When Seagulls Cry
By: Ophelia


The Seirra Verde beach was beautiful at sunset. The waves crashing on the sand below his feet as he walked. The bird's scurrying along for their dinner just ahead of him. It was calming or would be calming for anyone else. But for not Blair Sandburg. Even in this peaceful surrounding he didn't know what would calm his bothered soul. He knew who could calm it but he didn't know what that person could do to change what had happened here on this very beach and then again in the jungle and again in the temple of the Sentinels.

Those wounds cut deep in his soul.

The soul James Ellison helped to put back into his body. The same soul Jim had turned down in a Cascade hospital room. He had only been asking for a confirmation of trust. A reassurance that their friendship would survive after all they had been through. He had even called Jim "brother" for god sake! And what had he received in return? A rejection that also held a promise, that maybe in the future there could be something more.

So where did that leave him? Blair wondered as he sat on the sand to watch the sun set. What was the next step for him? Simon and Megan had left for home. Alex had been taken by a medical transport somewhere and he was scheduled to fly out in the morning. Jim had been non-existent since they had gotten back from the jungle so if he was flying home with the Sentinel he didn't know it.

It was odd, this feeling of disconnect with Jim. Not knowing if he had a home to go back to. Or a school he would be able to walk around in without thinking of the fountain. Did he even have his work now?

The sun was lighting the sky in shades of orange and red. Clouds looking like brush strokes on a masterpiece painted by Mother Nature. It was amazing the things you could take for granted. Blair acknowledged as he just watched the colors deepen and listened to the pounding surf.

In the distance a seagull cried out to its mate. Blair closed his eyes at the sound. His heart was breaking and the person that had been there for so long to help heal his wounds had turned him out to the cold. So where did he go from here? Megan had offered her support; she was the
first person to really pick up on the tension between Jim and himself. Simon, he was sure, had mentioned something to Jim. But the cop would never tell him what it was, only that Simon had mentioned something in passing.

This was the hard part. Right here, in this beautiful surrounding, he was going to have to face his worst fear - his future. Or rather, his future without Jim.

To be continued? Help, I donno if this works!