No Longer Lonely

By: Lvblair

Disclaimer: Jim and Blair belong to Pet Fly. No money is exchanging hands here. This was written purely for enjoyment. Detective Keith King and his brother Scott King are my own characters. I know nothing of medical procedures or police procedures anyway I hope you all enjoy. Please send feedback. J


Blair Sandburg smiled as he made his way up to the 7th floor to Major Crimes. He was happy, tired but happy. He was Jim Ellisonís partner and friend. Jim had quickly become the most important person of his life. Jim had given him a home when his own place was over run with rats. Jim and Detective King had moved most of Blairís stuff into Jimís placeÖwhat was left, which wasnít much, the rest was destroyed when the place blew up because of a drug lab next door. How did he know there was a drug den there? Sheesh. The doorís opened and Blair walked out to find Jim chatting with Detective King. King turned out to be a really great friend too. Blair was very close with him and his brother Scott. Jim liked them too but would never really admit that, sometime Keith and Jim didnít see eye to eye on things but they did enjoy each others company and Jim found he really liked Keithís younger brother Scott. It was amazing to see someone so small heck even Sandburg was taller than the kidÖsomething Sandburg was very proud of. Blair smiled as he thought of their time spent together the four of them did a lot together, they even went on vacation together. They went camping, fishing and hiking. Blair had never been so happy in all his life. For the first time he felt like he belonged somewhere. He had a place to call home and he had family. But right now he was very tired. They havenít taken a vacation in a little over a year and a half and Blair was stretching himself a little thin. He was covering two classes for two of his friends that had to be free this week. Thank God it was only for a weekÖBlair didnít think he could do anymore than thatÖit was a lot of work. He had just finished giving an exam for both classes and he had to grade those booklets tonight to get the grades entered tomorrow to have the booklets back to his students by Friday. He also had to finish his paper tonight and have it ready in the morning to hand in and he had an exam to take tomorrow. The paper was no problem he already had it on his laptop he just had to go over it and then print it out. He knew most of the material for the exam tomorrow and just had to go over a few things. But right now he had to be here with Jim, he told Jim he would help him with the pile of paper work he had multiplying on his desk, it was no problem he actually liked to help Jim with the paper work he was just tired. He walked up to the desk where the two big Detectives were talking.

"Hey guys."

Both men looked up at the greeting and smiled.

"Hey little man, howíre you doing?"

"Hey Chief."

"Iím good thanks Keith, hey Jim."

"Hey little man Iím glad I ran into you. Scott is having a tough time of it with a paper he has to hand in soon. I told him I would ask you if you could give him a hand with it."

"Sure Keith no problem, tell him to stop by my office. I have office hours from 1:00 to 3:00 tomorrow."

"Okay, Iíll tell him, thanks little man. Why donít we all get together for dinner next week?"

Jim and Blair looked at each other and shrugged then turned back to Keith and at the same time said.


Jim and Blair looked at each other and had a good chuckle. Jim looked back at Keith.

"Just let me know when King."

"Okay, see you later guys."

Jim and Blair sat in a comfortable silence as they continued to work choosing to order something in instead of going out to finish up the paper work. Jim smiled as a few fellow detectives sought out Blairís opinion on current cases they were working on. It seemed Blair always found something everyone had somehow overlooked. Jim fluffed with pride every time someone sought out his partner. He looked at BlairÖthe kid looked tired, really tired. He thought about how hard the kid worked. Between his work at the University and taking a few classes and being a TA having to teach some classes, articles he had to publish, helping Jim with his paper work, going on stake outs with him and add on to that all the Sentinel stuff, yea it was a lot on someoneís plate. Jim called it a night when he looked at the time.

"Hey its 5:30 Chief, quitting time."

Blair stretched and yawned then helped Jim put a lot of the completed files together and put them in Simonís office for him to go over them, then they got their jackets. It was Sandburgís turn to cook but Jim saw how tired the kid looked.

"Hey Chief, what do you say we go out to eat tonight, my treat."

"It sounds great thanks Jim. How about we check out that new Italian place?"

"Yea, I heard a lot of good things about that place."


