In the Jungle 1


Title: In the Jungle 1


Author: Various


Published: April, 2007


Page Count: 156 pages


Format: Digest Size


Cover/Art: Color cover and interior art by Ara


Available From: Requiem

$22.00 (US) * $25.00 (Canada) * $27.00 (Worldwide)



Stories Include:

Restless Hearts by Ankaree
Summary: Blair meets the man of his dreams after becoming lost on a solitary hiking trip, but the unhappy police detective who rescues him seems to be determined to spend the rest of his days in solitude in a cabin far from civilization.

Knocking Down Walls by Bast & Lilac
Summary: A short, sweet romp through Jim's life with Sandburg - never an easy thing.

Into The Amazon, A Jungle Adventure by Blair Sandburg (with help from LilyK)
Summary: While on an expedition into the Amazon with his mentor, Blair's group is attacked by marauders. 

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