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Title: Bakari


Author: Alyjude




Page Count: 139


Format: Full Size


Cover/Art: Color cover and interior art by K9

Available From:  Requiem

Price:  $21.00 (US) * $25.00 (Other) * $27.00 (Worldwide)



A small section of this novella was online, but has been expanded to fill up 140 pages of exciting jungle adventure as Bakari meets a man from Cascade Washington - Detective Jim Ellison.


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If you originally read Bakari off the 'net, please don't let that stop you from getting this 'zine. "Expanded" is an understatement. Two-thirds of it is brand new for this 'zine. And what a two-thirds it is, too! Damn, but Aly can spin a tale! I was kind of foreseeing that I may not get as much enjoyment from the previously 'net published portion the second time around. I can't be too specific or I'd really spoil it, but if you read the story before, you now know something about Bakari that may make you think it won't be as good on the second reading. But for me, it was even better. Knowing that, um, *thing* created a deeper meaning for me in the interactions between Jim and Bakari.

This is a hard 'zine to rec because I can't really say what the new portion is about, as that would probably spoil a very surprising, though wonderful, twist in regards to a commonly held fandom POV towards a canon character.

I will say this is a wonderful AU, with our guys very in-character. Well, they are Aly's "Jim and Blair" so if you are familiar with her work you know she writes a great Jim and Blair. Though it's AU, as you know if you read Bakari on-line, Jim is still a Cascade PD detective and Blair is essentially Blair, he just took a different route!

I was surprised by the amount of angst, too. I normally view Aly's work as more humorous. Not comedic particularly, just, um, lighter. Even Healing, though angsty, was in a "feel-good" kind of way. But I just loved Aly's Blair-owies and mental angst in this. I admit I cried and suffered with that tight lump thingy in my throat through half the story! Oh, and the art-work! Beautiful Blair/Bakari in a loin cloth! Those toned abs. Those dark, lickable nipples! That strip of chest hair running across a lean torso and narrowing down... and down to... Well, you get the idea. ;-)

Why you should buy this 'zine: Alyjude. That should be enough info!

Why you shouldn't buy this 'zine: You don't really need it 'cause you just moved into the empty apartment next door to Jim and Blair and you plan to have your own adventures.

Miscellany: There is some graphic description of the mutilation (not torture, though) of animals. And, well, it's sad. Sniff.


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