’t waste your breath."

Jim just sighed there was no talking to Blair when he got like this.

"Blair, I really would rather have you stay here."


Blair took a deep breath and looked at Jim.

This was going to be a tough one.

"Jim I have to be there. You’re my partner I help you with…"

Blair looked around the room to make sure no one was listening in on their conversation. He lowered his voice.

"Well you know…your senses. What if they wig out on you when your there? Please Jim, I have to be close to you. I couldn’t take it if anything happened to you. You’re my best friend Jim. You’re my family. I am your guide. I have to watch over you. I love you man. It would kill me if…if something happened to you. This guy, he scares me Jim. I have to be with you. Please understand. I promise I’ll be careful. Okay big guy."

Jim nodded his head. He couldn’t say anything. A lump had formed in his throat preventing him from saying anything. No one…one ever cared for him that way before. Oh sure, he was getting back together with his dad and brother…thanks to Blair. But Blair truly cared about him, Blair supported him in his beliefs but most of all Blair believed in him and that made Jim feel like he was ten feet tall. Jim smiled at Blair.

"Fine Chief, you do what you’re told okay and stay close to me."

"Yes mom."

Jim put his hand on Blair’s and said...

"I’m serious Blair, if anything happened to you…I…"

Blair was shocked. Jim only called him by his first name when he was really worried or upset. Blair put his hand over Jim’s. He knew Jim was worried but now he saw it in his eyes. Blair smiled at him.

"It will be ok. I’ll be careful."

Jim took a deep breath and said okay chief but he had a bad feeling. He would have to keep a close eye on Sandburg. The trip to the house was made in silence. Jim pulled up next to Henry’s parked car he got out and looked at Blair and told him he’d be right back and went over to the other detectives.

"I saw someone earlier in one of the upper windows but now there doesn’t seem to be anyone there. I thought the front was the only entrance but there must be another one. No way would anyone have gotten past us." Henry said firmly.

Jim looked up then back at Henry. Jim scanned the place with his senses but he couldn’t really do it with Rafe and Henry chatting in his ear…he needed his guide.

"I think maybe we should take a look inside…just incase. We can see if anything has been disturbed."

"Okay, we’re with you Jim."

Blair got out of the truck when he saw Henry and Rafe get out of the car and follow Jim towards the house. There was no way that Blair wanted to go in there but he’d be damned if he let Jim go in there by himself. No, he could do this for Jim. They went in and immediately Jim knew someone was here.

"He’s been here. I can…"

He stopped in time he almost said that he smelt him. The other detectives were looking at him. He pointed to the back window.

"That window was closed before. I saw it the last time I was here."

Blair let out a sigh boy that was close. Henry suggested they split up. Henry and Rafe stayed on the first floor while Jim and Blair went upstairs. As Jim and Blair got to the top of the stairs Blair felt the hair on the back of his neck rise. He felt like he was being watched. Jim sensed someone, some sound but it was like…muffled. He had trouble hearing it. He was about to mention it to Sandburg when he heard a shout from downstairs he turned to Sandburg.

"Stay here I’ll be right back call for back up."

Blair used his cell and watched as Jim went downstairs he hung up when finished and headed toward the stairs when Jim didn’t come back. As he got to the top someone grabbed him from behind. He started to scream but his mouth was covered with a cloth. Chloroform! He fought and tried not to breath in the drug…but he couldn’t hold his breath any longer. He became weak and dizzy as he breathed the drug deep into his lungs

// please find me Jim, oh god// were his last thoughts before darkness claimed him.

Jim got downstairs to find that Rafe had fallen through a loose board in the floor. His leg had slipped through but Henry managed to grab him. He helped Henry pull Rafe up and as he asked if he was ok they all stopped as they heard Blair’s muffled scream by the time they ran upstairs Blair was gone.


Henry and Rafe Jumped as they heard Jim’s scream.

