The Best of Donna Gentry, Vol. 2


Title: The Best of Donna Gentry, Vol. 2


Author: Donna Gentry




Page Count:


Format: Full-size


Cover/Art: Color cover by Wendy Myers


Available From: Tria Demens or Agent with Style


Tria Demens -- $25.00 (US) * $28.00 (Canada/Mexico) * $30.00 (overseas)

Agent with Style -- $32.00 (US) * $37.00 (Canada/Mexico) * $40.00 (overseas)




A The Sentinel zine containing stories previously posted to the web. Volume 2 includes:

Samaritan -- Early first season. Sentinel and Guide take a tentative step toward friendship.


Out of Debt -- Coda for The Debt. Blair seeks a solution to his housing problems.

My Soul to Keep -- Imagine a post-war future. Imagine being one of over a hundred known Sentinels in a world without Guides. Now imagine one was found. AU.

Twice Again -- AU. In a world where sentinels and guides are recognized and celebrated, one sentinel's painful past leads him to avoid a bond at all costs, even as his emerging senses demand one, while one guide struggles to hide the dark secrets that caused him to be branded an outcast.


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Out of Debt
My Soul To Keep
Twice Again


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