Love and Guns 16

160 pages

color cover and interior art by TACS

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Available From: LionHeart Distribution


Reason to Endure by Legion Jim comes up with a plan to keep Blair by his side and in his home for as long as his partner will stay.

Demands of the Flesh by Kam Good loving for both the boys

After Hours by Ophelia Jim thinks he's bested Blair in the bullpen, but his partner has other ideas.

Laundry Day by Ophelia Sequel to "After Hours". Jim wants payback.

Rafe's Revenge by Ophelia Sequel to "Laundry Day". Rafe thinks he has the ypper hand against Jim and Blair. Little does he know how quickly the tables can be turned.

Tender, Loving Care by KAM Blair gets some much needed TLC.

Hope for Our Future by Emrys Blair is plagued by mysterious and disturbing visions of the past. What are their meaning and how will they impact on his and Jim's future?

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