All they found were his cell phone and backpack on the floor. Jim was beside himself. How could I be so stupid and leave him alone here. HERE OF ALL PLACES! Oh God….he knew how badly this psycho wanted Blair. The heard sirens and went out to see Simon and two black and whites pull up. Simon told them that he got Blair’s call and came himself to see what happened. Simon was not happy to learn that Blair was taken. Simon rounded up everyone there and they searched the house from top to bottom finding nothing. Jim knew he was missing something. He had heard something before but it was muffled. He went over to Simon.

"Sir, when we first got here I knew he had been here. I didn’t know he was still here at the time. I sensed something but it was muffled before I could tell Sandburg what I was hearing I heard Rafe downstairs. You know the rest. But I think if you help me I can find it again."

Simon looked perplexed.

"I don’t know Jim; I don’t even know what I’m doing. What if…"

"Please Simon…Blair’s life depends on it."

"Okay Jim, what do I have to do?"

"Just place your hand on my back so you can ground me while I dial up my hearing."

Simon and Jim went back into the house and went right by the spot at the top of the stairs where Jim found Blair’s cell and backpack. Jim nodded at Simon and took a deep breath. Simon put his hand on Jim’s back watched as Jim tilted his head to the side. He stood there for what seemed like hours…then he felt Jim gasp.

"Jim…Jim, what is it? What do you hear?"

Jim didn’t answer him. He just stood there.

//Great! Now what do I do? What would Sandburg do? How does he get Jim out of this? SHIT! //

He leaned closer to Jim and said quietly but firmly in his ear…

"Jim, can you hear me…don’t pull this now! I don’t know what to do here Jim snap out of it!"

//DAMNIT! //

Finally Simon grabbed Jim by both arms and shook him while he shouted at him.


Jim jerked back with a gasp and

"OH MY GOD Simon he is here…there is a secret passage somewhere…we have to find it now!"

Simon called all the men he had with him and everyone started too look for a hidden door.

Jim calmed himself…

// I have to stay calm, I’m Blair’s only hope //

He concentrated like Sandburg taught him he could almost hear his guide in his mind talking him through his exercise to dial up his sight. He looked slowly around the room careful not to miss anything…when something to the right of him caught his eye. The panther was at the foot of the stairs pacing, agitated looking back like it wanted Jim to follow. Jim looked around but he seemed to be the only one to see the great beast. He followed the panther up the stairs and just at the head of the stairs that part of the wall had a groove and as Jim looked closer he saw a tiny line of light…had it not been for his senses he would have missed it.


Jim yelled as he searched for a way into the wall.


Blair woke to find himself in a dark room. He was on some kind of alter with his hands tied over his head tightly with some kind of twine his mouth was duct taped shut and his feet bound with duct tape. He felt nauseous from the chloroform and his head was pounding but more than that… he was terrified. When his vision cleared a bit he realized his shirt was gone.

//Oh god…where am I? //

He saw movement to his left and saw the wolf pacing back and forth then Luis Cipher came into his line of vision.

// Not again. Wasn’t it enough with Lash? Can this happen twice? How can this happen TWICE? I can’t take this again! //


"Oh my little one you’ve decided to join me. You’ll be feeling poorly for a bit, but only a bit…I will make you feel much better in a second little one."

Blair’s eyes widened in fear as he saw Luis pull out a syringe he then cleaned a spot on Blair’s arm. Blair started to struggle. Luis kissed him on the forehead.

"Shhhh little one…It will be over soon. Struggling will do you no good. I made sure you were secure. Now relax once the pentagram is done it will all be over."

//Pentagram…what did he mean by that? //

With that he plunged the syringe into Blair’s arm and pushed the contents into his vein. Almost immediately Blair felt like he was disconnected from his body. He felt like he was floating.

The wolf growled. Luis Cipher looked around the room but saw nothing.

//I swear I heard something growl. //


Luis held up a dagger and started to chant over Blair holding the dagger over his heart. Blair couldn’t understand the words; they made no sense to him. He was chanting in a strange language then he would say some of the things in English. It’s what he said in English that really scared him.

