A Million Pieces

140 pages

cover and interior artwork by TACS

Zine Information

Available From: LionHeart Distribution

Contents/Description: How can a lovely image of family and home for Jim Ellison suddenly become anyone's worst nightmare. A killer breaks in and almost destroys Jim's life when his wife and child are murdered and Blair is almost killed as well. This is a strongly emotional novel where death, survivor's guilt, revenge and passion play an equal part.

WARNING: The death of a child is portrayed.

Note to buyer: This series of stories are still available to anyone on the net.

Price: $26.00 (US) * $31.00 (Other)


Observations of a Slash Slut:

Another excellent story previously published to the 'net. While it's true you can read this beautiful, heart-wrenching story at Candy's Place, as I did the first time, I believe this 'zine is an "essential" for any Sentinel lover. TACS' art work is, as expected, stunningly creative. In addition to the cover, three beautiful full-color pieces wonderfully illustrate Candy's story. Those of you familiar with TACS' work won't be disappointed and those who are not are in for a wonderful surprise!

As you can read in the info from the publisher, this novel deals with the death of original characters - Jim's wife and daughter. So natch, there is J/o here, but believe me, it's painless!

I remember when Candy posted this story and there came a big "discussion" on some of the lists concerning the death of the baby and wife. The gist, as I recall, was that some felt these characters were "throw always", created and killed just to get the guys together. I never understood that line of thinking. Candy treats the deaths with a great deal of tact. The killings are swift and not, in my opinion, at all graphic -- though there's somewhat more graphic detail for the scene where Jim finds his slain wife. I didn't feel at all as if the deaths were gratuitous. There would be no story without this event. The deaths themselves aren't the main focus, and the investigation is the secondary plot. Jim's angst over the birth and death of his daughter, his regrets and guilt for his short marriage and the death of his wife, and his acknowledged feelings for Blair are, obviously, primary to the story. The murders aren't graphic nor prolonged, occurring within the span of three short paragraphs on page two.

This is a beautiful first-time story, dealing with Blair's and Jim's mental and physical healing after the attack on Jim's family. To me, that was the primary focus of the story, though throughout we also have the on-going murder investigation.

Candy, in her usual beautiful and heart-warming style, tells the story of a fallible man who must learn to live with guilt and regrets, and in so doing finds a way to love again.

A gripping story that, for the second time, I had to read through without stopping. DO NOT start this story without enough time to finish in one sitting! And have tissues handy.

Why you should buy this 'zine:

It's wonderful to curl up in a blanket with this beautifully illustrated, spiral bound Candy Apple novel and delve into this beautiful hurt/comfort first-time story in such a comfortable format.

Why you shouldn't buy this 'zine:



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