Angel On My Mind 4


Title: Angel on My Mind 4


Author: Multi




Page Count: 194


Format: Full Size


Cover/Art: Color cover by Geli. B/W interior art by K9, Bettina, Ceares, and Marianne.

Available From:  Requiem

Price:  $25.00 (US) * $29.00 (Canada) * $31.00 (Worldwide)


A TS Zine with the theme of Blair being a virgin to m/m sex, and him giving that special gift to Jim.

Stories include: 'Green-eyed Demon' shorts, 'Hit and Run' Chrys, 'Secret Valentine' Taylor, 'Hide and Seek, with Potential' Lisa, 'Don't Deny Me' Rogue, 'Never Alone Again' Bast, 'The Wrong Impression' Ophelia, and more. 

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As with the other lovely Angel On My Mind 'zines, the premise of the stories is that Blair is a virgin, at least to m/m sex.

This 'zine contains a wonderful mix of humor, angst, AU's, and just plain good fun! Of course, these being virgin!Blair stories, these are all J/B first-time, too.

Green-eyed Demon
snip from ToC
Jealousy runs rampant in Cascade.
end snip
Blair is jealous of a new guy in Jim's life and decides to confess his feelings before leaving on an expedition.

Hit and Run
snip from ToC
A near accident on the job leaves Jim under investigation for use of excessive force and Blair is banned from the PD. It also leads to the revelation that the two men are mutually interested. A tense week (triggered by IA's nastiness) is followed by a nasty accident scene where Blair saves the day. This leads to his reinstatement, and reconciliation between the guys.
end snip
Well, not much for me to add! Very nice story with Blair owies and Jim angst!

Secret Valentine
snip from ToC
Who is Jim Ellison's secret Valentine.
end snip
I'm not going to tell you. That might spoil it. Hee. A very cute story with a neat addition: the author has included recipes for the (aphrodisiac!) dinner that was prepared for Jim and a recipe for the massage oil!

New Memories
snip from ToC
Blair's lost in memories of movies.
end snip
This is a very funny story! Blair gets an owie and, as his brain is slightly addled, all he will say are lines from movies! Is he babbling or really trying to communicate? LOL! Very cute, Patt!

Too Much Light For Shadows: Another Remembrance
snip from ToC
A memory surfaces, threatening Jim and Blair's relationships.
end snip
Since you'll know in the first few lines what the memory is, I won't be spoiling you to tell you that Jim's memories are of Bud. This story is pretty angsty and deals with child molestation. A very interesting look at a potential universe for Jim's childhood. I liked this story a lot and Candy realistically brings up a very likely scenario. Not all heavy angst, off course! This is J/B first time story after all!

Hide and Seek, With Potential
snip from ToC
What happens when curiosity and a sexy game of Hide and Seek cross paths? Questions lead to answers in a sweet exploration of Blair's innocence and the seduction of Jim's senses.
end snip
In light of his newly discovered feelings for Jim, Blair has been questioning his sexuality. He invites himself to a party Jim is attending, hosted by a gay couple. Blair decides to take a chance and agrees to participate in a party game which involves partner swapping. Don't worry, you know Jim is the jealous type!

Don't Deny Me
snip from ToC
Can Jim handle being in a m/m relationship? If not, what will it do to Blair, the other half of that m/m relationship?
end snip
Angst. Mean!Jim (verbally). After an intimate night with Blair, Jim awakens and totally freaks! He is pretty nasty to Blair, which means we also get groveling!Jim.

Never Alone Again
snip from ToC
Jim's thoughts on his soulmate?
end snip
Far in the future, Jim reflects on his love for Blair. Very nice introspective piece from Jim's POV.

All I Want For Christmas
snip from ToC
Christmas lists drawn up together show Jim & Blair their hearts desire.
end snip
My fave in this 'zine. I have such a soft spot for Christmas stories! LOL! This was a wonderful story in which Blair convinces Jim to participate in a little Christmas tradition. Both guys cheat a little to find out the other's Christmas wishes. Santa delivers!

