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Mary Ellen's Sentinel Gen Fan Fiction



Runaway (16k ) Sequel to 'Endings and Beginnings'.

Endings and Beginnings (50k) Sequel to 'More Trouble, Pint Sized'.

More Trouble, Pint Sized (56k) Sequel to 'Trouble Magnets'.

Trouble Magnets (60k) Sequel to 'Instincts'.

Instincts (26k) A childhood friend of Jim's brings a bit of trouble.



SRO (6k) After graduating from the police academy, Blair makes an unexpected career choice.

First Day (13k) Blair's first day as a SRO.

A Typical Week Series -- Just a typical week in the life of an SRO officer

Monday (17k) Tuesday (12k) Wednesday (26k)



Lost (12k) Blair faces the repercussions of his actions in "The Sentinel By Blair Sandburg".

Lost and Found (with Kathy) (48k) (Sequel to "Lost") After a long separation, Jim and Blair are finally reunited.

Healing 1: Beginning to Heal (14k) (Follows from "Lost and Found") Now reunited, Jim and Blair begin the slow process of healing.

Healing 2: Keeping Promises (40k) (Follows from "Healing 1: Beginning to Heal") Jim and Blair are trying to get back to normal, but Jim's blindness, tempers and mother nature all conspire against them.

Healing 3: Coming Home (with Kathy) (30k ) (Follows from "Healing 2: Keeping Promises") Jim and Blair finally return to Cascade.



Warning- While not slash, these stories contain a same sex relationship between 2 minor characters.

Family and Christmas (6k) At Christmas time, William Ellison issues his son an ultimatum.

Family and Christmas and New Year (7k) It's New Years and a secret relationship is finally revealed.

Family and The Fourth of July (23k)

Family and Labor Day (8k)

Family and 9-11 (8k)

Celebration of Family (23k)



NEW!! Eggs (13k) At Easter, a misunderstanding gives Blair added insight into Jim's past.

NEW!! White Christmas (6k) When Jim is stranded away from home at Christmas.

Place and Time (6k) Jim and Blair take a routine call on the way home from work. Riiiggghhhhttt...routine call!

Senseless (4k) Any death is senseless...especially the death of a child.

Changes (18k) When Jim is injured, someone close to him has a surprising reaction.

Just A Cut (18k) When Jim ignores a seemingly minor injury, trouble ensues.

Miracles and Tragedies (24k) Originally appeared in the zine "Mourning" from AllGen Press



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