Angel On My Mind 5


Title:  Angel on My Mind 5


Author: Multi




Page Count: 236


Format: Digest Size


Cover/Art:  Color cover by Lorraine Brevig

Available From:  Requiem

Price:  $29.00 (US), $33.00 (Canada), $35.00 (Worldwide)



A TS Zine with the theme of Blair being a virgin to m/m sex, and him giving that special gift to Jim.


Stories Include:

Kisses, Trust and Sentinel Smiles by LilyK.
Excerpt: But it's not the soreness that has me panicked. It's the cause of it. Did Jim have his evil way with me?

Can't Fight This Feeling by Ankaree
Excerpt: He knew he was pushing Blair away, knew that if he didn't stop it would only be a matter of time before his friend would leave, and that was something Jim didn't want to happen. Just the thought terrified him and he knew that he would never survive if Blair left him.

Looking For Love In All the Wrong Places by Annie
Excerpt: I love him. I'm in love with him. So much that there are times when I'm watching him covertly and my heart just aches with the rightness of it.

The Red King's Dream by Shadow
Excerpt: Suddenly I had a new dream, of Sentinel and Guide, man and man, blended souls.

Nothing More Than Feelings by Sekhmet
Excerpt: The voice cut through the crushing mire of feelings that were sucking Blair down, and he jolted upright, eyes wild.

Kaleidoscope by Meris
Excerpt: Dreams. You can't live 'em, can't shoot 'em. Sometimes I hate how they've come to rule my life. Sometimes they provide the comfort of
constants, bulwarks against the relentless insanity of Major Crimes. Sometimes they are simply nightmares of memory gone berserk.

Hell Hath No Fury by Kame
Excerpt: He was surprised to see anger on Jim's face - anger directed at the roomful of detectives. Jaw clenched, Jim deliberately glared at each and every man until they lowered their eyes.

Bond of Life by Lyn
Excerpt: "No!" Jim's hand shot out unexpectedly, grasping Blair's arm in a surprisingly strong grip, dragging him toward the bed and pulling him almost on top of the detective. "Mine!" he asserted firmly, though his voice was muffled by Blair's hair. "My guide!"


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