Extra Touchy Frisky 10


Title: Extra Touchy Frisky 10


Published: October, 2000


Page Count: 90


Format: Digest  (2 center staples binding)


Cover/Art: B/W Cover by Geli


Available From: Almost Foolproof Press  or  Agent With Style

Price: Agent With Style - $12.00 (US) * $16.00 (Can/Mex) * $17.00 (overseas)

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Match Made in Heaven by Legion
"We don't have to get close to Jim to warn him," Blair said earnestly. "All we gotta do is get his attention, first."
"And I take it you have an idea on that."
Wearing his best grin, Blair spread his hands wide and said, "Hey, ideas are why you keep me around, right?"

Pretty Boy by Francesca and Emily
Jim grabbed at his wounded arm and leaned away, putting on a shocked face. "You touch me again and I'll scream the place down," he said primly. The group burst out laughing.
"Jim," Blair said hoarsely.
Jim turned at the sound of his name, looked at him, and froze. Blair could see the quick flicker of surprise in the wide, familiar blue eyes - and then that was gone, and Jim was strangely unreadable, staring back up at him.

Slow Burn by Dawn M Pares (sequel to "Cold Sweat", in 'Extra Touchy Frisky 9')
I'm surprised he hasn't said anything. About waking up in bed with me yesterday, or me kissing him at the restaurant. I guess he's fine with it, or he's confused but not really too worried about it, or maybe he is upset, and he doesn't want to upset me.
That last one seems pretty likely.

Lie Perdu by Sihaya Black
Blair crossed his arms and looked at Jim. Blue eyes roamed the room, never lighting long on any object, until they turned, as if magnetized, to meet his.
He read pain and embarrassment and shame and, oh shit, fear.
"What's going on, Jim?" He didn't accuse, or judge, or condemn. He just asked, quietly, allowing the concern he felt to leak out in his voice and words.

Thirteen Christmas Traditions by Resonant
And then somewhere else along the line - along what was turning out to be a very strange line indeed - he seemed to have started enjoying it. It boggled the imagination, but there it was. After years of applying all his effort to making his life run smoothly, he was sharing an apartment with the Lord of the Unexpected, and it was... fun.

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Match Made in Heaven by Legion (Note: Online title is 'Match Made')

Pretty Boy by Francesca and Emily

Slow Burn by Dawn M. Pares

Lie Perdu by Sihaya Black

Thirteen Christmas Traditions by Resonant

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