Jim And Blair Do Canada

106 pages digest size
printed title cover
interior b/w photos of various Canadian things

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Available From: Agent With Style or Blackfly Presses


A Mountie Always Does His Man ....1
by Pumpkin

How Smutty Is Your Mind? ....14
word search puzzle by Bog

Discounted ....17
by Stormy

Paramour's Canada Bunderland ....25
by Bog

Name Scramble ....60
name scramble game by Nightowl

Fire and Ice ....61
by Jenny Saypaw

Obfuscation ....86
a deduction puzzle by Nightowl

Yours 'Til Niagara Falls ....87
by Bog

The Story Of The Blackfly ....103
by Nightowl

Price: Agent With Style - $15.00 (US) * $19.00 (Can/Mex) * $20.00 (overseas)

            Blackfly Presses - $12.35 (US) * $17.60 (Can)

Observations of a Slash Slut:

We get some interesting tid-bits about Canada. Sort of a mini-geography and cultural lesson. There are some puzzles and games included....word finds, word scrambles, etc. What a fun idea!

A nice effort by one of our smaller publishers in the fandom. Bog has a great sense of humor. Discounted is Stormy's first story and I think it's a very nice contribution. And it's a first-time for the guys, too! Someone, I think it's Jenny Saypaw, did a nice job of putting Jim and Blair in Canadian settings in some of the illustrations! Very cute.

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Blackfly tends to put a "read anywhere" cover on top of the more risque covers. We call them "the zines you can read at family gatherings". ~ Stormy

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