Love and Guns 7

187 pages

color cover by TACS

b/w interior art by Sorka and TACS


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Available From: LionHeart Distribution


1002nd Night by Serena: An AU and Jim appears as a handsome sheik, saving a lost party of explorers in the dessert among them a teacher called Blair and a student named Richard. First published on net.

Discovered In An Alley by Emrys: To keep Simon from being discovered during an undercover case, Jim does the first thing
he can think of...much to Blair's and Simon's shock.

The Puzzle That Is Us by K Ann Yost: Carolyn is murdered and Jim is found guilty and sent to prison - except Blair takes
matters into his own hands and helps Jim escape.

Past Perfect by Legion: Legion's universe of the sentinel after the breakdown of society continues in this further adventure.

Second Chance by Jungle Kitty: After Blair is almost permanently taken from Jim by Alex, soul searching and dreams show
Ellison what is meant to be.

Ebony and Ivory by Owlet and McVey: Watching Jim's and Blair's close relationship, brings back memories for Simon when
he was ir college and a certain relationship that he once had.

Illuminations by J. M. Griffin: The night brings on inner reflections to Blair and Jim and of their life together.

Discoveries by Ophelia: A startling revelation of Naomi has Blair furious and Jim upset. Can she pull herself out of this one?

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