Essential Sentinel 4

236 pages - digest size

color cover by Suse

interior art by Suse and Patt

Zine Information

Available From: Lionheart Distribution

Contents/Description: Mostly SLASH with a tiny bit of gen (NOT het).

Jim's Fear & Jim's Plea by Khylara

Unbreak My Heart by Marie Waters

All You Wanted by LilyK

Because I Can by Shamaness

Plastic by Jamie Ritchey

Just Married? by LilyK

Panther by Ophelia

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? by Patt

Then Love the One You're With by Valaria (Henri/Jim, a great romance)

ĎThe Witch of Boggy Creek by Cherokee Girl.

Price: $20.00 (US) * $25.00 (Other)

Observations of a Slash Slut: By Patt - There are so many stories, that I decided to go the lazy route. There isnít a bad one among these. I loved every single one and they all left me totally satisfied. They will you too.

Why you should buy this 'zine: Itís a really nice Digest size with a lovely color cover from Suse. Lots of great stories inside.  

Why you shouldn't buy this 'zine: I have no idea.

Miscellany: Plastic cover over Suse's artwork and spiral binding. Very nice zine.


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