All the Kings Horses, All the Kings Men


Title: All the King's Horses, All the King's Men


Author: Valaria




Page Count: 163, Double Column   


Format: Full Size


Cover/Art: Color cover by MegaRed; B/W interior art by Suzan Lovett and Cat.

Available From:  Songs from the Sewers Press or Agent With Style



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$26.00 (US) * $30.00 (Canada/Mexico) * $32.00 (overseas) Agent With Style




Jim had very firmly pushed most of the traumatic events of his life very deep into a very dark closet and firmly closed the door. One by one, he's had to face most of them over the course of the series, but there's one that he hasn't yet, and must, if he and Blair have any chance at the relationship they both want. The novel covers a number of months from the start of their relationship, and contains an epilogue to show where they are six years later.


From Agent with Style: In the aftermath of a particularly harrowing case, Jim and Blair finally find their way into each other's arms, and in each other's beds. This is where many Sentinel stories end, but in this novel, written by Valaria, these events unfold in the first 20 pages. Neither man could predict the downward emotional spiral that an attempt at a committed, loving relationship could precipitate, all because Jim Ellison, Cascade's master of repression, has one last monster buried deep behind the dead-bolted and padlocked door of his repressed-memory closet. It will take more strength and courage than either Sentinel or Guide has ever marshaled, and the solid support of their friends and family, to face down this last demon from Jim's past.


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This is the rest of All the King's Horses, which was published in Love and Guns 13. This 'zine tells us that the first 35 pages were printed in L&G13 but in a much different format and with some content changes.

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