Well it was a good night for his guide. He needed the rest and food. Blair seemed like he gained a little weight since he moved in with himÖbut not much. The kid really needs to eat more. They got home earlier than they thought. Both showered and changed then Jim pulled out two beers and sat on the couch to find something good to watch. Blair pulled out his laptop to finish his paper then switched to the exams. Jim really liked having Blair near he liked the sound of typing as Blair worked next him. Jim felt so relaxed he soon fell asleep in his corner of the couch. He woke up and looked at the clock it was 3:27 AM and he looked over to find Blair typing something on his laptop. The kid looked like he was going to fall over he was so tired.

"Hey Chief," he called.

Blair looked up at him with a tired smile.

"You fell asleep and I didnít want to bother you."

"I thank you for that, but you need to sleep too buddy, you look like youíre about to fall over come on go to bed Chief."

"I just finished writing in the last of the exam grades. I wish some people would listen to me I really hate to fail people. Maybe if I can get them to do some extra work it will work out better anyway, goodnight Jim."

Jim just smiled as Blair rambled on he watched the younger man pack everything up and go into his room and fall into bed. He was asleep before his curly head hit the pillow. Jim went in and he paused when he heard his partners breathingÖhe frowned it sounded like Blair was coming down with a cold he would have to tell the kid to take something in the morning he covered Blair up tucking him in nice and warm and then quietly shut the door and went up to bed.

* * *

Blair woke up and didnít feel too hot. He felt sore, his throat hurt and he was so tired. He had to get up he had so much to do.

"Hey sleepy head itís almost 7:00 you gonna sleep all day?"

Jim came to Blairís room and frowned when he saw Blair slowly getting up. He went over and handed Blair a cup of coffee and smiled at the mumbled "oh thank you my savior" as he handed the cup over he felt Blairís forehead and was concerned when he felt a slight fever. Blair pulled away.

"Cut it out man, Iím fine."

"You have a slight fever going there Chief. Maybe you should stay in today."

"I canít man I have too much to today" he looked up into Jimís concerned gaze and felt a warmth flow through him it was nice to have someone worry about him. It was something that he hadnít had in a very long time his own mother was never that concerned when he was sick. "Iíll try to get everything done early and stay in bed tomorrow howís that sound."

"Okay, but if you start to feel worse just come home promise me that Chief."

Happiness filled Blair at the word home. God that sounded so good HOME. Blair Sandburg had a home a true home he smiled at Jim.

"Yes dad, I promise if start to feel worse Iíll come right home."

At Jimís look he smiled and added.

"Cross my heart."

Jim nodded his head and went out and came back a few minutes later with two Tylenol and a glass of orange juice. Blair was going to argue but one look at Jimís face and he just took the pills and swallowed them down with Juice. He got up and shaved, showed and dressed quickly and just had toast for breakfast. He told Jim he would get something later when he got to the station.

"Chief itís not that I donít want you there but if youíre not feeling well just come home. Thereís not much to do there anyway."

Blair smiled at his partner and just nodded his head and said on his way outÖ

"Okay big guy see you tonight."

Jim nodded as he put the dishes in the sink and washed them quickly before getting his own Jacket and heading out.

* * *

Blair sat at his desk thanking every deity under the sun that his class was over. He looked at the clock 12:30 he was expecting Scott soon but he was really starting to feel awful. He had had a busy morning with teaching the morning session and arguing with a few students over the grade when he handed back the horrid little blue books, and getting his paper done he handed it in for class later that day tell his professor that he was really not feeling well and he might not make it in. The professor was understanding and said if he didnít make it in to read and hand in a paper on the chapter she was going to go over for class that day. Blair thanked her and went on to his office for office hours. No one had shown up yet and was happy about that. He just wanted to go home and get a nice cup of hot tea and go to bed. He looked up as someone knocked on the door and smiled as Scott walked in.

"Hey teach, howís it going?"

"Hi Scott, glad you could make it."

Scott looked at Blair and frowned a bit.

"Hey man you okay, you donít look so good."

"Yea well Iím not feeling that great I think Iím getting a cold."

"If you want we could do this paper another time."

"No, no, no itís fine Iíll be alright."