The Wrong Impression
snip from ToC
A magazine article helps Jim find out something about Blair he wasn't expecting.
end snip
Naomi talks Blair into agreeing to do an interview for a magazine.

Fear of Falling
snip from ToC
This story takes place sometime after the events in "Dead Drop", though not directly after.
end snip
Jim and Blair visit an amusement park where of course things go wrong. But a lot goes right, too!

The Faint of Heart
snip from ToC
A Sentinel drinks, a Sentinel faints, a Sentinel loves. Blair discovers a real truth when Sentinel inhibitions come tumbling down.
end snip
A hilarious drunk!Jim story. Jim participates in a blood drive after having a few drinks. The combination of alcohol and blood loss create a loopy Jim.

Virgin Sacrifice
snip from ToC
The gang at major crimes gets fed up with Jim and Blair's behavior, and comes up with a solution.
end snip
Just as the above states, the bullpen gang take things in hand.

A Ticket To Tucson
snip from ToC
In this AU, Sandburg and Ellison's paths cross briefly in 1987. Penniless, Blair is forced to prostitute himself in an attempt to earn his way across country to enter college. Jim is a lieutenant stationed at Fort Campbell KY who rescues him from thugs.
end snip
This is a lovely tale about how Jim and Blair could have met. I thought it was kind of sad in that it ended with Blair going on to Tucson and Jim facing the prospect of being shipped out. But the author gave hints of their future, so the reader knows they will meet again. If you don't care for prostitute!Blair stories, never fear...remember the premise of the 'zine!

Giving Up Forever
snip from ToC
Blair has to decide if he wants to live forever, or be with Jim for eternity.
end snip
In this AU Blair goes to Jim to fulfill his destiny as his guide. But he has to make a choice.

Review By Patt

Geli does the cover of this zine. I never would have guessed that either. It's totally different than what I'm used to seeing. I love when artists surprise me. I loved it Geli. I have a quote from Geli and would like to add it here...

'I wanted to something different for the Shaman pic. Something more symbolic. I used several elements, like the drum and hammer drawn after real shaman drums, the border with decorated with the spirit guides which are called with the drum. The necklace with the tree. The world tree is a powerful shaman sign, it stands for the world and every shaman has his own tree, or is born in one. <g> Trees have a important role in many shaman rituals.'

The inside artwork is done by K-9, Bettina, Ceares, and marianne. They are all wonderful. The only complaint I have is, I couldn't see the names well enough on the art, so didn't know who belonged to whom. So hopefully I'll figure that out one of these days.

There is this one by K-9, (waving wildly at the divine Miss M.) and it's so darling because it's sexy, sweet and precious, but makes you want to crawl into the picture. I kid you not. Page 127 in case you're wondering which one made me want to become part of it.

There is one on page 9 that is simply gorgeous. I was in awe. I kept going back and looking at it. Much to my family's dismay. Hee hee.

Thank you to all of the artist's in this zine. You all did a fabulous job. I enjoyed every single one.

Green-eyed Demon
By Shorts

Jim is bi in this one and totally in love with Blair.

Blair is offered another field expedition and this time decides to take the two- month trip. But before he leaves he has to tell Jim that he's in love with him.

Things get a little crazy, like this is something new in the Sandburg-Ellison household.

Jim has a thing for someone else because he thinks that Blair is just misguided. Pardon that guide pun. They end up saying they do have feeling for each other. Blair comes back to a very happy, sexy, lonely and horny Jim.

This is where the story gets downright hot, hot, hot... We also get to see a jealous Blair.

It's a very sweet story that ended too soon. I wish there had been about 40 more pages. (I don't want for much, do I?) I really loved it. What a way to start the zine out.

Thank you, Shorts. You never fail to please your readers. They'll all be thrilled with this one too.

