One Shot
By: Ophelia

Warnings: Um. 2 curse words used not the major ones. Oh not beta'd cus I am close to my dues deadline.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Blair shifted his leg once more and tried to grunt back the pain. It was going to be a very long eight weeks at best at this rate. Leaning back onto his pillows he panted out his pain trying extremely hard not to give into the nausea that was fluttering in his stomach. It should have
come as no surprise to him that Jim would be right there asking if he needed any help, but it did. Jim had been distant since the accident.

And that is what it had been an accident.

Now if he could only get Jim to understand that, they might be able to move on in life. But getting Jim to understand anything about himself took time and patience. Both of which Blair was running short on at the moment, "Jim, either help me up or leave man" he tersely called through his pain.

"Hold on Chief." Jim commented, moving into the small room he shifted around Blair's out stretched leg and came to stand beside the man who was now laying half on half off the futon. "Give me your hand and well leverage you up to keep your weight off the leg okay?"

"Yeah sure." The young man commented as he reached his hand out to Jim's for support. It had been a long time since he had been shot and as such a long time since he had felt such pain that made sweat break out on his brow. "Is it hot in here?"

"No Blair. You need to take some of the pain medication the doctor gave you at the hospital. I know you don't like it, but you're white as a sheet from the pain and it will help you at least relax and take the edge off." Jim pulled Blair to his feet careful not to let the other mans leg bare any of his weight Jim pulled Blair to him for support.

"Man you know I hate that stuff. It makes me all dopey." Blair knew he was whining and didn't care. He had to pee, is leg throbbed like a bitch, his head was starting to hurt and he was cold and clammy. Did it get much worse than this?

"Dopey might be a good thing right now Blair. It's better than pain." Jim looked into Blair's eyes at the comment, letting his friend see his concern, his guilt. It was his fault, he knew that, he accepted responsibility and yet still had been cleared, how does that happen? He shot his friend and the board of inquiry had said it was okay.

Blair noted the look of guilt and concern in his friends eyes and smiled. Finally! Finally Jim was ready to open up about this. Finally he might be able to talk some sense into that opinionated brain. There was always hope when Jim was ready to talk it out. "Lets get me to the bathroom and on the sofa and than we'll talk about those pain killers okay?" He tried to smile and failed in his effort as a fresh sword of pain ran up his leg and into his hip. He closed his eyes and grabbed
onto Jim for support until till it passed. God he really did hate this.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Jim quickly fixed a few sandwiches and grabbed Blair's prescription on the way to the sofa. "Can't take them on an empty stomach. Here eat at least half the sandwich than we'll give you a pill." He brought the TV table that Simon had brought over close so that Blair would have a place besides his lap to put his plate.

"Only half right? Cus right now, the look of them is enough to make me want to be sick." He made a face even as he picked up on half and took a bite.

"It's because you're in pain and haven't been eating much. Just take your time and chew, you'll be okay." Jim sat on the chair close by and ate his own sandwich watching Blair carefully.

Blair ate the whole thing, much to his surprise, once the food had started to settle he found he really had been hungry and his nausea had started to fade. His leg still hurt even as it was propped up on a pillow but Jim was passing him a pill and that meant he would at least
be able to sleep soon. "It's not your fault you know?" He stated right before he swallowed.

"So everyone keeps telling me." Jim replied before taking his seat once more.

"Jim, seriously, you need to get passed this and back to work." He shifted just enough so that he could look at his sentinel. "You can't not keep protecting the tribe, you know?"

"And who will take care of you?"

"We can set me up in my room. You stay at the PD and if I need you, I'll call." Jim seemed to be considering it which made Blair just a bit hopeful.

"I donno Blair. I really think I need to stay around here for awhile." Jim shook his head and looked straight ahead.

"Ah. Stay around here, baby me, and try and make yourself feel better for shooting me." Blair nodded hoping he would get the response he was looking for.

"I didn't mean to shoot you!" Jim came back vehemently.

"Exactly Jim! You lost your gun. It hit the ground. It went off. The bullet hit my leg. Not your fault." Blair ticked off each event finger by finger.

"Than why do I feel like shit over it?" Jim leaned back in his chair defeated.

"Because you're a good man Ellison whose gun just shot a friend. Anyone would feel guilty man, but you have to know that I don't blame you and neither does anyone else. The sooner you forgive yourself the sooner you can get on with life."

"I shot my best friend Blair." Jim looked him in the eye once more.

"And your best friend forgives you Jim." Blair smiled as he watched Jim nod his head in understanding. "Wake me in a bit man?"

"Sure, I'll be right here."

"Protecting as always." Blair yawned deeply before allowing himself to drift off to sleep.

The End.