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Available From: Agent With Style

Contents/Description: In this intriguing digest novella from Almost Foolproof Press, Emilly Brunson questions: What if Jim hadn't visited Blair at Rainer after meeting "Dr. McKay." What would have happened if Blair hadn't been there to help with his zone outs? When would Jim have finally gone to see his Guide? And what would have happened then?

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            Almost Foolproof Press - $5.00 (US) * $6.00(Europe) * $7.00 (Pac.) - Does Not Include Postage


Observations of a Slash Slut:

Great 'zine. Previously 'net published. But well worth the bucks as it's compiled in a nice, easy to transport size. I love these little, um, 'zinelets, because I can stuff them in a bag to take wherever and usually the covers are innocuous so I don't have to worry about "peepers"! A well, written story worth reading more than once. It's one of those "good ol' standby" types, where you know you can read it again and again and always be assured of an enjoyable read. I personally have no recommendations for which agent to buy from. I've dealt with both and they were great.

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