Hit and Run
By Chrys

Warnings. Blair owwies. You know Jim can't resist him when he's hurt. Hee hee.

Oh oh, Jim has to give Blair a massage. The terrible things that Jim has to do for his partner. Actually Jim's not happy because his touching Blair is doing something major to his senses. To just plain old Jim. Did I say old? Sorry Jim.

There is an IA investigation. Jim is cleared but they won't let Sandburg back by his side, so Jim wants to resign.

Now that's all I'm saying. That's enough to keep you going, right? You have to read it yourself. This is a great read, a fun read and a very sexy read. So go and read it.

Did I mention it was a very exciting storyline too? It was. Keeps you on the edge of your seat. You're going to love it. I did.

Thanks so much, R.

Secret Valentine
By Nancy Taylor

The guys find themselves home without dates near Valentines Day.

Now they're watching a Jags game and Blair is Jim watching. One of Blair's favorite things to do.

About four days before Valentines Day, Jim starts getting gifts delivered. Poor clueless Jim. I'm rolling on the floor laughing just thinking about his facial expressions for each delivery. This story is precious. I kid you not.

Shy Blair all of a sudden and sweet talking Jim. God, these are my favorite combo's.

Holey Moley Batgirl, this is one hot story. Not only do we get a fantastic story but also we get yummy recipes. You're all in for a major treat.

Thank you, Nancy. It was great. You're great.

New Memories
By Patt

Okay, I don't normally do one for my own, but I just read it and was laughing pretty hard. If you need a smile or laugh, this might be something you want to read. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed this story. It was not only a funny read, but also it was fun to write. Try it, you might like it.

Too Much Light For Shadows
Another Remembrance
By Candy Apple

Warnings on this one. Seriously. Talk and memories of molestation.

Oh wow. Candy this was heavy duty. I'm not going to talk about the story much. If you want to know about another awesome Candy story then you'll have to just go and read it.

I truly loved it. I was so in love with both guys during the entire story that it helped get me through some of the storyline. It was a tough read. But a good read. Everyone should read this.

Thank you so much, Candy.

Hide and Seek With Potential
By Lisa, Duncan's Twin (She totally rocks.)

My word, no one paints a picture quite as well as Lisa does. I enjoy everything she writes, but this was not only good, but it was fun, sexy and can't wait to read it again.

Anyone that is familiar with Lisa's work knows that they're in for a real treat. As always she provides us with a story that will rock you. What can I say?

Sweet, sexy and hot storyline. Just the way I love them. The only complaint I had was that it was too short. I'm not going to tell you about the story because if I do, it'll give the whole thing away. I really hate when I do that.

Oh Ms. Lisa, could you write more for me? Hee hee.

You'll all love this one. It's terrific. A real charmer.

Thank you, Lisa. It was fun as always.

Don't Deny Me
By Rogue

Sentinel Dreams can be scary dreams.

Blair tries to wake Jim from what he thinks is a nightmare. Then Jim pulls him into bed and has his wicked way with him. Jim is still asleep and has no idea of what has just happened.

Jim is clueless (shock, shock...) and throws a piss fit and storms out of the loft.

C, the discussion Jim has with himself at the diner had me smiling like a crazy person. All right, hush, I know that's normal. When he says,"Why am I sitting here talking to myself? And answers, "Because no one else will, you jerk." Howling laughter could be heard though out my home. Even hubby laughed at that line.

That's all I'm going to say about this one too. See you all have to actually read the stories. I'll just tell you how wonderful they are. That's it.

Thank you so much, C. It was great.

Never Alone Again
By Bast

This is a very, very short but very sweet story. It's all about Virgins, love and long happy lives together.

Again, this is all I'm saying about this one too. It's a sweet story, get it, read it and you try and write reviews without giving the stories away.

Thank you Bast. I loved it.

