Brothers of the Bond



Title: Brothers of the Bond


Author: Susan Foster


Published: November, 2005


Page Count: 133


Format: Digest Size




Available From:  Agent With Style

Price:  $21.00 (US) * $26.00 (Mex/Can) * $28.00 (overseas)



In this The Sentinel/Pirates of the Caribbean novella, deftly written by Susan Foster, a deadly disease is running rampant through Port Royal, and Jack Sparrow sets sail on the high seas to find a cure. With him go Will Turner, a Sentinel who wants the skittish pirate for his Guide, and Thief-Taker Jim Ellison and his Guide, Blair Sandburg. Piracy is a dangerous business, especially when you're trying to convice the world you're on a mercy mission, but Jack is sure being a Guide is even more dangerous. Having been burned by a Sentinel before, he wants nothing to do with Will, but Jim and Blair know that a Sentinel needs a Guide and are determined to make this pair come together. Leave it up to snarky Commodore Norrington to throw a monkey wrench into everything!


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