One Painful Day

By: Lvblair

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Blair sat at his desk holding his head; he had just finished grading the little blue books from hell. Maybe I should start giving multiple-choice exams and make my life easier. He discarded the idea as soon as it popped in his head; it just wasnít in his nature. He would feel like a cop out. He sat up and groaned as he tried to push back the nausea that plagued him all day. What had started out as a slight headache this morning has transformed into a full bloom migraine. God his head hurt, this was the worst headache he had yet. He couldnít remember hurting this badly. He turned to his computer and entered the last grade and hit send. The screen blurred and the room began to spin. He couldnít do this anymore he had to stop. He tried to stand up and pain shot through him nearly crippling him. He sat down and leaned over with shaking hands to grab the phone. He had to dial twice before he got the number right. After one ring he heard the deep voice of his partner. If he werenít hurting so much he would have smiled hearing his friend.


"JÖ. Jim."

"Blair, whatís wrong? Are you ok?"

"No, Iím not. I hate to ask you this Jim, but could you pick me up? I donít think I should drive?"

Jim sat up straight.

"Are you sick?"

"Iíve got the worst headache, Jim, my vision is all blurry the room is spinning. But if you canít pick me up thatís ok I can take a cab."

"Sit tight Iíll be there in fifteen minutes okay, donít go anywhere Chief. Iím on my way."

"Thanks Jim."

Blair hung up and put his throbbing head on his desk. God, he hurt so bad he wanted to cry.

// Hurry Jim, please hurry. //


Jim got up and went to Simonís office. He knocked once and opened the door as he heard Simonís deep rich voice.

"Come in."

"Sir, I need to go pick up Sandburg, he is not feeling well and he doesnít think he should drive. Think you can do without me for the next hour?"

Simon looked up, concerned.

"If he called you for a ride home he must be in pretty bad shape. Iíll go with you."

At Jimís surprised look he added gruffly.

"Hey, I care about the kid too. And if you tell him, Iíll deny every word and then bust you down to meter maid," Simon said with a smile. Jim just shook his head. They got their jackets and walked to the elevator. Simon turned to Jim.

"Weíll take my car."

"Simon why?"

"Why? Because Iím Captain thatís why!"

Simon said with a smile. Jim just chuckled.

"Whatever sir."

They chatted about cases and weekend trips on their way to Rainier. Simon pulled up outside Hargrove Hall. Simon and Jim got out and started towards Blairís office. They opened the door to find Blair face down on his desk, his hands clutching his head. Immediately concerned, both men went over to Sandburg. Jim put his hand on Blairís back and frowned when he felt it was soaked with sweat. Jim could feel tremors running through Sandburg.


His only response was a low groan. Jim raised concerned eyes to Simon. Blair took a deep breath and whimpered in pain. He couldnít raise his head at all. All he could do was hold his head and pray it didnít explode. He finally managed in a low voice.

"Please, please take me home."

If it wasnít for his sensitive hearing Jim would have never heard the soft plea. Jim rubbed his back.

"Easy Cheif, weíre going to get you home. Simon, give a me hand."

They each grabbed Sandburg under his arms and lifted him to stand. The upward motion brought the nausea back with a vengeance. Blair panicked.

"Jim, Iím going to be sick!"

Simon quickly reached for the garbage pail and placed it infront of Sandburg just in time. Jim held Blair as he sank to the floor leaning over the pail while what little he ate this morning made a reappearance. The pain was unbelievable. Blair thought with every heave his eyes were going to shoot out of his sockets and the top of his head felt like it was going to explode.

"God, pleaseÖ" he whimpered in pain.

He didnít realize he said it aloud. Simon looked at Jim as he took out his handkerchief to wipe Blairís mouth.

"Jim I think we should get him to the hospital."

"Yea, I think youíre right Simon." He pulled Blair up and gently and quietly said, "Come on Chief weíre going to the hospital."

"Just make it stop Jim, please make it stop."

They walked to the door and when Jim realized that Blair wouldnít be able to make it he scooped him up into his arms. He felt Blair lay his head on his shoulder. They walked quickly down the hallway and people stopped to watch them go by. One of Blairís students approached them.

"Is Professor Sandburg okay?"

It was Simon who answered.

"As you can see Professor Sandburg is quite ill. We are taking him to the Emergency room. Would you be so kind as to inform the administration, he is in no condition to do so himself."

"Sure no problem Iíll take care of it. I hope heís okay."

"He will be."

They got to Simonís car and Jim got in the back with Blair. The student watched as they drove away.

//Man, that really has to suck. //

He headed towards the administration offices thinking.

//Well at least I have time to finish the paper I had to give Professor Sandburg today. //

He felt a little guilty seeing how ill Professor Sandburg wasÖbut he now had another night to finish his paper. He continued on to the office.

Simon pulled up to the emergency room entrance and helped Jim get Sandburg out. They carried/walked him side by side in to the entrance and Simon shouted.

"We need help here."

Blair moaned and whimpered in pain as Simonís voice pierced through him. He couldnít take it anymore and his shaky legs gave way. Had Simon and Jim not had a hold of him he would have landed on his face. A nurse was about to ask them to sign in and take a seat when she saw Blair collapse. She went over to them.

"Bring him this way."

She brought them back to an exam room. Jim put Blair on the gurney and he curled up into a ball and grabbed his head.

