Best of LilyK


Title: Best of LilyK


Author: LilyK




Page Count: 300


Format: Digest Size


Cover/Art: Color cover by The Cat's Meow Creative Arts. B/W interiors by The Cat's Meow and Shar.

Available From:  Requiem

Price:  $36.00 (US) * $40.00 (Other) * $42.00 (Worldwide)



A compilation of stories from multimedia and Sentinel zines. Includes: A Trip Through the Sandburg Zone (from Bedroom Eyes, Secret Pleasures Press) Sense of Justice (from It's Raining Men 3) Something Happened On the Way To Heaven, (from online at 852 Prospect) Shelter From The Storm (a NEW companion piece to Something Happened On The Way To Heaven) Broken Bonds (previously published as a novella from AngelWings Press).


Available Online:


A Trip through the Sandburg Zone

Sense of Justice

Something Happened on the Way to Heaven

Shelter from the Storm

Broken Bonds



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