Devoid of Life

By: Ophelia


Warnings: This is not a happy happy joy joy piece here. I am trying out some things and this is something that came out awhile back. It was and still may be part of my Guilt Zone series however here it stands alone.

My thanks to Ronnee for the beta.


Another wave of pain washed over him and once again the wish sprang into his mind that someone would just make them stop, make it all stop and go away. His nausea was reaching new levels as the pain kept coming.

Time had no meaning anymore as he searched around in the dark void for something, someone to help him.

But again, there was no one. Just faintly he could hear a voice, it had taken him several times of hearing it on a regular basis to understand that it might be Blair's voice. Still it was so far away and distant, something he would constantly reach for only to never succeed in his mission.

He had tried calling out to his guide several times, but the more he had tried, the more pain had come at him. The invisible enemy that you never knew was headed your way until you were already feeling it.

And even if he could see it, there would have been nothing he could do about it. His feet were not on the ground, his arms had nothing to reach for and he remained in a constant state of floating.

He was floating in a black void with voices that hung out of his reach.

How in the hell had he gotten to this state? He only remembered faint images before his eyes, images that he had tried to tell to Simon before they overtook him. Had he been able to tell Simon?

Suddenly he had the urge to scream for Blair, opening his mouth he tried to force his mouth to say the name as loudly as he could but still nothing came out.

Beeping... something was beeping close by. He could hear it, he tried to reach for it, and again he found he couldn't move as a new form of pain washed over him. This one had come from his body's movements. Jim had enough reason of mind to know what that meant. His body was deteriorating around him as he hung in this dark void of pain.

He was going to die.

Maybe he was already dead and this was his own private hell?

Then he heard the voice that soothed his alarmed soul. It was Blair, calling to him, telling him to hold on. He felt his own hand grow warm and he had hoped it was because of Blair's energy, that somehow the sentinel and guide would still be able to find each other. Or maybe it was the strength of their newly formed relationship that had only a few hours in which to express itself.

In either situation, it meant that Blair was coming, coming to get him out of here. The thought gave him strength even as the pain washed over him again and then again. He moaned low as tears began to fall freely from his eyes and he let his soul cry, no longer able to hold it inside.

The only problem with Blair coming to find him, Jim realized long moments later, is that by the time he gets here I will be dead.

Because I am dying.

The End