Love and Guns 5

194 pages

color cover by TACS

b/w interior art by TACS

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Possibilites of Loving by Gillian Middleton: Blair keeps telling Jim that he loves him, but Jim keeps saying Blair doesn't know what he's talking about.

Always and Forever by J.M. Griffin: After Alex, Blair leaves Jim and finds another lover, but can Blair stay away from his former love.

Milestones - Jim by Anne Teitlebaum: The beginning of a love affair - part 1.

Milestones - Blair by Anne Teitlebaum: The beginning of a love affair - part 2.

Sweet Surrender by the Lady of Shalott: After the near drowning, Jim takes Blair to a hotel where they work out their differences.

Stolen Minutes by Legion: Jim is depressed so Blair tries one of his methods to make the cop feel better.

Model Behavior by the Lady of Shalott: Jim is the head of a large and lucrative corporation and he is looking for a model with 'just the right look' - a young grad student.

The Lost Hours by Legion: Jim's personal thoughts on how important Blair is to him.

Synchronicity by Debbi Baily: After Blair is released from the hospital, he has no memory of Jim from his past - and what they were to each other.

Rock and Roll Fantasy by Y.S.McCool: Blair is a rock and roll singer and he is being stalked - and Jim is his bodyguard. Sex, rock and roll and tight pants - what more could you ask for?.


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Well, damn. Here goes my reputation... I haven't done my own observances. :-(
Thank goodness I have Patt to save my ass. Hee. Thanks, Patt!

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Patt's review:

Love and Guns 5 Review

By Ramblin Rose


Cover Art: TACS

Jim and the Panther, or jaguar, look fierce. I wouldnít want to meet up with either. Well, okay, maybe I would. Iím weird. Hee hee.

Blair and the wolf look relaxed, sexy and beautiful. Okay, maybe it's just Blair. Putting my tongue back into my mouth, I move on to the next piece. (Geeze, I sound like Iím talking about one of the guys, eh?)

Page 29: TACS
Blair looks gorgeous in this pose. Itís a great drawing. You have to see it to really appreciate it. As you all know, I donít know how to describe art at all. However, I know what I like. Hee Hee

Page 45: TACS
Another one of Blair that is just wonderful.

Page 51: TACS
Blair and the wolf. Again, this is a very serious and sexy Blair.

Page 67: TACS
Jim and Blair having major fun in bed. Woo Hoo. Drool alert. Warnings should be posted on this one. Hot damn.

Page 73: TACS
Naked Blair. Woo Hoo again. Drool alert. Maybe we should have it on the cover, C. Hee Hee. Need I say any more? I donít think so. Check it out.

Page 75: TACS
Gorgeous Jim. Iím not sure why but I adore this one. It made me hot just looking at it. Damn if he doesnít have all his clothes on too.

Page 95: TACS
Blair looking sad and miserable. I have a question to ask. Does everyone always look at the pictures first? Or am I the only shallow one? This is a great piece. (Get your minds out of the gutter; Iím talking about the art piece.)

Page 111: TACS
Picture of Blair's dog. Itís a very different picture, but the dog is in the story a lot so it was nice seeing whom we were talking about.

Page 125: TACS
Protective Jim. He is like so loving in this picture. Yet it says, he is mine, donít hurt him. God, now the pictures are talking to me. What will happen next? Deb, help me, Iím talking and I canít shut up. (I don't know, Patt, all this drooling you're doing... I wouldn't want to buy a used 'zine from you. Eeeewwwww...)

Page 163: TACS
Outdoorsy, bare chested Blair. Nothing is better, unless it was a totally naked Blair. Like the one on page 73. Go and look again. Go ahead. You can join the club I belong to. Iím shallow and damn proud of it.

Page 195: TACS
Another drool alert needed here. What a fantastic piece. Jim lying down with Blair straddling his chest while stroking Jimís cock. Woo Hoo. God, Iím reduced to saying Woo Hoo for the rest of my life. Thank you so much, C, great job.


Love and Guns 5 Review

Possibilities of Loving by Gillian Middleton.
Jim notices a change in Blair. He becomes worried that Blair is sick because he has stopped dating. Blair tells him he is re-evaluating his life. I loved that line. Blair finally admits heís in love with Jim. Jim tells him he canít return the feelings and they tell each other things will be the same.

