Mating Rituals 3

213 pages

color cover and interior b/w art by K9


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Dimensions of Sight (by Ruby) A post-"Golden" story. Jim and Blair are slowly realizing what they mean to each other. (16)

In My Face (by XFreak) A post-"Crossroads" story. Blair's feeling like he's in the way, and he lets Jim know. Now, will Ellison be able to say what needs to be said to keep his guide? (14)

Breakfast in Bed (by Victoria Bayley) When Blair finds a surprise while doing the laundry, one thing leads to another . . . now he has to confess his feeling. (28)

Alternative (by Chris J. Ueberall) A post-Alex story. Sentinel and guide are slowly recovering, but something is missing. It takes a shaman to nudge the pair in the right direction. (12)

Together as One (by Bast) A post-Alex story. Jim threw Blair out, but forces greater than sentinel and guide are conspire to bring them back together again. (6)

Bouncy Blair (by Deana C. Jamroz) A post-Alex story. Jim's having a bad day, and it only gets more strange when he opens a package sent to Blair. What he finds raises all kinds of questions that he must have answered. (14)

Tell Them About It (by Pumpkin) Jim and Blair decide that it's time that they tell their friends the truth. . . (12)

Brand Loyalty (by Mirenna) Jim and Blair are close, but that doesn't mean that they can't get on each other's nerves. (10)

Guided Studies (by J.M. Griffin) Jess returns, all grown up, well, more or less. She's 16, a guide, engaged to be married and looking for her sentinel. And she finds her. Now, can they work out the kinks? (26)

Spam, Florescent Lighting and Thou (by Lori Buschaum & James Walkswithwind) A parody. Blair really wants Jim to express his true feelings , but he doesn't pick the best route. (8)

Abandoned (by Rayden Star) Building a relationship is hard, and it gets harder with bad dreams and bad guys trying to tear you apart. (48)

Secret Admirer (by H. Ann Walton) Rafe has a secret admirer, and when he finds out who it is, he's thrilled! (8)

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