Title: Changes


Author: Jean Kluge




Page Count: 202


Format: Full Size


Cover/Art: Cover and interior art by Jean Kluge

Available From:  Jean Kluge

Price:  $25.00 plus postage



"Changes" tells the story of Jim and Blair's efforts to cope with Blair's brain damage and incapacitation with warmth and humor, of their hard work and struggles toward his recovery, and of their courageous and miraculous reclamation of their life together. (And, yes, it has a happy ending, for those who've asked. We're not too proud to mention that.)

There is a preview of "Changes" available on-line.

"Changes" a sequel to Ever After by Myrna from Come To Your Senses #8 (stands alone)

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Okay. This is IT. You know that "If I could have only one..." question? Well, this is the 'zine I would choose if I were stranded on a desert island. I have read this three times so far, and cried buckets each time. Sometimes from sadness. Sometimes from happiness. Don't sit down to read this without time to read from cover to cover and a family-sized box of extra soft tissues!

This is a sequel to Ever After by Myrna in Come To Your Senses #8. But you do not have to read that first. Jean has given the background for that story in her forward.

I have to mention the art, too. I can't believe this woman's talent, but she also did the art-work for this 'zine! Beautiful full page sketches. You can see some of the art in this 'zine (you can buy the art, too!) right here Changes, Hidden Visitor and Have You Hugged Your Guide Today are among the lovely sketches you'll see in this 'zine.


Angie's Rec:

There doesn't seem to be much point in reviewing this, since so many people have, lately. Pretty much, everyone says the same thing, and that's what I'm going to say here. I loved it. I thought it was a beautiful love story, where true love conquers all in the traditional style. No disrespect to Myrna, but I detested Ever After, probably since it was so well-written, and did exactly what it was supposed to: reduce me to tears. I read it once, and never again, and the first time I was going through Agent with Style's page, and saw the words, "sequel to Ever After", I never looked at it again. At least until the subject came up on a discussion list, and I started hearing all kinds of spoilers for it. I bought it a week later, and was thrilled with it.

It's fairly small print, but not overly difficult to read. The only gripe I have with it is, there's no protective plastic cover on it. It's got Jean Kluge's gorgeous piece "Sentinel and Guide" on the front cover, and I'm terrified I'm going to spill something on it, or tear it, or otherwise harm it. It stays safely in my bookcase unless I'm reading it, and as soon as I'm done, it goes straight back in there. No one touches it but me. Other than that, the zine is pretty damn near perfect. It's the zine to read if you're having a terrible week, and you need to be cheered up. Pick a day off, and read it, cover to cover.

Why you should buy this 'zine: There's no way I can tell in mere words how much this 'zine has meant to me. It's the epitome of The Sentinel. It is about friendship. But it's also about the power of love.

Why you shouldn't buy this 'zine: At the risk of being very rude...because you have very bad judgment! ;-)



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