"Please, please IÖit hurts sÖ. sÖ. so badÖmaÖ. make itÖsÖ. stop."

He sobbed. Tears making a little stream down his face. Jim rubbed his back.

"Easy Chief, help is on the way."

Jim didnít worry about what Simon thought. The Captain knew they had a deep friendship. The nurse left and returned a short time later with a Doctor.

"Hello, Iím Dr. Trust."

He sighed as Jim and Simon raised their eyebrows at his name.

"Yes, that really is my nameÖand Iíve heard all the comments." He looked over at Blair. "Who do we have here?"

"My partner" said Jim; "It started as a slight headache this morning he called me from work needing a ride home. His vision was blurry, he didnít want to drive, he felt dizzy and he was sick once in his office."

The doctor went over to Blair to examine him. He turned him onto his back.

"What is his name?"

"Blair Sandburg." Jim replied.

"Blair, Iím Dr. Trust. Can you tell me if you hit your head?"

Blair shook his head no and moaned as pain shot through him from the movement.

"I see it hurts to move your head does it?"

Blair tried to sit up. Jim and the doctor tried to push him back down.

"Easy relax Blair."

"No, Iím going to be sick again."

Dr. Trust turned Blair on his side as Jim got a pan underneath him just in time. Very little came up but Jimís heart broke as Blair suffered through dry heaves crying as the pain shot through him with every heave, tears streaming down Blairís face. He was absolutely miserable. He finished and mumbled

"Please, please make it stop, hurts so much." Blair said weakly.

When Dr. Trust finished his exam of Sandburg he turned to Jim.

"Well it looks like he has the mother of all migraines."

Jim raised an eyebrow at the Doctor and said, "Is that a professional term."

"Well it is a migraine, quite a severe one."

"Is there anything you can do for him?"

Simon asked.

"Yes, there is. Just give me one moment."

Dr. Trust left and returned quickly with a syringe. He pulled up Sandburgís sleeve and cleaned an area on his arm with an alcohol pad and then injected the fluid. He then returned with a warm almost hot cloth and put it on Sandburgís head. Jim relaxed as he heard his friendís sigh of relief almost as soon as the hot cloth covered his pounding head. Dr. Trust leaned over Blair and with a gentle voice said, "ok Blair give it a chance to work and just relax now."

Jim watched as the Doctors voice soothed and calmed Blair until he finally felt his friend relax. He looked at the doctor and asked, "What did you give him?"

"15mg of Imitrex itís a drug made especially for people who suffer from migraines. He should be feeling better in about twenty minutes or so; heíll still feel very weak and achey. For migraine sufferers it takes a while to get back up on their feet after a severe attack. He should be fine in the morning. Let him rest here for another 20 minutes and when he wakes up you can take him home. Iím going to write a prescription for Imitrex for any future attacks. He should take it only when he is feeling an attack coming on but not to use it for just a slight headache."

Jim sighed with relief happy to know that Blair was going to be ok.

"Thanks so much Dr. Trust."

The doctor smiled and told Jim he would be right back with the prescription.

Half an hour later found the trio leaving the hospital with orders from Dr. Trust to get Blair to bed and keep him there all day tomorrow. Jim had the prescription in his pocket with a few samples incase Blair had another attack before he could get it filled. They got Blair into the back seat with Jim and Simon drove them back to the loft. Once Simon was sure the partners were ok he left and headed for home giving Jim the day off tomorrow to care for his guide.

It was dark when Blair woke up. God he felt weak as a kitten. He looked around and found that he was home in bed with Jim sitting by his side in a chair.


Jim rubbed his forehead and whispered a "ssshhh, just rest Cheif. How do you feel? Do you need anything?"

"I feel like I was kicked in the head by a horse, my head is so sore."

"The doctor said you need to rest so lie back and relax and Iíll get you something to eat."

The thought of food made Blair nauseous again.

"No, Jim actually a cup of tea would be fine."

Jim rubbed his head and went down to make Blair some tea.

After the tea was drunk and bathroom needs met, Jim was once again sitting by Blair. Blair turned his head towards Jim and looked at him with such esteem.

"Thank you big guy."

Jim smiled at Blairís use of his nickname.

"For what guppy?"

"For taking such good care of me. I was hurting so badly when I was Rainier, I didnít know what to do. It felt so good to let go and know you were there taking care of me. Thank you. I love you. Youíre the best friend I ever had."

Jim felt a lump form in his throat, he never had anyone come out and tell him how special he was to them he pulled Blair into a loose embrace.

"Iíll always be here to take care of you guppy, I love you too, youíre not only my best friend, youíre my guide."

Blair smiled and never felt more safe. He felt himself drifting off again. His protector was there to care for him.


Just a bit of Blair pain. I had the worst migraine and decided to give it to BlairÖ. I know Iím horrorable. I suffer from migrainesÖ. and let me tell you there were times I wanted to put a gun to my head the pain was so bad. I know itís a really bad one when I lose my visionÖ. sometimes my vision goes all blurry or itís hard to explain. Itís like everything goes whiteÖthose are the worst ones and if Iím sick I feel like the top of my head will explode.

I know some people put ice or cold packs on their head when they get a headache, well that only makes mine worse. I use a hot towel, as hot as I can take it, and it feels so much better. Anyway, this is what I suffer though when I have a migraine attack.