"Lord of darkness, I have an innocent for you. The one the book of prophets spoke of a grown man…with the heart of a child. He is pure through and through. I offer him to you."

He then placed the dagger on Blair’s chest and made a long incision. Blair groaned as the incision was made but because of the drug he couldn’t really move. He felt the pressure of the dagger but not really the pain.

// I’m going to die…I’m really going to die. God, I’m so scared. //

Blair felt his eyes well up but he refused to let this psycho see him cry. He blinked back the tears but it was so hard. His body wouldn’t do what he wanted it to do.

"I offer you this man-child. Take this gift I offer you Lord for I am but your humble servant placed here to do your bidding."

Blair saw him raise the dagger once again and the wolf growled louder. Blair looked over and the wolf leaped into his chest.

// No more, please no more. This is really going to happen. Damn you I’m not ready to die. //

Blair’s tears stopped and anger replaced his fear. He could feel the wolf giving him strength. He screamed through the gag. He struggled and pulled causing the twine to dig into his wrists. Luis put his hand on his shoulder and shook him.

"All you will accomplish with that is hurting yourself unnecessarily. It will be over soon little one."

Rage all but consumed Blair. He bucked and twisted and screamed. Luis was shocked.

//This is not possible the drug I gave him would make it difficult for him to move at all. //


Jim, Simon and half of the department pushed, pulled, kicked, punched and finally found the entrance to the passage. Rafe turned on the light hanging out of the wall and the wall slid open. Everyone just kind of stopped and stared until Jim saw the panther moving down the hall he pulled his gun and followed with almost all of major crime backing him up. A little ways down the hall it split into two different directions. But the panther kept going to the left.

"Jim." Simon whispered.

"You’re sure this is the right way?"

"Positive." Jim replied. He stopped titled his head.

"Oh my God" he whispered then broke off into a run after the panther with half the Cascade police department behind him. The hallway lead to a door Jim watched as the panther leaped through the door…Jim let out an angry cry and kicked the door in. It splintered and gave way giving Jim a horrific view he stopped and Simon banged into him. They stood there starring in shock seeing Luis Cipher standing over Blair holding a bloody knife. Blair was tied down to an alter struggling and screaming through the gag. There were symbols all around the room and the alter was in the middle of a giant pentagram. The room just smelled of death. Luis looked up seeing the officers.

Jim yelled at him.

"Cascade PD! Drop the knife and step back you are under arrest."

Luis looked incredulously at them.

* "I have no peers here. No man amongst you is fit to judge me. Your rituals are empty oaths you neither understand nor live by. The dark lord speaks to me. He is the balance by me which my deeds are weighed and judged. Not you!" *

With that he let out a blood curling scream holding the knife with two hands above his head he plunged it toward Blair’s chest. Simon and Jim both raised their weapons and fired at the same time. Luis fell back from the force of the bullets, he was dead before he hit the ground, one bullet pierced his heart and one caught him right between the eyes. Jim looked from Luis to Blair when he heard him moan. Movement from the right caught his eye and down by the foot of the alter he saw the panther and the wolf. Simon called for an ambulance as Rafe, Henry and Jim began to untie Blair. Rafe winced in sympathy as he undid the twine around Blair’s wrist to reveal deep cuts into his wrists that were bleeding freely. Jim gently as possible took the duct tape off of Blair’s mouth as Henry undid the tape on his feet. The energy Blair had before that gave him strength to fight seemed to have disappeared. He felt so weak, dizzy and sick everything was blurred he couldn’t seem to focus.

He tried to call Jim but could only manage a very soft


Jim leaned close to him and took one hand.

"Shhhh, I’m here buddy it’s going to be okay help is here."

Jim clenched his jaw as he looked at the open wound on Blair’s chest. Christ if I’d been a few minutes later…he couldn’t let himself think of that. He looked up as the paramedics entered. He was reluctant to let go of Blair but saw that he had passed out. They placed a bandage over the incision after disinfecting it. They took his vitals and placed him on a back board getting him ready for transport.

