Mating Rituals 7

95 pages

color cover by ?

b/w interior art by ?

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Available From:   Neon RainBow Press


Love and Change (by Meg Carruthers) Jim and Blair begin to explore their changing feelings for one another. (5)

Don't Come a Knockin' (by KAM) Two detectives find themselves in an unusual situation that leads to some unexpected revelations. (5)

Bear Hug (by Meg Carruthers) An errand for Sandburg has some unexpected results. (2)

Elemental Men (by Valaria) A poetic look at Jim and Blair. (4)

Hero (by KAM) Anyone can become a hero, if they transcend hate. (4)

A Guide Named Blair (by Valaria) Sentinel meets Dr. Seuss! (3)

The Greatest Gift of All (by Duval) As their one year anniversary approaches, Jim and Blair are having problems, but a scare makes them both reevaluate what's really important. (27)

Suspicions (by Lee Seibert) As their one year anniversary approaches, Jim and Blair find themselves on the verge of calling it quits. But love is powerful and they know they have more to lose than just a relationship. (23)

Plus poetry by Dana Edwards, Khylara and Valaria, and art by Anja Gruber.

Price: $14.00 (US) * $17.00 (Canada) * $20.00 (Overseas)

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