9 Months ... and Beyond


Title: 9 Months ... and Beyond

Author: Nancy Taylor




Page Count: 228

Format: Full Size, Double column.


Cover/Art: Color cover, 1 color interior and 19 b/w interior drawings by L. A. Adolf. 1 B/W interior by L. A. Adolf and Lorraine Brevig.


Available From:  DE Press

Price:  $30 (US) * $36 (Canada) * $38 (Overseas) 


In this wonderful zine written by Natalie L and lavishly illustrated by L. A. Adolf, experience the happiness and heartbreak along with Jim and Blair as they decide to start a family of their own.

Collected together in this zine are 3 previously net-published stories, along with an all new story.

Stories include:

Nine Months -- Jim and Blair explore the options of a gay couple to start a family, and embark on a journey with miraculous consequences. (previously net published)

Twelve Months -- Jim and Blair survive their first year of new parenthood. (previously net published)

Another Nine Months -- Embarking upon a second pregnancy and a new career, Blair finds himself the target of extreme prejudice. Note: This story contains the kidnapping and torture of a major character. No permanent damage is done, and happy endings are guaranteed, but be aware before you read that some of the scenes are extremely intense and graphic. (previously net published)

Nine Months … Again?! -- Blair’s final pregnancy brings more surprises and angst to the Sandburg-Ellison household. (all new)

(NOTE: Nine Months, Twelve Months and Another Nine Months were previously published as stand alone zines by Requiem.)

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