Angel On My Mind 1

Title: Angel on My Mind 1


Author: Multi




Page Count: 226


Format: Full Size


Cover/Art: Color cover by Eng. Color and b/w interior art by Geli and K9.

Available From: Requiem

Price:  $30.00 (US) * $34.00 (Canada) * $36.00 (Worldwide)



A TS Zine with the theme of Blair being a virgin to m/m sex, and him giving that special gift to Jim.


Stories include: 'Another Year' Serious Moonlight, 'Love of a Lifetime' Owlet, 'The Gift' Rayden Star, 'Tears' Bast, 'Erotica' Annabelle Leigh, 'One Day in the Lives' Serena, 'Shopping for the Future' Shar, and more.


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The premise of all the Angel On My Mind 'zines is that Blair is a virgin to m/m sex, but I seem to recall more than one Blair-is-a-virgin-to-any-kind-of-sex story! :-) Which of course, means FIRST TIMES abound!! I loved this 'zine. The cover, by Eng, is so beautiful you almost forget to look inside! You can see the scan at the site. But once you manage to collect the scattered brain cells and get to the meat of the matter (hee), you'll find some of the fandoms best, IMHO....Annabelle Leigh, Texas Ranger, Serena, pumpkin... Like how can one go wrong! Tears by Bast is and A/U story. IMHO, Jim and Blair are still pretty much in character, just in an old west setting. There's an amnesic Blair story too. Those are always fun! Plus, besides the beautiful color cover and the various b/w drawings, there are three more full color pieces. Two from K9 and one from Geli.


Why you should buy this 'zine:


Well, for crap sake why not? We're talking virgin Blair here! First-times! What more do you want?!?

Oh, and did I mention the cover? Gasp!


Why you shouldn't buy this 'zine:


Because it's between paying rent or buying the 'zine.

You really hate for Jim and Blair to have sex.

Because if you buy this one, you'll have to have the others!



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