Angel On My Mind 3

Title: Angel on My Mind 3


Author: Multi




Page Count: 271


Format: Full Size


Cover/Art: B/W cover by Geli. Color and B/W interior art by Geli, K9, lulu, Alisan, Eng, Suse, Bettina and Sharon.

Available From:  Requiem

Price:  $35.00 (US) * $39.00 (Canada) * $41.00 (Worldwide)



Stories include: 'Priceless' Candy Apple, 'Dreamscape' Linda, 'The Catalyst' Tiger Moon, 'Mixed Massages' Mikasa, 'Prisoners of Despair' Deb, 'Games of the Heart' Xfreak, 'Virgin in Vegas' Cherish Organa, 'Discoveries' vfoster, and more.


A TS Zine with the theme of Blair being a virgin to m/m sex, and him giving that special gift to Jim.

Priceless by Candy Apple - Blair has a problem he can't discuss with Jim. Can Jim save Blair from himself?

A Second Chance by Rayden Star - Jim gets a second chance to make things right, but can he?

That Night by K. Ann Yost - What happens to the Sentinel and Guide when they both get scared?

I Never Thought I'd Say This by Rogue - The guys start getting more and more antsy around each other until finally, things come to a head, in more ways then one.

Dreamscape by Linda - Illustrated poem

Poetry Collection by Patt Paulos-Darrow - A collection of five 'first-time' poems.

The Catalyst by Tiger Moon - Jim makes a discovery that leads him to somethings he's always wanted.

Talk to the Moon by Ophelia - Blair looking for permanence, and so far, has only found it by talking to the moon.

Mixed Massages by mikasa - While on a mission of self-discovery, Blair is involved in a raid and nearly arrested.

Prisoners of Despair by Deb - Taking place immediately after the events of "Prisoner X", jim and Blair discover they share more than a sense of despair.

Shelley Lake by Jen Cat - Blair's out to get Jim to 'notice' him, but will it work?

Games of the Heart by Xfreak - Jim doesn't like Blair's answer to his problem.

Virgin in Vegas by Cherish Organa - Blair wakes up from a hangover, but how can they go back to the way things were? Now what?

Newborn Love by Angelise - Blair guides Jim through a horrifying ordeal and they learn more about each other.

To Tame a Soul by Serious Moonlight - an AU tale of two men fulfilling destiny.

Trust Me by Shorts - Someone from Jim's past threatens Jim's and Blair's relationship.

Discoveries by vfoster - Blair prepares a special dinner for Jim, hoping...


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Observations: The premise of all the Angel On My Mind 'zines is that Blair is a virgin to m/m sex. Well, I hate to say more of the same, but what "same" it is! Whew! More great first-time stories. Some more beautiful art work. K9's pencil sketches of Jim and Blair are so beautiful! Both profiles, each with his spirit guide in the background. A beautiful set for this 'zine.

Why you should buy this 'zine: Did you buy the others? Need I say more? Hell, it's worth the money just for the Candy Apple story! :-)

Why you shouldn't buy this 'zine: Because you really should have that burst appendix removed.  Because you just can't stand one more hot, first-time story.



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