"Okay thanks I really appreciate the help, this paper has been giving me nightmares it just wonít come together for me. I hate when I get stuck like this."

"No problem man, letís see it."

Scott pulled out his text book and what he had written of his paper. Blair went over the chapter and what Scott had written and they had a chat over what Scott thought and what he wanted to put down. With a little help from Blair the paper came together rather well and quickly. It was just about two oíclock when the phone rang.

"Excuse me." Said Blair to Scott and answered with a tired


"Hey Chief, how are you hanging in there?"

Blair smiled.

"Hey Jim, Iím okay just really tired whatís up?"

"Well Iím heading out for lunch and I have King here with me and we figured we could all grab a bite to eat together."

Blair smiled and was about to answer when his office door was kicked open.

Blair and Scott jumped as Blairís office door slammed open admitting one very angry student. Jim heard the sound and immediately panicked he grabbed the cell phone tighter and shouted.

"Sandburg, Chief whatís going on? Are you okay?"

There was no answer and Jim listened in and pressed his foot on the gas with lights flashing heading towards Rainier. King was sitting beside him worried but didnít interrupt. He called in for back up at Jimís request.

Blair looked a bit stunned and then recognized the student as Steve Russell. He had argued in class this morning about his grade. Steve couldnít believe that Blair gave him an D minus on his paper he tried to get Blair to change it to a C+ or a B and Blair explained if he did extra credit he would but Steve refused stating that he had a very important game coming up and didnít have the time to study or do the extra work. Blair then told him his hands were tied. "Weíll see" was the reply that the young man sneered at him.

"Professor Sandburg I came here to talk to you one last time."

Blair was angry he couldnít believe the kid made an entrance like that.

"Well as you can see Steve now is not a very good timeÖ" he didnít get to finish.

"Look all my other professors understand I have a big game coming up this Saturday just cut me a break here."

"I have cut you a break I havenít failed you yet."

"Youíre gonna FAIL me!" Steve was really surprised at this and he started to get angry. "You canít fail me Mr. Sandburg, you wonít."

"Youíre right I wonít. If you do the extra credit work I wonít have to fail you."

Steve exploded into action and shoved Scott out of the way to get to Blair and grabbed the smaller man pushing him up against the wall with his forearm against Blairís throat. Blair dropped the phone and tried to push him away but he was no match the young man who towered over Blair by at least six inches and out weighed him by at least 60lbs. Blair started to kick and punch but he was not feeling well and he didnít really have the strength he felt himself growing weaker and panicked as dark spots started to dance before his eyes. All of a sudden Scott jumped on Steveís back trying to pull him off Blair. Steve let go of Blair for a moment and turned and punched Scott in the stomach and then brought his knee into the young manís chest then tossed the smaller man aside and smiled as he watched Scott smash into the leg of the sofa Blair had in his office. He turned to Blair once again and as the young man trying to get away from him and he grabbed him once again and slammed Blair up against the wall and grinned evilly as he heard Blairís head hit the wall with a loud thud. He smiled as he heard Blair moan. He lifted his fist and held it ready to strike Blair.

"Alright one more time change the fucking grade!"

Blair just moaned and shook his head no feeling like his head was going to fall off his shoulders. Just as Steve was about to hit him he heard a gun cock and turned to see two huge very pissed off men, one was holding a gun on him and the other behind him was pulling out a pair of cuffs.

"Cascade PD let him go or Iíll shoot you where you stand." Was the cold reply of Jim Ellison. Steve paled and he started to let go of Blair and took a step back but as the two men came towards him he grabbed Blair and put him between them with his forearm once again around Blairís throat. Both Jim and Keith were furious as they watched Blair struggle for breath. Keith went over to Scott and helped him up. Scott just motioned with his head that he was okay and glanced nervously at Steve. Blair felt darkness beginning to claim him and he was scared with the last of his strength he raised his foot and smashed it into Steveís shin. Steve howled and let go and both Jim and Keith were on him. Keith handcuffed the student and read him his rights as Jim went over to Blair who was sprawled out on the floor gasping for breath. Scott helped Jim turn Blair gently over.

"Blair, Chief can you hear me?"

