Love and Guns 14

158 pages

color cover and color interior art by TACS

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Available From: Lionheart Distribution


Something to Hold Onto by Owlet: A nightmare come true.

Happy Birthday, James by Ophelia: Blair gets a phone call in the middle of the night from a very drunken Carolyn...and strangely enough, he gets the idea for Jim's next birthday present from her.

Rainy Day
by Garnet: Can Jim ever get over the possibility that Blair could really get hurt and he could lose him for good?

by J.M.Griffin: After the debacle of his sentinel paper being released by Naomi, Blair decides to go on an expedition with Dr. Stoddard. Even when he told Jim he couldn't be a cop and that this was for the best, Jim never Blair left. Unfortunately, Blair is in a bad accident in the mountains which kills Stoddard and the other assistant and only the leopard talisman, which seems to come alive, manages to get Blair to any type of help. He didn't know that Jim knew something was wrong with Blair before a phone call told him that Blair was missing and Jim goes to find him.

Taped Deceptions by Altera Kai: Blair confides to who he thought was a friend about his feelings for Jim...but the 'friend' turns in the taped conversation to the school board who threatens dismissal...

The Morning Lake by Geli: On a vacation at his brother's cabin with Blair, the cool mountain lake water awakes more than Jim's senses...

Beautiful Slave by Geli: Ahhh, a favorite of mine, an AU where Blair is a beautiful slave...

Olympic Games by Geli: Jim is watching the Olympic games one night and learns that at least one of Blair's former lovers was a man. So he decides to change the rules of the friendship game they were playing...

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Observations of a Slash Slut:

I would like to mention the cover is HOT! Nude!Jim and Blair in a shallow pool with a misty waterfall in the background. Blair is kneeling, with a hand on Jim's hip, while Jim holds Blair's head as they kiss. YUM!

Beautiful Slave
AU. Jim/Blair first time. Blair is separated from a group of students and he is kidnapped and sold as a sex slave.

Something To Hold Onto
Major Jim owies! A PWP snippet. Pretty angsty.

Taped Deceptions
Jim/Blair first time.

Happy Birthday, James
Jim/Blair first time.

Olympic Games
Jim/Blair first time.

Rainy Days
Jim/Blair established couple.

Jim/Blair established couple. Prose.

The Morning Lake
Jim/Blair first time.

Journey Into Darkness
Jim/Blair first time.

Jim/Blair first time. Some minor mention of B/o.

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