Of course they arenít. Jim finds out he can be in love with a man without having sex. They are taking things slowly and carefully. Jim is scared. Gillian you end this one way too quickly. Is it too late to ask for more of it? You could just write it for me. Yeah, thatís the ticket. I loved it and you all will too.

Thanks, G.

Always and Forever by J.M. Griffin
This story opens with Blair living with another man in Texas. Ben talks Blair into going home to talk things out with Jim. He knows that Blair is in love with Jim and wonít be Ben's until this is closed.

While on the plane, he calls Jim and this part is one of my favorite scenes. Iím not going to say what happens, but I was in a big old pile of goo. Loved it. Sad, but yet, so damn moving. Something you donít want to miss.

Happy endings are so great. The only complaint I have is that it was too short. Jan, I think I need a sequel. In fact, I think I deserve a sequel. Iíve been good this year. I send off Locís. Iím a good fan. Letís all start chanting, ďwe want a sequel.Ē If youíd like you can share it with everyone else, but Iím looking out for myself here. Hee hee. More happy endings. I love them. Thank you so much, Jan. It was great.

Milestones-Jim by Ann Teitelbaum
Seen from Blairís POV.

A very short, two page, description of Jimís first time sucking Blair off. God, my descriptions are great, arenít they? It was totally sweet. I loved it.

Milestones-Blair by Ann Teitelbaum
Seen from Jimís POV.

Same night, different guyís thoughts. Hee hee. Again, it was just so darned sweet. Thank you so much Ann. Too short. (Yes, Iím a chronic bitcher. I canít help it.)

Sweet Surrender by The Lady of Shalott
This is a really great first time story. It takes place after the drowning.

I loved how easily I was pulled into Jimís world. A world of confusion, fear, self-loathing, love and joy. Everything was covered.

Moreover, Jim did surrender to love, peace, joy and Blair. God, how I love first times and happy endings. Thank you so much, this was great.

Stolen Minutes by Legion
First thing I have to mention. I read way too many zines when I see that Legions story starts on page Ď69í. I cracked up and wondered if she planned it that way. (Legion is wondering why anyone would wonder this. So is Deb.) [No I'm not, Patt. I've noticed that several of Aly's stories at the SXF archive are 69K in length. Hee!]

Jim had to shoot a young kid. Blair fears heíll lose part of Jim somewhere. However, he neednít have worried. Blair always knows what to do and how to take care of Jim. In addition, Jim seems to know how to bounce back when he has a certain guppy behind him.

This was a great story. I loved it. Thanks, Legion.

Model Behavior by The Lady of Shalott
An AU story that shows us a Blair model and a rich CEO Jim. Heís looking for a new face for his company.

This was an odd story. It took me awhile to understand it. (Well, I never said I was the sharpest of pencils.) Youíve all read my reviews, cut me some slack. Hee Hee. Iím really to be pitied.

Anyhow, once I understood where it was going, go it did. Hot damn. This was a hot one. Drag that fan closer and turn it on high. And there is a promise of a sequel. Geeze, I need to ask her if she wrote one. In addition, which one itís in. Youíll love this story; itís great.

Thank you so much.

The Last Hours by Legion
I love a deep thinking Jim. I also love Jim trying to take care of himself without Blair. As we all know, Blair is an answer to his prayers.

This is a very thought provoking piece. Youíll truly love it. I donít want to give everything away. I feel like I do enough of that.

Thanks again, Legion.

Synchronicity by Debbi Bailey
What a heartbreaking start. Itís Sentinel Too after effects.

Jim is sitting outside every night listening to Blairís heartbeat. And Blair sits inside his place, alone, wondering what he should do or say to Jim.

Poor Blair doesnít remember anything of his life with Jim before the drowning. It sounds sad and hopeless. But let me just say, her ending words are, The Beginning. I loved that she ended it that way. So perfect. The beginning said, the end. Yup, I really liked this one. Thank you so much, Debbi.

Rock and Roll Fantasy by Y.S. McCool
Yvonne gives us a wonderful AU. I love protective Jim and Simon. The interplay between Jim, Simon and Blair was terrific. I canít wait to read this again.

I can se Blair as a rock and roll singer. Yvonne pulls you into the story and youíll believe almost anything she says. (Not a bad thing.)

This was a suspenseful, sexy and fun read. I loved it. Thank you so much, Yvonne.

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