Blair looked up at him and tried to answer but was still trying to catch his breath. He tried to sit up and the room began to spin and his eyes rolled up into his head as he passed out Jim caught him and lowered him to the floor gently. Jim pulled out his cell but stopped when he heard Keith on the phone calling for an ambulance. Jim nodded his thanks to Keith then turned his attention back to Blair and Scott.

"Scott are you hurt?"

Scott was shaken up and a little bruised but okay.

"No Iím okay he just knocked the wind out of me. I tried to get him off Blair but I justÖhe is tooÖwell."

"Its okay" Jim soothed Scott "you tried and I thank you for that, but youíre sure youíre okay."

Scott nodded and accepted Keithís help up as he came to stand by them.

"Howís little man doing?"

"I donít know he has a good size lump on the back of his head itís bleeding a bit and he has a fever too did they say how long the ambulance was going to be?"

"It should be here any minute." Steve paled and looked sick as Detective King looked at him like he was going to take him apart with his bare hands.

He looked over at his little brother who was really shaken by all of this.

"Scott what happened here?"

Scott looked up at his big brother and explained.

"Well Blair was helping me with my paper and this guy comes barging in here demanding that BlairÖum Professor Sandburg change his grade and Professor Sandburg refused. He told him if he wanted his grade changed then he would have to do extra credit work and the guy freaked and then he grabbed him and started choking him. I tried to stop him but he tossed me aside."

Jim and Keith both reached out the younger man and comforted him. Jim spoke in a low soothing voice.

"Itís okay Scott; Blair is going to be alright." Then Jim looked over at Steve and said in a deadly voice.

"I canít believe all this over a grade you stupid fool. I hope it was worth it because a grade is the least of your worries right now."

Steve sat up straight or tried to Keith had handcuffed him to Blairís chair.

"You donít understand this game isÖ"

Jim was disgusted.

"Oh save it for the judge, you think because you are a big football hero you think you can get over on your school work. Why should you get a passing grade when you do nothing for it? You want a good grade you have to earn it but no you thought you could bully Professor Sandburg into giving you a passing grade well my friend you made a huge mistake. Sandburg doesnít give in and I know no matter what he would never just hand over a passing grade."

As Jim finished speaking paramedics and two uniformed officers came into Blairís office. Jim motioned with his head towards the young man in the handcuffs.

"Get that piece of shit out of hereÖ"

Before he could finish Keith put his hand on Jimís shoulder.

"Iíll go with them to make sure there is no problems just take my little brother with you and make sure they check him out. I want to make sure he is okay."

Scott started to protest but Keith stopped him.

"Please Scott, just give me peace of mind, I need to know that youíre okay."

Scott gave a shaky smile to his brother and then just nodded. Jim thanked Keith and said they would meet at the hospital. Jim was concerned that Blair was still unconscious. Keith escorted Steve out with the two officers while Blair was loaded on to a gurney and they followed him to an ambulance. Jim and Scott followed the ambulance in Jimís truck. Jim drove with the lights flashing and left his police ID in the windshield when he pulled up behind the ambulance. They followed the paramedics in staying close to Blair. Once they got Blair into an exam room and a doctor showed up Jim told her what had happened and said that Scott also needed to be checked out. She guided Scott to another exam room right next door and asked Jim to fill out as much information about Mr. Sandburg as he could. Jim explained that he and Blair were roommates and he had Blairís power of attorney. Jim stayed with Scott as a doctor examined him while Jim was constantly monitoring what was going on next door. As Jim handed the completed forms to the nurse the doctor turned to him after Scottís examination.

"He has a few bumps and bruises but heíll be fine. He should stay in bed tomorrow and rest but heíll be fine."

A deep strong voice from behind said, "Thank you doctor."

They both turned to find Keith standing there he looked at Jim and the doctor and walked over to his younger brother.

"Iím glad youíre okay little brother. Any word on Blair yet?"

Jim shook his head.

"No, but he is right next door Iím going to find out right now. I just wanted to make sure Scott was okay."

Keith nodded as he helped Scott get dressed and they came to stand by Jim. As Jim was about to leave to go check on his partner the doctor who examined Blair showed up. Keith, Jim and Scott spoke all at the same time.

"How is he?"

