Essential Sentinel 6

142 pages - digest size

Color cover and interior by Lilac. B/W interiors by akablonded and Hindman.

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Available From: Lionheart Distribution


Eclectic happy stories of Sentinel and Guide. 
Reason to Love by LilyK. Summary: Sometimes facing the past is a prerequisite to having a future.  

The Plan by KAM. Summary: Friends can sometimes see things a man, or two, canít see for themselves. 
Getting It by akablonded. Summary: Sometimes, waiting for the One Right Thing is more than worth it. 
Secret Santa by Jamie Ritchey. Summary: As the holidays approach, Jim discovers the perfect gift for 
Blair: belonging. 
Edges of Heaven by J. M. Griffin. Summary: Jim and Blairís son, Eli, and his sentinel, Nick, finally can have 
everything they wanted, but when Nick is injured, some ugly truths surface that may end their relationship. 
Have You Seen This Man by Legion. Summary: A freak accident could have cost Jim his life, and this time, 
itís Blair to the rescue. 

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