Father Figure, Volume 2


Title: Father Figure, Volume 2


Author: Amethyst


Published: May, 2006


Page Count: 218


Format: Full Size


Cover/Art: Color cover by Lorraine Brevig. 11 b/w interior drawings by I. M. Mueller a.k.a Marianne


Available From:  DE Press

Price:  $32.00 (US) * $38.00 (Can/Mex) * $40.00 (Other)



Gathered together for publication in this lavishly illustrated zine are stories #17 - #26 in Amethyst’s “Father Figure” series.

Stories #17 - #24 are previously net published and have been re-edited for this zine.

Story #25 had a limited release to Amesentinelfic group.

Story #26 is new to this zine.

Share in the ups and downs as Jim and Blair continue to settle into their new father/son by-choice relationship while dealing with the continuing fallout from the recent revelations about Blair’s past.


Included in this zine:

Chapter Seventeen: Jammies and Jimbear
-- The parental woes of chicken pox. Blair reveals some childhood tales and the tension between Jim and Naomi escalates.

Chapter Eighteen: Suffer the Little Children
-- A man from Jim and Simon’s past resurfaces, making Blair and Daryl his next targets for his perverted pleasures. (Warning: Contains scenes of molestation.)

Chapter Nineteen: Where Have All the Heroes Gone
Jim disappears and Blair is left in the tender care of his extended family while they search for the missing sentinel with the help of Daniel Burke and his black ops crew. New facts about Blair’s upbringing emerge at the least convenient time.

Chapter Twenty: Who’s Been Naughty and Who’s Been Nice
A simple task of writing a letter to Santa.

Chapter Twenty-One: Unto You a Child is Born
Sometimes the offer of a unexpected gift graces both the receiver and the sender. Naomi visits.

Chapter Twenty-Two: The Teenage Years or Why Sentinels have Receding Hairlines
A tragic accident leads to major misunderstandings, leading Blair into a downward spiral of destructive behavior. (Warning: Death of Minor Character.)

Chapter Twenty-Three: Birds of a Feather -- Jim does a favor for Burke.  What could be simpler? One Problem Child plus one Problem Child makes for PC squared, not doubled.  

Chapter Twenty-Four: Doing Time
A good deed results in some bad times at home for Blair.

Chapter Twenty-Five: Taboo, Tattoo -- An experiment with body art has some drastic and unexpected consequences.  

Chapter Twenty-Six: Flashback
A visiting FBI agent accidentally unearths some unpleasant memories.

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