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Ronnee's Sentinel Gen Fan Fiction

The Envelope Series

Conversations in Cascade -- Blair and Henri go to an FBI special convention and guess who shows up to play? (84k)

Missing -- Everybody wanted information about the envelope ... and what happened to Naomi? (29k)

Cascade Escapades -- How far will Brackett and Krychek go to get Blair? (69k)

The Envelope -- Exactly what was Naomi hiding from Blair for so long? Answers, well some of them anyway. (84k)

Cascade Telephone Exchange -- Cascade is on the phone plotting or acting on the information that Naomi's letters have been found. (31k)

Cascade Meetings -- Everyone comes to Cascade to get the answers. Nothing is sacred in the race for information. (70k)

The Protests -- This is set immediately after "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg" and contains spoilers. (69k)

Moving Day -- A sequel to 'The Protests' and a response to the CascadeTimes MIA Bracelet Challenge. This story contains spoilers for "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg". (29k)

The Picnic -- A quiet day in the life of the Cascade PD. You don't have to read my other stuff, but it is helpful if you've read 'The Protests' and 'Moving Day'. Spoilers for "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg". Smarm alert. (29k)

Memories and Memorabilia -- Blair's memories of the loft don't match what he finds there. (The companion piece, 'Walking Through the Fires' is from Jim's POV.) (58k)

Walking Through the Fire -- For those people who asked so very nicely, here is JIM's POV on what happened during 'Memories and Memorabilia'. (81k)

Hot Spot -- What happens when Jim and Blair go camping during Spring Break? (37k)

Buried Treasure -- Kincaid's men want him freed. (34k)

Neighbor -- A short piece set after "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg", with a few spoilers. (18k)

Rafe's Tale -- A story about Rafe for Lucy Hale. Set after "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg". (95k)

Kidnapped -- A very short piece, more of a snippet. No real plot. (12k)

Thoughts Upon the Year 2000 -- A response to DawnC's request for Y2K stuff. Originally posted to the SentinelAngst List. (31k)

Passing Time -- Wolfshy's Themefic and Sarah's requested Blair owies with Rafe on the side. (17k)

Red Visions -- My original TS fic. When Sentinel and Guide share visions, trouble comes to Cascade. (186k)

A Decision Made -- A short little piece about the past and Jim's spirit guide. (20k)

Introspection -- Someone asked for Henri fic. I don't remember who, and it was before my last computer died. (28k)

Illusions - Jim's disappeared, the truck's shot up, all signs point to the nearby woods...which happen to be haunted. (26k)

Thoughts: A Ramble at Night -- Jim's rambling thoughts as he contemplates his senses while doing some strenuous exercise. (20k)

Flight: Missing Scene -- A missing scene from "Flight". (11k)

Favors, Past Due -- A cross-over fic between The Sentinel and Mag7 ATF. Blair and Rafe go missing, but Jim is hurt too badly to rescue them so he calls in a pair of old favors. (29k) 

Sleeping Observations -- Blair watches a sleeping Sentinel. (8k)

Fireworks -- It's the holiday and the sentinel and guide and all of Major Crimes has to deal with it. (12k)

A Ticked Off Guide -- Furious? Dangerous? Our favorite observer? Nah. Another short plotless piece. (19k)

Starlight, Starbright -- A little bit of h/c. (11k)


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