"Is he alright?"

"Will he be okay?"

The doctor smiled.

"He will be okay after a lot of rest. He also has strep throat but we caught it at the beginning and his throat is bruised so eating will be difficult. He should stick to soft foods for the next few days, while there is no concussion I still think he should take it easy and he shouldnít be alone. He is conscious and a bit disoriented and wants to know if his young friend was hurt and he is asking for Jim."

All three let out a sigh of relief. Jim looked at her.

"When can he go home? He is my roommate and I was a medic in the army so he wonít be alone and I can take care of him."

"Well he seems okay if a bit shaken up and with your background heís in good hands Iíll get his paper work together and write you a prescription for some pain killers to help him rest. While I do that you can help him get dressed."

With that the doctor left and Jim went next door to see his partner. He walked in and went over to his partner lying on the gurney. He put his hand on Blairís forehead and stoked back his hair.

"Hey buddy, how you feeling?"

Blair looked up groggily at Jim and softly spoke.

"Iíve had better days, Iím sore all over and my throat is killing me. Is Scott okay?"

Jim could hear the raspy tone of his voice for Blair to admit heís not feeling well, thatís pretty bad.

"Heís fine Chief, he is right next door getting dressed the doctor said heís fine."

Blair let out a sigh of relief and then asked what Jim knew was coming.

"What happened with Steve?"

"Well chief he is going to have to face criminal charges. He assaulted you. He hurt you he could have done more serious damage but donít worry about that now. Letís get you home."

Jim helped Blair up and winced at the nasty bruises forming on the younger manís neck. He helped him get dressed and was finished just as the doctor came in. She handed Jim a bottle of antibiotics for the strep and told Jim to make sure he follows up in a few days with his regular doctor. Jim nodded and Keith helped Jim get the younger man out of the hospital and into the truck. The ride home was made in silence and Jim and Keith helped Blair into the elevator with Scott trailing behind. They got Blair home and into bed. Jim fixed Blair a cup of tea and called Simon. Simon had told Jim Keith made sure everything went by the book and they would make sure everything was handled properly. He asked how Sandburg was and didnít like the report. Simon told Jim he didnít want to see Sandburg at the station until he was feeling better. He ended the conversation with "take care of the kid." Jimís stomach growled and he remembered how hungry he was. He turned to Scott and Keith and asked if they were still hungry at the answering nods he ordered two large pizzas with everything except anchovies and large chicken soup for Blair. The evening was spent eating and chatting with Sandburg and Scott. Scott felt guilty for not being able to do more. Blair told him not to worry about it. Steve was so far gone he would have seriously hurt Scott and he almost killed Blair. Blair smiled and his two body guards and thanked god that they showed up when they did. He shuddered to think what could have happened to him and Scott. He wished he could understand it but he was too tired. He went over to Scott.

"So no feeling guilty okay, you still have time to finish that paper and hand it so do what the doctor said and stay in bed tomorrow and you can finish it and have it in by the end of the week."

"Thanks Blair, for all your help. Iím sorry this happened but your right I wonít feel guiltyÖwell Iíll try not to."

Blair pulled the kid into a hug and said good night. He went over to Keith and Keith pulled him into a gentle hug. Blair didnít complain he was too tired. He passed Jim and what the hell he hugged him too then trotted off to bed. Keith told Jim he would head home and get Scott to bed. The younger man frowned at him and said he was fine. But it went ignored and Scott just shook his head mutteringÖ"God how does Sandburg put up with them." Both Jim and Keith chuckled at that before the King Brothers left Keith told Jim to call if he needed anything. Jim thanked him and patted Scottís shoulder. As the men left Jim checked on his guide one last time he leaned against the door frame and sighed.

"Why does trouble always seemed to follow you around kid?" Jim whispered. He went over and gently pulled the covers up around Blairís shoulders and gently pushed the hair away from his face.

"Sleep well kid, Iíll be right here."

Jim left the door open to Blairís room and went over to the couch. He lay down and pulled the afghan around himself. He was able to see his young guide sleeping. He listened around to make sure all was safe then listened into his guideís heartbeat. He let the sound soothe him and soon followed the young man into sleep.