Love and Guns 10

198 pages

color cover by TACS

b/w interior art by TACS and Diana


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Available From: LionHeart Distribution


Midnight Ride by Ophelia: Blair discovers that Jim has a motorcycle and begs for a ride... and gets more then he bargained for when the big key is finally inserted.

Charismatic by K.A.Yost: A day at the races is followed up with a racy night. 

Fraud by Xfreak: Blair feels less than wodhy after his press conference, so to prove his love, Jim tells everyone close to the
two men, the truth.

Going Down by Lianne Burwell: Jim and Blair are in a helicopter searching for an escaped convict. The copter crashes, Jim
loses his memory and thinks he is back in Peru...he also thinks Blair is Incacha.

Jungle Love by Pumpkin: Vacationing in the jungles of Peru, Jim allows Blair to conduct some tests...with some interesting
data arising.

The Locked Door by Gelli: Arguing seems to be the only thing that Jim and Blair are doing lately...until Jim tells Blair what he
really wants.

A Guide's Need by Ophelia: Biair's constant bad behavior is only evident when Jim goes on dates. Jim decides to find out if
the reason is because Blair is jealous.

Return To Innocence by Rayden Star: Jim comes down with a deadly disease and it's only Blair's love that pulls him through...
but once he is better, Jim finds that the love seemed to disappear as well.

Pictures On The Net by Serena: Finding child pornography on the internet, has Blair pushing Jim to help break it up, especially
after several small children turn up missing.

Reassurance by Emrys: Now for an easy relaxing story...NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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