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Sentinel Thursday Challenge Responses


Thoughts - (Challenge - Diary/Journal) Blair is writing a note to Jim.


Commitment - (Challenge - Celebration) A commitment ceremony.


The View - (Challenge - Blair) Jim admires the view. Pre-slash.


Holiday's - (Holidays) Jim and Blair talk about the holidays. Pre-slash.



Private Hell (4k) - Snippet story written for Sentinel Angst list (the slash one). Due to the feedback received it was left as a

snippet only. This is a sleepy view of one of Blair’s fantasies.


Memory (8k) - This was written for Valentines Day. It is slightly soppy romantic story and was inspired by a friend's   Diaryland entry. It was with their permission that this story was written. Blair remembers what it is like to fly in someone’s arms.


Can't (20k) - Blair expresses his feelings to Jim. So why can’t Jim return them?


Return to Innocence (21k) - This was my first Sentinel fiction EVER! It could be called a ‘songfic’ because it does contain song lyrics and the song does play an important part in the story telling. Blair tries to show Jim that he can take control.


Everything You Want (42k) - Jim is everything that Blair could ever want. Now what lengths will Blair go to prove it to Jim?


Zine Stories will be posted once they time out.


Alternate Visions-- published by AMC Press and available through  LionHeart Distribution.




Published by DE Press

Bonded 1 - Hard Headed

Bonded 2 - Miss You

Bonded 3 - Longing for Freedom



"Love and Guns"

Published by AMC Press

L&G 6 How Do You Feel (43k) -- Possible ‘songfic’ label is possible here. Blair and Jim had a long talk about their feelings with surprising results.

L&G 7 Discoveries (60k) -- Blair discovers something new about Naomi. But what does that discovery mean for him and Jim?

L&G 9 The Brass Ring (33k) -- What happened after the show ended? This story is a start.

L&G 10 Midnight Ride (30k) -- Carolyn is clearing out her things and sends Jim and envelope. Blair likes the results.

L&G 10 A Guide's Need (48k) -- Blair is hurting and only Jim can help. But will he?

L&G 14 Happy Birthday, James (174k) -- Blair is trying to give Jim the perfect birthday gift. Can he bring himself to admit to his true feelings?

L&G 16 - After Hours (23k) - A late night at work leads to so much more.

L&G 16 - Laundry Day (29k) - Sequel to After Hours. The boys have some dirty clothes that need washing.

L&G 16 - Rafe's Revenge (44k) - What does Rafe do with the information he has.

"Angel on My Mind"

Published by Angel Wings Press

AoMM 2 Our Time (25k) -- Jim and Blair take a vacation, but work won’t leave them alone. Will they find time for each other?

AoMM 3 Talk to the Moon (47k) - Blair confides to his oldest friend just how much Jim means to him. What happens when Jim hears?

AoMM 4 The Wrong Impression (36k) -- When Jim and Blair grant an interview with a reporter, the information they find out is a bit more then they expected.


"Whispers of the Heart"

Published by Angel Wings Press

WotH 3 To Dye For (48k) -- Always watch which drink you buy for a Sentinel.

WotH 6 Worthy (135k) -- When Blair’s past comes back to haunt him can Jim show him that he truly is worth of his love? (Small warning for violence against animals)

"Your Kink or Mine"

Published by Angel Wings Press

YKoM 1 Secret Series 1 (18k) -- A Fetish – Jim has a fetish, will Blair let him act on it?

YKoM 2 Secret Series 2 (25k) -- The Touch of Leather – Blair opens up to Jim, will Jim help him out? A bit of Jim’s past is reveled.

"Misc. Zines"

Panther -- Originally appeared in "Essential Sentinel 4" published by Secret Pleasure Press. Available through Requiem

Different (55k) -- Crossover with Highlander the series. Can Methos and Duncan help Blair admit his feelings to Jim?

Originally appeared in "It's Raining Men" published by Angel Wings Press.

It's Part of Me (35k) -- What happens when it is hinted to Blair that he should cut his hair? Originally appeared in "I'm Not Cutting My Hair" published by Angel Wings Press.