Jim rode to the hospital with Blair, while Simon stayed behind to handle the clean up.

The doctor assured Jim that Blair would be fine.

"It may take a little while for the drug to work its way out of his system…but I don’t see any lasting effects. He should be fine in a day or two. The wound on his chest wasn’t too deep although it did take thirteen stitches to close, it won’t leave a scar."

A shiver ran through Jim. Thirteen stitches, Blair would have been the thirteenth victim. Is this the mother of all coincidences or what? His attention went back to the doctor who was still going on about Blair’s condition.

"I’m keeping him overnight I’ll see how he does tomorrow, if all is well I’ll send him home. He is sleeping right now."

Jim let out the breath he didn’t know he was holding.

"Can I see him?"

"They are settling him in a room now…give it a few minutes then you can go up.

The doctor smiled and placed a hand on Jim’s shoulder.

"He will be fine Detective."

"Thank you, doctor."

Jim went up to Blair’s room. He looked so young lying there. Jim hooked his foot around a chair next to the bed and pulled it close as he sat down. He took Blair’s hand in his and whispered to him…

"Thank God, you’re okay."

He leaned back to keep vigil over his guide.




Blair lay on the alter unable to move. He was so scared. Luis Cipher raised the dagger over him.

"I offer you this man-child. Take this gift I offer you Lord for I am but your humble servant placed here to do your bidding."

The voice was distorted and thick. Blair’s eyes widened as Luis brought the dagger down piercing his chest.


Blair sat up as he let out a blood curling scream. Jim, who had fallen asleep at his side, jumped up looking for an assailant; realizing it was a dream he quickly sat down by Blair taking him in his arms as a nurse and two orderlies came into the room. Jim waved to them that Blair was alright and told them he had everything under control. When they left his attention went back to Blair who was shaking like a leaf in his arms.

"I’m here Blair, its okay now."

"WH…Where is h h he?"

"He’s dead Blair, he can’t hurt you anymore. You hear me partner your safe. I swear it. I’m so sorry you got hurt."

Blair just held on for dear life. He was shaking so badly. He took a deep breath and looked up at Jim. Everything was still a little fuzzy. He looked at Jim for the first time and saw the worry there.

"It..w w wasn’t your fault. I was…I’m still scared. I’ve never been so frightened before. I could just feel it. Didn’t you feel it Jim?"

Jim looked at him.

"What Blair?"


A shiver ran through Jim as he thought of Blair being the thirteenth victim. There were certain things Jim kept to himself. This would be one of them Blair had been through enough. He pulled Blair close to him and hugged him then pushed him to lie down.

"I know it’s a lot to ask Jim, but could you stay with me."

"I’m not going anywhere Blair."

Blair’s eyes misted and he tried to swallow the lump in his throat as he was a bit embarrassed to ask this.

"No…I…mean…I want you too…I need you to.."

Finally Jim understood what Blair needed and realized why he was embarrassed. With out another word he made a scoot over gesture with his hand and climbed in beside Blair. He gathered his guide up next to him and got comfortable. Soon both Sentinel and guide were asleep.

A passing nurse checked in on Blair to find both men comfortable and sound asleep. This was really against policy…but she had heard the terrible ordeal the young man had gone through. If it had been her, she would need a protector also. She smiled at two friends glad the young man had someone to care for him. As she walked away she thought she heard a low growl. Peering back into the room she saw nothing. She shrugged and continued on her way to check her other patients on the floor. As she walked away, the panther and wolf stood guard over their charges. As night turned to morning, a ray of morning sunlight streamed through the window shining on Jim and Blair and they seemed to glow. It was a healing light. A light to make sure Sentinel and Guide were safe and protected. An evil force was defeated and goodness prevailed. The panther covering and protecting the wolf looked up and about; not finding a threat to its humans it placed its head down near the wolf to keep its silent vigil.

Cascade was safe once again.