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Ophelia's Sentinel Gen Fan Fiction

One Shot (7k)  It only takes one shot to change a friendship.

Burden of Guilt (3k) Simon remembers the day at the fountain

Cold (8k) Blairís in trouble and Jim wonders why he ever got him into the situation in the first place

Devoid of Life (4k) From Jimís perspective on what he is experiencing

The Golden Light (6k) Missing scene from Blind Manís Bluff

Gone (6k) Simon looks around the loft

Guilt Zone (97k) Jim is in the hospital and Blair needs to deal with all of the ramifications that brings

Holiday Gloom (4k) Jimís alone on the holiday, or is he?

Home for Thanksgiving (9k) When Blairís late, Jim starts to worry

Just a Moment (10k) Jim has a moment with his dad

Just Sit and Wait (7k) Blair waits for his future to unfold before him

Justice (5k) The question crosses Rafeís mind as he has to deliver some bad news

Meditation (9k) On New Yearís eve Blair is getting grounded

The Return (8k) Sandburg is missing, why canít Jim find him?

Stranded (4k) Blair is on a beach alone

Tired (4k) Blairís journal entry

What's Right? (4k) A comedy of errors leads Jim to the hospital

When Seagulls Cry (4k) At the end of Sentinel Too, Blair is sitting on the beach wondering what his future holds. This is a snippet that if interest is there could be expanded







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