The Best of Donna Gentry, Vol. 1

Title: The Best of Donna Gentry, Vol. 1


Author: Donna Gentry




Page Count:


Format: Full-size


Cover/Art: Color cover by Wendy Myers


Available From: Tria Demens or Agent with Style


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A The Sentinel zine containing stories previously posted to the web. Volume 1 includes:

Heart/Soul  -- (Heartspeak-Blair's story/Soulspeak-Jim's story) One story, told from two points of view. Heartspeak, the first part, is told from Blair's perspective as he overhears a conversation that is not intended for his ears. Soulspeak, Jim's side of the story, attempts to show that things aren't always as they seem.


Accessible -- With Simon's help, Sentinel and Guide struggle to deal with the life-altering results of a devastating accident.

Night Eagle -- AU - Set in America's old west, Night Eagle explores the emerging friendship between a white rancher and the half-breed Indian that saves his life.

Night Eagle: Homecoming -- AU - A sequel to Night Eagle. Blair accompanies Jim home to his ranch, where both men must face the ugly realities of prejudice and intolerance.

Mark of the Beast -- A first season AU. Jim and Blair meet under very different circumstances.


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Heart/Soul (Heartspeak; Soulspeak)
Night Eagle
Night Eagle: Homecoming
Mark of the Beast - Part One  Part Two


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