"I'm Not Cutting My Hair"

Used with permission of AngelWings Press

142 pages

color cover by ENG

interior artwork by Geli, lului, Dusk and Bettina



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Available From: Lionheart Distribution


Just The Way You Are ....1
by Shadow

Desperate Measures ....24
by Carmen

All That I Am ....30
by Shorts

The Perfect Blind Date ....32
by Cara Chapel

What We Are ....51
by Bast

The Sweet Nectar Of Love ....60
by Angelise

Reasons Change ....66
by Dusk

The Depths Of Love ....68
by Liz and KimAnne

Sweet Submission (prose) ....81
by gail Andrea

My Own (prose) ....81
by gail Andrea

Close Call ....82
by Sandy

Entangled Essence (prose) ....87
by Linda Septer

Idolized Hair Follicles ....88
by Rogue

Without Words ....98
by Shorts

The Short Of Things ....102
by Blairangel

Only Promises ....107
by Shar

The Play ....119
by mikasa

It's Part Of Me ....124
by Ophelia

Long Hair And Leather ....134
by Candy Apple

Price: $20.00 (US) * $25.00 (Other)

Observations of a Slash Slut:

Blair's hair is, of course, the theme of this 'zine. Specifically, cut the curls and die! If you've never seen ENG's artwork go to AngelWings Press site and take a look at this cover. There ya go! We don't really have to review this do we? What more reason would you need to buy this 'zine? I would love to have this in a print. Hope that happens someday!

Just The Way You Are Blair comes home from the academy where the hair isn't as popular with the cadets as it is with us. Blair's prepared to chop the locks but Jim convinces him not to. First-time story! Blair angst.

Desperate Measures Blair shows Jim the hair's good for more than keeping the scalp covered! First-time.

All That I Am Jim has a thing for Blair's tresses! Established couple.

The Perfect Blind Date First-time. Blair sets Jim up with his idea of Jim's perfect mate.

What We Are AU. Think Blair in cutoffs and a tool belt. Sigh. Angst, Blair owies and first-time!

Sweet Nectar Of Love AU. Male pregnancy. Established couple. Lot's of Blair hair and a beautiful illustration from Geli.

Reasons Change Established couple. Blair reflects on his past and present reasons for leaving the locks.

The Depths Of Love Established couple. Jim and Blair decide they need a night of no holds barred sex! They get it, too. :-)

Sweet Submission and My Own Mmmmmmm... Hair prose! Jim goes BP over the hair! Very sensual prose.

Close Call Established couple. Jim resorts to sensual blackmail to convince the guide to leave the locks!

Entangled Essence More hair prose. Pretty sensual piece, here! Very nice.

Idolized Hair Follicles First-time. Hot temps in Cascade, hotter temps in the Loft!

Without Words Jim and Blair go camping. I love camping stories! Hee. Established couple. Interesting non-dialog style. Pretty sensual.

The Short Of Things Established couple. Jim thinks Blair has cut his hair and goes into a primal fit!

Only Promises First-time, song lyrics. Blair gets a case of unrequited love blues and Jim catches the clue bus.

The Play First-time. Jim finally notices Blair. Some primal Jim action!

It's Part Of Me Established couple. Blair has a bad day and Jim has a hair fetish!

Long Hair And Leather First-time. Blair gets stuck in a tight place and Jim helps him "out". Hee. Sexy Blair-in-leather color piece from K9! Totally yummy.

Why you should buy this 'zine:

The hair, man, the hair!
And the cover!

Why you shouldn't buy this 'zine:


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