All I Want For Christmas
By Shadow

This is such a sweet story too. Starts out by telling us of a custom of writing down five things you'd like for Xmas and burning the list in the fireplace. The smoke and wishes go to Santa. This is such a darling story; you just have to read it.

It's one of the nicest, sweetest stories I've ever read. I truly loved it. I don't like to call stories precious, because people get the wrong impression, but this one was. And funny on top of that.

I'm giving nothing away. Go and read it. You'll be so glad you did.

Thank you so much, Shadow.

The Wrong Impression
By Ophelia

Naomi, (the stupid bitch) sets up an interview with a magazine for Jim and Blair. Jim agrees to it not knowing why Blair is so nervous. Then when the article comes out Jim reads that Blair wouldn't mind being with a man. You have to love this storyline. Well, you don't have to, but I did. Hee hee.

It's a cute story of Jim finding out he's the one Blair wants. You'll like it a lot.

Thanks, M.

Fear of Falling
By Shar

Picture Amusement Park, Elephant Ears and Jim feeding his guide yummy things.

Then think flirting, Ferris Wheels, making out and stupid Sentinels putting their guides in high places. Super high places at that. I'm joking of course, it isn't stupid because it makes the story work. Hee hee.

The Ferris wheel gets stuck and Jim has to help a woman and leave Blair alone at the top. Picture a screaming Blair. [g] Again, just kidding.

Now Jim is on the ground and poor Blair is still in the air. Now that's all I'm telling. I've already told you too much I'm sure. It's very exciting and a fast read, but you'll have to read it yourself.

Thank you, Shar.

The Faint of Heart
By Angelise

Well you have me smiling and laughing right off. Blair wants to worship at the temple of JIM. God, you have to love this line. Angelise, you crack me up.

Jim has a few beers before a blood drive. Not on purpose. He forgot about the blood drive. He's a very cute drunk. Then when he did go to give blood he fainted. Big Jim Ellison fainted. [g] I can't stop laughing.

You have to read about the hell's Angel of Mercy there to help Jim. God, I was roaring. My hubby loves when I hit these fun ones because I make him smile when I laugh. I can't stop giggling.

This is one hot story. A must read. I love hot and funny. This is both.

Thanks so much, Angelise.

The Virgin Sacrifice
By Ceares

Is it just me or does everyone have a weird sense of humor? The part about Simon taking Blair's breakfast had me howling. (You'll just have to read it yourself to understand the joke.)

The bullpen decides it's time to butt into (Pardon the pun) the Sandburg-Ellison Zone.

This is the cutest damn story. Full of smiles, laughs, loves and lust. Hee hee. I love a great love story.

You will all love this one; so don't miss out on it.

There is a drawing at the end of the story by Ceares and it's totally cool. I just love it, C. Beautiful.

Thanks so much, C.

A Ticket To Tucson
By Cara Chapel

Lt. James Ellison is stationed in TN and he's going to meet a woman he really likes.

Blair loses everything and has to make money so that he can catch a bus and get to the college in Tucson, Arizona. (I would have picked him up, Cara.)

Of course Jim meets up with him and saves his ass. Hee hee. Oh god this is a hot but so sad story. I loved it. Sometimes I really love sad. Oh don't get me wrong; it's not a death story or anything. Just a lot of angst.

I loved it, you will too.

Thanks, Cara.

Giving Up Forever
By Bast

Okay, I'm going to be really careful here. I don't want to give anything away. I think It's safe to say this much.

This is a wonderful story, one you should read and it will make you think for days afterwards. I love those ones.

It's a story about decisions and where a person belongs in life. Song lyrics and I played the darn song the whole time I was reading the story, Bast. I hope you know that I was crying just thinking about all of this.

This is a great read. An easy read and one that you'll be so glad you dove into it.

Thanks, Bast.

Why you should buy this 'zine: Well, for crap sake why not? We're talking virgin Blair here! First-times! What more do you want?!?

Why you shouldn't buy this 'zine:



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